When Red States Turn Blue; And Covid-19 Becomes The Economy, Not Just A Perpetual Pandemic

Democrats “own” the cities (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Boston, etc.); Republicans “own” the space (rural land).  That is maybe why fires razed through rural areas in California as the Red zones were burnt to the ground.  This may have been a covert attempt to force Republicans to move into cities.

Agenda 21 calls for “sustainable urbanization.”  Were the fires politically targeted?  Regardless, suddenly and unexpectedly a reversal is happening, the horses are leaving the donkeys behind.

A landmark article posted at TheHill.com asks: “Is This The End Of Cities In America?”  New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and the District of Columbia. New York lost at least 300,000 residents this year.  This demographic shift has resulted in the publication of a new book entitled: “The Liberal Invasion of Red State America” by libertarian Kristin Tate. The Liberal Invasion o... Tate, Kristin B. Best Price: $19.99 Buy New $18.89 (as of 04:44 EDT - Details)

Techies move out

Competition between States for industry and jobs, a feature of American economy, is alive and well.

A few billionaires like Elon Musk leave the Democrat tax base and these Potemkin villages of propaganda run out of money.  California’s Silicon Valley is experiencing emigration.

When executives at Oracle and Hewlett Packard leave California for Texas, the absence of a state personal income tax amounts to a 13.3% raise for top earnersYet as techies move to Texas they are bringing their Blue Politics as well as their money with them.

Will these techie interlopers bring their values with them as well?  According to a Pew Research study, only 42% of Silicon Valley residents say they believe in God with absolute certainty, compared to 71% in Atlanta.  Mix red and blue and you get violet.  But religion doesn’t blend, it polarizes.

It is said, once young people gain ownership of something they go from being Democrats to Republicans, from living off of somebody else’s money to trying to hold onto their own money.  However, so far this year, 9% of voters have switched from Democrat to Republican and an equal 9% have switched from Republican to Democrat, says a Pew Research study.

Cuomo acts like a Republican

Governor Andrew Cuomo is gutting Medicaid in New York State by $400 million when a conjured-up COVID-19 pandemic is said to be raging.  Yet even Governor Cuomo acts like a budget-cutting Republican (20% budget cuts across the board) to deal with $62 billion loss of revenues.  This will lead to closure of hospitals which is incongruent with the contrived COVID-19 crisis. Vitamin B Complex by N... Buy New $7.39 ($0.05 / Count) (as of 03:36 EST - Details)

When homeless and substance abuse programs in New York become a primary source of employment and a key part of the economy in New York cities, one has to wonder if they serve to perpetuate these problems or eradicate them.

Will COVID-19 become institutionalized with all of the new jobs it creates?  Contact tracers, temperature screeners, health monitors, workplace re-designers are jobs (not careers) that are now booming.  An end to the pandemic would result in people losing their jobs.  There may be no restaurants for these unemployed workers to return to.

It is difficult to pull the plug on local economies

I recall when the American military pulled out of South Vietnam, mortars began shelling American army bases as the pullout began.  The mortar shells were from the local South Vietnamese who would lose their local the economy that had been set up to support the Americans.  Once anything creates jobs, it is difficult to undo.

In America, every Congressman brought jobs to his constituents by bringing military bases to their area.  Then America has spent the past three decades closing them.

Closure of continental American military bases began in 1988.  More than 350 installations have been closed, saving $12 billion.  Closures are still ongoing.  As America has closed its military bases, it has had to struggle to rebuild the local economies that surrounded these bases.

And this is how America implodes.  To politicians everything looks good as long as it creates jobs, at least for a while.  Then suddenly it is realized these social programs are expense-ledger items, not tax-base-building entities.

Military bases and hospitals are necessary drags on society.  That is why preventive medicine is anathema.  Via processed foods, alcohol abuse, tobacco, nearly half of America suffers from chronic disease.  That’s good for business, so why complain?  As disappointing and costly as American healthcare is, Americans keep coming back for more. How Do I Tax Thee?: A ... Tate, Kristin Best Price: $3.32 Buy New $15.78 (as of 05:56 EST - Details)

However, with no effective vaccine in hand, American medicine has been exposed for what it is, a disease mongering industry.  Health indexes rose and death rates dropped when COVID-fearful citizens shunned hospitals and reached for vitamin C and D and zinc pills.

Health is a threat to the medical industrial complex.  An annual report of the largest hospital chain in America states preventive medicine is a threat to its business model.

The necessity of war

It has been said when a country’s economy begins to fail it needs to start a war.  Without wars there will be 20% unemployment.  (Actually, the US had 20% unemployment while it was fighting many endless wars in the Middle East, Pakistan and around the globe.)  A collapsing economy always begets wars.  Politicians can then blame lean times on an enemy.

But the cost of these perpetual wars falls on the backs of the remaining tax payers to the point where there is no other economy left.

In 2003 when the US military moved on Baghdad in Iraq, blowing up its bridges and power plants, it already had contracts with American companies to replace them.

Historian Antony C. Sutton documents how American industry funded WWII from both sides.  American bombers blew up German-owned industry but not American-owned industry in the war.  The circuitous economy of war is explained in Antony Sutton’s book The Best Enemy Money Can Buy. Nature’s Bounty ... Best Price: null Buy New $9.00 ($0.03 / Count) (as of 09:15 EST - Details)

U.S. tax revenues were $3.46 trillion in 2019War spending (they call it a defense budget) is over $1 trillion.  Medicare costs $750 billionWelfare costs $1.2 trillion.  To grow the economy government increases the cost of these sectors.  But again, they are cost-side ledger entries.

The Federal Government needs war and poverty to exist because that is its business.  Of course, government adds no value to anything and is an expense ledger item in itself, being a bagman to collect taxes and buy votes.  It unceasingly spends more than it collects.

Lessons learned: Americans want their restaurants; but they’re gone

In the past American politicians have learned some hard lessons: don’t take away Americans guns or vitamins.  Now it is learning the same lesson about restaurants.  There is pushback.  The quality of American life is, to some extent, defined by the quality of its food establishments.

Nonetheless, in the wake of onerous COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, an estimated 8,400 retailers and 110,000 restaurants have been closed in 2020.   Many will not reopen.  Maybe that’s because ~70% of contributions by the restaurant business have been for the Republican Party.

Maybe guns and vitamins along with paper money are next to vanish from the American landscape.

The red and blue forever

Government Gone Wild: ... Tate, Kristin Best Price: $3.47 Buy New $14.50 (as of 05:56 EST - Details) I’ll let Kristin Tate state the last words on this topic of red or blue:

“The decline of liberal cities in blue states during a crisis is perhaps the clearest judgment on a raft of poor tax and regulatory policies. It will also accelerate the demographic shift changing the political calculus in traditionally red states, as seen in Georgia and Arizona in the presidential race… Every person who pulled up stakes had a eureka moment in which they ditched the big city for greener pastures. It turned out that this year was that juncture where millions of Americans had their own epiphanies.

Historical change in a short time

Just remember, it was Lenin who said: “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” Just who could have predicted such a massive demographic shift in such a short period of time?

The COVID economy

Has COVID-19 become any economy unto itself?  If so, the pandemic is here to stay despite herd immunity or vaccine efficacy. My prediction is all COVID-19 vaccines fail because government wants to continue absolute control while it changes the social contract it has with its citizens.

No longer can the Federal government fund Medicare and Social Security, particularly now that unemployed Americans don’t have FICA deductions taken from the paychecks to pay for these future retirement and medical costs.  Medicare and SS are now funded out of the general fund as the trust funds only hold IOUs (US Treasury Notes).

COVID-19 is no respecter of red or blue.  But can you build an economy around COVID-19?  The U.S. is becoming a VAXXI-NATION – – solely focused on one objective, to control the population under the guise of eradicating an invisible virus.

Bronson Zinc Lozenges ... Buy New $9.99 ($0.17 / Count) (as of 03:41 EST - Details) But there is no evidence there really is a virus in circulationThe nasal swab PCR COVID-19 test is unreliable.  So precisely what are the vaccines protecting us against?

Regardless of what you read in news headlines, COVID-19 vaccines are only going to benefit less than 1% of the population.

Whatever IS causing COVID-19 symptoms appears to be dietary related, a massive and ongoing outbreak of beriberi that started before COVID-19 was ever mentioned via overconsumption of sugar, alcohol, coffee and tea that interfere with vitamin B1 nutriture.

And COVID-19 is a cost on the financial ledger.  It may only be a boom to vaccine makers who gain large billion-dollar contracts. Talk about a false economy?

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