Eat Cicadas or Support Your Local Farmer and Updates on Articles I’ve Written

The Choice of Eating Cicadas or Supporting Local Farms:

I swear I read an article, not even tongue-in-cheek on ZeroHedge (perhaps outside the search range I use or they pulled it; yes, in history, it is now “404” meaning dead) discussing the merits of eating the bugs. In any event, other sites discussed the topic of “Brood X” as a food source, very much a dream of the oligagarchs at the World Economic Forum. If you don’t have to own anything to be happy, you’ll be very happy eating free bugs.

WikiMedia Commons:  Brood X straggler. Posing on an old tuliptree flower stalk. Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC, USA.+

If not ZeroHedge, one can find articles at the site of USA Today and also on Food & Wine on the delicacy of eating cicadas, now that traditional food is and will become harder to obtain, not to mention the website Washingtonian; excuse me for not saying, “Yummy!”

Surprised by Christ: M... Bernstein, A. James Best Price: $7.95 Buy New $18.95 (as of 05:55 UTC - Details) I’d like to propose an alternative, also admitting I’m not a widely traveled person and that is supporting—if you live in New England, New York, New Jersey, and I’m sure many other states—your local farmer or farm stand, where, if with some caveats and be aware of higher prices, you should be able to find—at least for now—excellent local poultry, beef, milk, produce, bread, preserves, peanut butter, vegetables and fruits, honey, maple syrup—I think I’ve made my point. I learned from a neighbor when the larger super market chains or local chains were short of food, one could find a nearby farm, willing to allow you to order online and have your order available for pick up the next day. Another farm in the area’s website offered a great variety of food, but with the caveat that you send an email of your choices, and then they pack it for you and you pick it up; lots of COVID friendly protocols (I’m being sarcastic) are frequently included, but I found in a nearby farm enforcement wasn’t as severe as displayed on the Internet. And I was able to get delicious local milk, slow pasteurized with the cream rising to the top, so one has to shake it gently, along with many, many other food items and I was happy  to pay more for the quality and service; this may be more difficult if you’re on a budget but grocery store peanut butter and strawberry jam can’t compare to what the market provided in quality…and did I mention fresh local eggs. The milk lasts far longer than supermarket fair too. Wonderful cheezes made locally were available too.

So, my suggestion is instead of making Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and their ilk happy, do a little research, find local farmers, farm stands, etc., and enjoy the what’s available, even if there is a slightly higher cost for better quality and availability. I don’t want to name names and get anyone in trouble regarding stands and markets I visit, but when my supermarket—a local regional chain—limited their water gallons to two purchases per visit (of a quality in my opinion superior to the ubiquitous Poland Springs), I’d like to recommend this product, which isn’t sourced from Pennsylvania fracking (Stop & Shop brand gallons, but maybe Pennsylvania has good water, I just don’t want to buy it) contaminated springs: Monadnock Mountain Spring Water in New Hampshire. If your store won’t or cannot stock or limits the water you may purchase, you can buy directly from this company, which is not associated with Bilderberg attending Nestle Waters. They’re located on Mansur Road, and Mansur to me is a wonderful Russian bear, so I think that’s a good coincidence! If it is a coincidence; there are lots of nice black bears in the New Hamphsire, so who knows? Perhaps Monadnock had the first Mansur Bear!

Update on Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Documentary

Regarding the documentary film on C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien’s great fantasy works, I wrote this piece for Lew and posted a video (luckily, still on YouTube) about the documentary film in production “A Hobbit A Wardrobe and A Great War” (not an HTTPS connection), based on the book by Joseph Loconte. $150,000.00 in financing was recently received, and interestingly co-producer of this project and Christian Ralph Winter produced several of the “classic” original cast Star Trek films, including the final one, but Star Trek V: The Final Frontier originally was supposed to be that a being claiming to be God and appeared angelic, a being of light, surrounded by angel or angelic beings, transformed into the devil with hundreds of demons; while having many flaws, the film as produced ended with the comment about God being in the human heart (see my last article), pretty much a lift from Saint Augustine’s (or Blessed Augustine for those who are Orthodox) Confessions, which is not only Christian but representative of Orthodox thought. Too bad Brian Johnson, who worked evidently to photograph miniatures with Stanley Kubrick in his (anti-Christian) 2001: A Space Odyssey, and won an Oscar for AlienStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and many other films wasn’t hired instead of the effects team that under pressure did a terrible job on the film and I don’t know what happened that precluded Johnson working on later Hollywood features; I believe Star Trek V: The Final Frontier could be edited and re-shot into something better, if still not Christian (e.g. Mr. Spock’s pain was the rejection of not being truly human not by his father but by Vulcan children in “canon,” but I suppose that’s all water under the bridge; I doubt a “Director’s Edition” will be forthcoming unless Amazon’s Jeff Bezos funds it; he’s a big “Trekkie” for what it’s worth).

Update on Plasma Energy Device that “verifies” the Electric Sun Model

I wrote about the topic for here. For subscribers and investors, this email was issued last February, which pretty much confirms my supposition that its use for alternative energy will never happen:

February 11, 2021

To our Aureon Community,

Aureon Energy Ltd, has made tremendous progress with the SAFIRE project, despite the continuing challenges that 2020 has brought.

First, I want to thank you all for sharing our vision and supporting us with your personal investment. We have raised over $2MM with the SAFE investment opportunity, almost 10 times our original goal of 250K. This has allowed us to do more tests and experiments with the SAFIRE reactor with exciting results.

In our latest experiments, we found transmutation occurring not only on the anode but all through the sample. Furthermore, the manganese that is being made in the atmosphere has been discovered to be depositing onto the cathode! Keep in mind, there is no manganese in SAFIRE. This shows the predictions by the Wal Thornhill – EU are correct in that transmutation occurs in the Sun’s atmosphere.

We also produced a new video in September that illustrates more effectively the vision of Aureon for energy and remediation of nuclear waste.  This also allows investors a virtual SAFIRE reactor behind the scenes tour without having to travel.

Since the updated video was released, we have had several exciting meetings with private equity investors that have reached out to us regarding our ‘A’ round of financing. We confirmed a tremendous amount of capital available and flowing into the market of clean-tech like SAFIRE, and Aureon is at the ‘tip of the spear’.

As you know, there are three areas of development Aureon energy has initially identified nuclear remediation, electrical energy generation, and material transmutation. The positive feedback we received from these meetings helped us prioritize our initial efforts into remediation, and increase the amount of capital we can raise.  [Emphasis added.]

We have increased our ‘A’ round from $20MM to $50MM to build a hot nuclear waste remediation reactor prototype. The additional capital will allow us to compress the project from 5 years to 36 months. Creating the remediation reactor first will also yield the designs, costs, and outputs for an energy and material transmutation reactor.

We are not doing any further work in the SAFIRE lab right now. All our efforts are focused on building out the project plan, budget, and private placement memorandum. Investors are keenly anticipating this opportunity!

Where all of this has brought us is that we need to close the SAFE March 31st 2021 and wrap up all the paperwork and legal no later than April 30.

If you want to invest more you can and there is no limit, but you will need to download the latest SAFE document for the correct date. Also, if you have already invested there is no need to fill out the qualification as an accredited investor.

Things are moving quickly now and we will be giving you updates quarterly so expect another update in April.

With best and warm regards,

Montgomery Childs


Aureon Energy Ltd.

My Health:

Thank you to all who sent prayers and kind words; unfortunately, I will be unable to answer any emails in the foreseeable future and ask your forbearance. I hope to get through this crisis but whether my remaining time in this world is measured in days, months, weeks or years, I truly don’t know. But perhaps your prayers are better served for those truly in agony and facing death, especially the young innocent children suffering grave illnesses at hospitals like Saint Jude in my last piece for Kind words, prayers, love—what is more important than that, and I should rank below many more in far greater need than I—young children, families, those who have lost faith and the like. Such prayers and human contact will be the greatest gift you could give to me—and I think to God. Orthodoxy and the Reli... Rose, Seraphim Buy New $4.99 (as of 04:02 UTC - Details)

On Understanding How the Orthodox Faith Differs from Others:

Kindly, Lew has allowed me to write about my very recent findings (in the past two years or so) and I have recommended Father James Bernstein’s book, Surprised by Christ, and also, when I received a hostile email stating that He had offered up His Son as a human sacrifice, I responded politely with this article by Father James, Getting the Gospel Wrong. I don’t know if the man read it or ignored it; I never heard back. Again, these are recent discoveries of mine (learning about true Orthodoxy and miracle workers) and if you make the attempt to understand the core tenets of Orthodox thought that, to me, won’t make you—if you are Protestant or Roman Catholic, or even Jewish or an atheist—an Orthodox Christian, just someone aware of another perspective on the nature of the world and human beings.

I would also like to praise this small book (monograph of thirty-six pages) on the miracle worker Saint John, Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco, a major influence of Father Seraphim Rose, whom I’ve written about thanks to Lew, which is discussed in this book, translated from the Greek, with a personal testimony by Archbishop Chrysotomos of Etna, who was a trained Psychiatrist at Princeton (now deceased, who pretty much accepted Darwin, and rejected what he called “Orthodox Fundamentalism,” but that might be an error on his part; he did agree with Father Seraphim Rose on the nature of UFOs and “aliens”, which you can read here) and the little book describes miracles in which Saint John actually healed Jews near death and people of other faiths are described; he slept and ate little, and was connected, I believe, to the Holy Spirit, a man who revealed what human beings were meant to be. What is significant as opposed to writing by many Orthodox authorities that indicates God wants a very small restricted country club of members and it’s very hard to get in, this small monograph detailing the miracles of Saint John shows he healed, as I wrote above, saying “Christ is Risen,” a Jewish woman; knew and was able to go to anyone who needed his assistance at any time, from prisoners to the mentally ill, day or night, and would walk miles to reach people who never communicated their needs and was able to provide help and assistance, ate very little and slept almost not at all. When he was traveling throughout Europe, for in 1951 he was appointed Archbishop of the Diocese of Western Europe, his See at first in Paris and then later in Brussels; he traveled through all of Europe. At that time, the following was written about the Orthodox Archbishop by a Catholic priest: “He lives outside of our plane of existence. It is not accidental that a [Catholic] priest told a youth of his parish: ‘You seek proofs. You say that there are no longer miracles and Saints. But why do you look for theoretical proofs, when a live Saint walks the streets of Paris, Saint John the barefoot?’” I read the monograph after I’d written my article for Lew on The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus…and a Beautiful Story about Frank Sinatra. Again, as I’ve written in the past, such miracles from being close to God, for being in the world and not of it, shows that the Saint’s lifeforce, if I could use that word, came from God; he was guided by God I believe to help all sorts of imperfect people in need. In this respect, he was very much like Saint Paul, where being a slave to sin was worse than being a slave to man, who understood governments at their best would be headed by monarchs who emulated Christ as opposed to lawless anarchy or selective law enforcement, as we experience it now, who explained our purpose is to become close to God and transform ourselves; theology can be a snare and to me is less important than living a life for God, and putting others before ourselves. Such a task is difficult but not impossible; I am nowhere near the holiness and goodness and miraculous power of Saint John, but I would say each of us, as in my last piece for Lew, has the power to help, heal, comfort, love—if only on a smaller but no less important scale than the great miracle working Saints can and did.

Thus, my perspective is reflected in this morning prayer (the ending) I try to pray every day by Saint Basil the Great and the source is this Prayer Book for Othodox Christians. I want to make clear it was written before the great schism, that is, the separation of the Latin (Roman Catholic) Church from the Eastern Orthodox, and so the reference to “Orthodox Christians” I don’t understand, since there was none other that “Orthodox” at the time unless it’s a later addition or referencing the schismatics and heretics that existed at the time; someone else can contact the publisher to explain but here is the relevant expert; note what he asks for, how selfless it is!

Forgive them that hate us and do us wrong, O Lord; do good unto them that do good unto us. To our brethren and kinsmen, grant their requests that are unto salvation and life everlasting. Visit them that be in sickness, and grant them healing. Pilot them that be at sea [Note I add “and in the sky,” which might be heretical but acknowledges the technology of our times.] Accompany them that journey. Be thou the ally of Orthodox Christians. Unto them that minister and show mercy unto us, grant forgiveness of sins. Upon them that have enjoined us, the unworthy to pray for them, have mercy according to Thy great mercy. Remember, O Lord, all our fathers and brethren who are gone to their rest before us, and grant them rest where the light of Thy countenance shineth. Remember, O Lord, them that bring oblations and do good works in Thy holy churches, and grant them their requests that are unto salvation and life everlasting. Remember, O Lord, us also, thy humble and sinful and unworthy servants, and enlighten our mind with the light of Thy knowledge, and lead us in the path of Thy commandments; by the intercessions of Thine all-immaculate Mother, our Lady the Theotokos and Ever-virgin Mary, and of all Thy Saints, for blessed art Thou unto all ages of ages. Amen

(Please also note based on what I learned I totally repudiate in my piece titled “Holy Fire” the book Upside Down Thinking, a mediocre attempt to explain the soul by “scientism,” not unified in the body, without God. One of the Electric Univers promoters demanded I never communicate with him again after I sent it and of course I honored his wishes.)

I hope this latest and probably final piece for in the foreseeable future is of help and informative to Lew’s wonderful audience; and feel free if you are able to support him so he can continue his wonderful  work, if  you are able and don’t want to shop through Amazon, by a small donation, even seven dollars as Danny Thomas asked. I forgot to mention that for those banned by PayPal the “tip” Button and use of SubscribeStar might be a free market alternative like BitChute is for video; I hope Lew considers its use if he is dropped by PayPal and credit card processors, which is happening to voices of dissent and faith more and more frequently.

May those who have faith and trust in God—as opposed to belief, like the earth being flat, and its proponents are using great CGI effects on YouTube to convince people—find comfort and inspiration in what I’ve written over these past years. God bless you all.