The Killer Isn’t COVID-19 It Is C2H5OH

A decision in 1979 opened the door for the current COVID-19 epidemic in a way few would imagine.

The question was whether to add vitamins to alcoholic beverages, vitamins that alcohol (C2H5OH) depletes, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B1 being the most prevalent.

In 1979 researcher Brian Centerwall and Michael Criqui published a study in The New England Journal of Medicine arguing for vitamin fortification of alcoholic beverages with thiamine (vitamin B1).  Every dollar invested in B1 fortification was predicted to save $7 in nursing home costs.

The beverage industry was on board.  During the 1930s Seagram & Sons, Anheuser-Busch and the California Wine Institute found vitamin B1 to be stable in whiskey, wine and beer and fortification would prevent the horrific loss of memory and muscle control among over-imbibers, what is now called Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome. BluCetin Liver Health ... Check Amazon for Pricing.

On February 12, 1979 an article in The New York Times called for B1 fortification in liquorBut the federal government stepped in and said this would give the false impression drinking alcohol is healthy and forbid vitamin fortification.  Of course, the American Medical Association agreed.  They wanted more disease for doctors to treat.  Which is another reason why I say the American population is being gamed for disease.

Either return to prohibition or fortify beverages with B1

By 2013 Scott Tips of the National Health Federation argued before the international CODIX ALIMENTARIUS assemblage of health authorities that begging for complete abstinence was impractical and that people were going to drink anyway, so CODEX “might as well keep alcohol imbibers healthier by allowing nutrient fortification.”  He was the only lone voice in favor of this proposal.

Greatest severity of COVID-19 infections is observed in alcohol imbibers

It’s not like modern medicine didn’t see this coming.  Previous pandemics were met with an increase in alcohol consumption.  A landmark report published in Frontiers in Psychology concluded: “the greater the severity of a pandemic could be measured by the amount of alcohol consumed by a population.”

It’s not the mutation of a virus into a more virulent strain, and not necessarily impairment of the immune system, it is the lack of vitamin B1 that controls the entire nervous and immune system that is the origin of the present pandemic.

Stress relief = alcohol

In the current epidemic, one survey showed participants who experienced COVID-19-related stress consume 4.7 times more alcoholDramatic worldwide increases in alcohol consumption were reported over the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic.  One large study of 188,653 adults who tested positive for COVID-19 were 668% more likely to over-consume alcohol. COVID-19 is a stress/ anxiety/ fear/ alcohol epidemic, not a viral epidemic. Doctor’s Best Be... Buy New $13.06 ($0.22 / Count) (as of 06:37 UTC - Details)

Obesity + alcohol = death

Obesity is said to be a primary risk factor for COVID-19 associated death.  However, in a study 12,937 people (4,496 were never-drinkers and 8,441 were frequent drinkers), heavy drinkers who were obese were twice as likely to die and have a positive COVID-19 test, but no increased mortality among those individuals who were not obese.  Combined obesity and heavy drinking increases mortality.

Epicenter was Wuhan, China, that was already battling alcoholism

It is said the outbreak of COVID-19 began in Wuhan, China.  But there was a large percentage of heavy drinkers among residents of Wuhan.  Alcohol consumption set the stage for the Wuhan disaster.

Comfort foods

During the COVID-19 lockdown, people tend to reach for comfort foods, namely processed grains (bread, pasta, polished rice, cereal) where the vitamin B1-rich hulls and bran have been removed and fortification is not enough to overcome other factors like alcohol and coffee/tea drinking that block absorption of B1.

Food fortification

Food fortification began in 1940.  The Food & Nutrition Board has replaced the amount of vitamin B1 normally provided in grains, but that does not address B-blocking factors like alcohol, coffee, tea, diuretics (water pills), acid blocking drugs and medications like metformin.

Fake test, fake virus, fake pandemic

Faced with the contrived threat of a mutated cold virus that no one on the planet has immunity towards, and falling for the fake news on TV about cases and deaths, and falsely believing they were infected when they tested positive even though they had no symptoms and then self-quarantined themselves, the masses attempted to deal with their fear and anxiety by reaching for alcohol before any vaccines were available.  And alcohol became the pandemic, not the imagined virus.

Creating Fear With These Numbers

Wary of vaccines

Benfotiamine 300mg 180... Buy New $16.99 (as of 11:00 UTC - Details) While vaccine makers have orchestrated a slow roll out of unproven experimental vaccines so as to force more onerous lockdown measures, the public has become wary of these new RNA and DNA vaccines that are reportedly producing 50 times the side effects of a flu shot.  If there is no COVID-19 coronavirus, then precisely how are vaccines going to work?

Two industries ready to respond

But another industry was already mobilized and ready to supply their elixirs, and it wasn’t vitamin companies.

Oh, zinc lozenges and sunshine vitamin D pills flew off retail store shelves so fast temporary shortages were experienced, but vitamins don’t necessarily deal with the isolation and continued fear and anxiety that has heightened over time.

Working from home where they could view the ongoing fear mongering on television, Americans reached for their favorite brew.  Sales of alcoholic beverages online rose by 500%.

Few countries banned alcohol sales

Working from home, people were mixing highballs for lunch.  Only Thailand, India and South Africa saw the problem coming and halted the sales of alcoholic beverages.

False rumor

The alcohol industry started a false rumor that alcohol kills the virus and everybody had an excuse to drink.  Actually, it was alcohol in hand sanitizers that help “kill” the virus (however, viruses are not alive.

While there have been alerts issued that alcohol reduces the body’s ability to fend off infectious diseases, nobody could imagine alcohol itself has become the epidemic, and not in a way the public or physicians could possibly imagine.

Insomnia: the secondary epidemic

Life Extension Mega Be... Buy New $22.50 ($0.19 / Count) (as of 05:00 UTC - Details) With sleepless nights and the growing problem of insomnia, consumption of caffeinated coffee and tea to overcome daytime sleepiness also rose.  The problem is so prevalent they are calling it coronasomnia.

Reliance upon caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea) increased just to get through the day, but these beverages (even decaffeinated) have molecules that interfere with B1 nutriture.

The best way to get some sleep would be to turn off the television set.  The dietary supplement industry offers another remedy – – melatonin sleeping pills (shown to reduce the likelihood of a positive laboratory test by 52%).

Flawed test – fake virus

But the COVID-19 test is so flawed (maybe even totally bogus).  The rationale for mandatory COVID-19 testing at work and school is as ridiculous as a requirement everyone get an electrocardiogram to screen for anyone who might have a heart attack on the day they were tested.

Furthermore, there is serious doubt if a virus called COVID-19 even exists.  At least COVID-19 been isolated as yet.  So how can a vaccine possibly be developed?

Never mind, the public is stressed and reaching for the wrong foods and beverages.

Alcohol beverage industry was mobilized

The alcohol beverage industry already had wide distribution in bars, food stores and liquor shops that were declared essential businesses, otherwise millions of alcohol imbibers would have experienced alcohol withdrawal symptoms at the same time.  Churches, which would serve as the traditional place to deal with high anxiety, were closed.

Public health agencies cannot be relied upon

Alcohol imbibers are playing a deadly game.  The masses cannot rely on public health agencies.  Health authorities know all of this, or should know of it. Benfotiamine 300mg 90 ... Buy New $12.49 ($0.14 / Count) (as of 08:12 UTC - Details)

The fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 (benfotiamine or allithiamine) is what is needed.  Heavy drinkers will need more than 100 milligrams of B1 a day.

Alcohol imbibers who have difficulty cutting down on consumption may benefit from a natural molecule from the Asian raisin tree – myricetin.  It not only abolishes a hangover, it curbs alcohol craving.

Now if only some wise entrepreneur would figure out how to put the vaccine in a highball there would be no vaccine hesitancy.

But even then, without vitamin B1, people would still be getting sick and die.

A virus is not needed to start a pandemic.  Only alcohol (C2H5OH) is.