Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and Murder: The Real Nature of Government

People do not expect to find chastity in a whorehouse. Why, then, do they expect to find honesty and humanity in government, a congeries of institutions whose modus operandi consists of lying, cheating, stealing, and if need be, murdering those who resist?

H. L. Mencken

Political power, let’s call that government, can only be achieved if those few holding that power convince the people at large, let’s call them subjects, to voluntarily consent to be ruled. By creating elections, the government in essence claims power by consent, as voting in this flawed and corrupt system means accepting that system and accepting the outcome. That acceptance, while implied, is meant to serve as the law of the land, and why would it not, given that the people line up by the millions to choose their own masters? If the people can be fooled into believing that such a farce is the basis of their liberty, then they can be managed and controlled quite easily.

As any with even a modicum of intelligence left can see, this entire setup is based on lies, propaganda, and deceit, but the people continue to participate in this ludicrous process throughout their entire lives; all the time expecting a better result. This is true of those that vote and many that do not.  Most simply accept the system due to indoctrination and a lifetime of brainwashing. This of course, is the definition of insanity, and so long as the masses remain in this state of confusion and compliance, public insanity will be the driving force of the government’s success in acquiring and holding power over them. The Vintage Mencken: T... Mencken, H.L. Best Price: $2.11 Buy New $8.23 (as of 02:45 UTC - Details)

The preposterous nature of the lack of understanding of freedom by the masses is our biggest problem. This ignorance of liberty has been evident since the so-called “Founders” created this centrally controlled nation-state and their own set of rules for the people to live by at the very secret Constitutional Convention. This is astounding. There has been a steady decline in what partial freedom did exist in the past, but jumping forward to today, all that can be said is that little if any freedom now exists. The decimation of freedom of the individual has been accomplished incrementally, but the continuous assault against the natural rights of Americans has been unrelenting in its march toward the totalitarianism that now consumes this country. This was all planned long ago.

Now we face a total crushing of all liberty at the hands of the state, and few have been able to grasp the absolute urgency of this situation, as most are still of the belief that all will be fine, and we soon will return to the normal amount of tyranny that has escalated for decades on end without resistance. For all those that take this uninformed and absurd position, maybe you should consider just some of the things happening right before your eyes, instead of “hoping” that all will magically be remedied.

In one form or another, we have been locked down for over a year. That has changed somewhat in some areas, but is still in effect for many in one form or another. Quarantines, business closings, and home imprisonment were ordered, and will be ordered again. Mask wearing is still mandated in many areas across many states, but people are still wearing them even if not ordered to do so, so mass compliance and cowardice is evident. Travel outside this country has been nearly shut down, and mandated testing by bogus tests and mask mandates are required, and even domestic travel has become a nightmare. Governments in Europe and the U.S. are aggressively seeking legislation for immunity passports, or “papers,” and Europe is very close to approving ‘vaccination’ proof or ‘demanding immunity’ proof now. It is claimed that this will expand freedom, when just the opposite is the case, as this is just more propaganda. Mass surveillance is expanding, as is censorship of everyone not going along with the state’s dishonest narrative, which is an obvious sign that the government and its partners are attempting to eliminate all truth and free speech. Multiple mass shootings have been taking place, and these seem likely to be staged false flag events, or at least possibly allowed by the enforcement agencies and the FBI. Evidence has already surfaced that they had advance knowledge about the alleged shooter in Boulder. This will be used to set up gun control and gun confiscation in the near future, all under the guise of safety. The telegraphing of continued tyranny is apparent as well, as now the new falsely claimed threat will be mutant variants of a virus that does not exist. These claims are meant to prepare the sheep for more extreme tyranny at the hands of the state. More incidences of police violence against those not willing to comply with mask mandates are occurring, and police brutality is once again increasing. Even Dr. Judy Mikovits was manhandled and injured by airport security in communist California, this even though she had on a special mask given to her by her doctor. Squatters and people unwilling to pay their rent are being protected by the state at the expense of homeowners, as the government in many instances has disallowed eviction due to not paying rent or mortgage payments. This is just a short list. A Mencken Chrestomathy... H.L. Mencken Best Price: $2.89 Buy New $15.09 (as of 10:39 UTC - Details)

The toxic and life-changing concoction falsely called a ‘vaccination,’ is nothing less than a way to poison society, alter the genetic makeup of Americans, and is most certainly causing infertility, sickness, anaphylactic shock, body and mind crippling, and in many cases deaths of individuals taking this shot. More pressure is being applied to get a high percentage of the population injected, and as time goes by, this toxic poison will be required in order to travel and move about, work, enter stores and businesses, to gain access to finances, food, stimulus checks, and many other daily vital functions. In other words, the push to force Americans to get injected with this so-called Covid experiment are already underway, and are expanding every day.

In the midst of all this totalitarian madness, many more agendas are being pursued by the controlling and governing classes, including possible war, monetary restructuring and eliminating cash, gun control, bogus climate change policies that rely on economic destruction and control, government land grabs, the mass transfer of private property from citizens to government due to government mandates causing bankruptcy, the rollout of ‘smart’ technology that is very detrimental to society, and much more.

The final agendas will include mass extermination of much of the population, transformation of the human mind and body through transhuman alteration, and technocratic control of the planet by the most evil among us.

The people can stop this by practicing en masse total disobedience and dissent at every level possible. Numbers are important, and as more awaken, as is beginning to happen, more dissent should be forthcoming; so much so that with a small percentage of Americans, this debacle we face can be turned around, and this government can be made impotent. Without a mass effort, we will all come to know what slavery and servitude really means, and all will be targeted, whether black, white, Democrat, Republican, left, right, men, women, gay, straight, and all those others of every culture and ethnicity. None will be spared, so acting and working together to regain freedom is imperative!

Unity and cooperation can win the day, while fighting amongst ourselves will only guarantee tyranny and misery. We must work together in any way possible to defeat this evil enemy called the state, and if we do not, oppression, violence, and killing will be a certainty in our future. This can be done without violence, but if we wait too long, fighting will become necessary; it will be brutal and ugly, but this governing system must be dismantled and its power abolished, as it can never be reformed. In Defense of Women: A... Mencken, H L Buy New $10.95 (as of 11:02 UTC - Details)

 “No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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