Gunning for Patriots

NPR recently aired a screed masquerading as news on the “demonstrations” that will mar the Usurper’s inauguration. The network alleged that after the “insurrection” on January 6, “law enforcement” is on high alert for “violence,” not only in DC but in the states’ capitals, too. Stern rulers warned that they will tolerate no rampages, and anyone planning to misbehave should realize that thousands of Leviathan’s enforcers stand ready to arrest him.

The New York Slimes broadcast similar, though shorter, propaganda over its former affiliate, WQXR. So did ABC News. You probably heard the same drivel from your favorite station, too.

Listening to these knuckleheads, you’d never suspect that most of the violence in DC came from the government. Its minion murdered an unarmed woman (though not an innocuous one: Ashli Babbitt’s libertarian ideals made her a threat to any Marxist regime!). But to hear the corporate media tell it, Patriots lust to imitate BLM’s riots from this summer. Ergo, we’re stockpiling arsenals and planning mayhem next week. Arctix Men’s Sno... Best Price: $28.31 Buy New $42.87 (as of 07:31 EST - Details)

I don’t own a television; a gentleman who does tells me he’s noticed a comparable pattern there. He observes that

when the Marxist media and statist establishment want to target a victim, they have all kinds of fake “news” and documentary shows on TV.

For example, I noticed PBS and CSpan running over and over “documentaries” about the 1918 “flu pandemic” in February, perfectly prepping the population for what came soon after.

Tonight I noticed on the “National Geographic Channel” a show called “Trafficked” where some “reporter” does “investigations” on government “wars” against black markets like drugs, sex, etc.

Guess what tonight’s “trafficked” investigation is about? Yep: “illegal firearms.”

This barrage of brainwashing implies three possibilities. The first and least credible is that Our Rulers fear an armed and infuriated electorate. Thus, they hope to intimidate us.

Did I say “least credible”? Change that to “utter fantasy.”

MOERDENG Men’s W... Buy New $79.99 (as of 07:46 EST - Details) The second likelihood is that the Dimocrats are setting us up. “A flyer has been circulating on the internet urging people to attend an ‘armed march on Capitol Hill and all state capitols [sic]’ on January 17.  It’s framed in terms of standing up for liberty.  DO NOT ATTEND.  There is a 99.99999% certainty that this is a trap intended to give Democrats an excuse to destroy the Second Amendment and, quite possibly, to cordon off from society all Republicans and conservatives.”

But the third option is the most realistic of all: they’re convincing the sheeple that a vast army of enraged Patriots are plotting to loot and shoot, a la antifa. The diabolical genius of this effort is that such a scenario need not actually materialize; a terrified populace will happily cede their rights to keep and bear even if not a single protester in a MAGA hat shows. Just as relentless hysteria over a virus that kills a minuscule fraction of its victims persuaded Americans to relinquish their few remaining liberties—including such basic ones as the right to earn a livelihood or to assemble in churches, restaurants, and our own homes—so they will eagerly sacrifice the Second Amendment.

And what will happen when Marxists try to disarm us?, which bills itself as “the premier online community where intelligent minds from around the world come to debate online…” asked its audience, “If gun confiscation is enacted in the USA, will there be a second revolutionary war?” A whopping 88% thought grabbing guns would indeed provoke such a conflict. This discussion dates to 2013; the results might be even more lopsided after the lockdowns.

Carhartt Men’s A... Buy New $17.99 (as of 07:31 EST - Details) We do love our guns; the numbers in American hands are truly heartening. The Small Arms’ Survey of 2018 pegged it at “about 120.5 firearms for every 100 people in the United States.” “[T]otal civilian-held legal and illicit firearms” comes to 393,300,000. Or, as the Washington Examiner put it, “There are more guns here than there are people. Civilians own 100 times as many guns as the military. Americans own so many guns it amounts to three times all the world’s militaries combined.”

Sounds terrific, right? But not so fast. The popular vision of “gun confiscation,” in which armed goons rifle our homes for guns, may be a red herring: “The Democrats Will Never Confiscate Your Guns. Instead, You’ll Hand them Over,” predicted in 2016.

“Out of my cold, dead hands!” you’re shouting.

But consider: thanks to registration, bureaucrats know who holds which guns and how many. So they needn’t “send cops or troops door-to-door to take them. No, first they’ll send out letters saying they know what you have, and that you have to turn it over by a given deadline or face a penalty,” such as “asset freezes. Imagine not being able to get any money out of your bank account or from your credit cards, because your assets are frozen. … The other thing they’ll do is take your children. Do you think Child Protective Services is going to let your children live in a house with potentially dangerous firearms?”

Chilling, isn’t it? But the bill for decades of complacency and compliance with unconstitutional laws has come due.

If we expect to survive a country that has ceded politicians such unlimited power they can lock us down, destroying our livelihoods and small businesses, one where Marxists openly steal elections while “purging” those who object, we must unite, organize—and ultimately fight.

We “Deplorables” should vow with Capt. John Parker, “If they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

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