Not The First Time A Vitamin Deficiency Was Confused For a Viral Epidemic

I recently had occasion to forward an email to others about the “casedemic,” the fact new cases of COVID-19 remain high because of excessive testing but deaths are down considerably.  The report shows how a panic can be caused by news reports citing an increase in cases which spawn draconian lockdown measures.

Thereafter I received a response from a leading respiratory disease specialist on my email list who responded:

“You should visit our ICU and those across the country … patients are dying from this most awful disease. 

Others are trapped on ventilators from permanent lung damage.

MRI studies show that 50% of patients who have recovered have structural brain damage.  This disease is no joke.” 

Nature Made Vitamin B1... Buy New $4.83 ($0.05 / Count) (as of 03:02 UTC - Details) This caused me to dig deeper into answering the question: if COVID-19 is not more deadly than the flu (only 6% of COVID-19 deaths are from COVID-19 only) and out of 12,000 COVID-19 throat swab tests, only 15 are positive for the virus while 14 of these 15 positives turn out to be false positives on re-testing, what is causing all the deaths?

An answer to that question is my recent report entitled NOT COVID that identifies a fear-induced vitamin B1 shortage as the cause.

Not the first time a vitamin deficiency has been confused with a virus

This isn’t the first-time beriberi (vitamin B1 deficiency) has been confused for an infectious disease outbreak.  A disease outbreak in 1897 was thought to be caused by an infectious agent (bacteria, virus, fungus) until it vanished when unpolished rice was substituted for vitamin B1-deficient polished rice.  [Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology, Leiden University Hospital, The Netherlands, 2012].

Beriberi produces symptoms of fever and infection that is confused with real microbe-induced infectious disease.  Beriberi may be misdiagnosed as a viral infection and accompanying pneumonia.

The account of Nobel-Prize winner (1928) Christiaan Eijkman is instructive.

In 1886, with the germ theory of disease being prominent among physicians, the Dutch assembled a commission to determine which bacterium causes the symptoms of beri beri in preparation for creating a vaccine.  However, the germ could not be isolated.

Eijkman noticed chickens had trouble breathing and showed other signs of beriberi.

Initially Eijkkman thought this disease was transferred from sick chicken to healthy chicken.  He isolated the animals in separate cages, similar to present-day lockdowns of human populations.  However, the chickens still got sick. Eijkman was bewildered. Now Supplements, Vitam... Buy New $4.28 (as of 09:50 UTC - Details)

Eijkman eventually found chickens that were “immune” from the disease were fed unpolished rice, the rice that had the B1-thiamine (B1 being in the rice hull).

Eijkman learned of chickens fed half-polished rice that were not showing signs of illness.  Eijkman learned to make the chickens sick almost at will by controlling their diet.

But microbiologists, narrowed focused on the germ theory of disease, doggedly continued to search for the microbe that was causing this disease.  Between 1885-1906 seventeen different researchers claimed to have found the microorganism that causes beriberi.

It took till 1925 for vitamin B1 (thiamine) to be isolated from food.  Then a theoretically infectious disease took a back seat to a dietary deficiency disease. No vaccine needed.

If COVID-19 deaths are being caused by a vitamin deficiency, then what are the upcoming vaccines creating antibodies against?

It is investigator Peter Doshi who alerts us to the fact only 16% of flu cases are found to be influenza positive.  Doshi writes: “most flu appears to have nothing to do with influenza.” [British Medical Journal, Volume 346, page 13037, 2013]. So, 84% of subjects inoculated with the flu vaccine are only being exposed to vaccine side effects and cannot categorically benefit from vaccination.  This fraud was reported seven years ago.

So, what level of confidence can the public have in the COVID-19 vaccines under development?  Only the derelict news media continues to false prop vaccination. Bronson Super B Vitami... Buy New $19.97 ($0.20 / Count) (as of 03:02 UTC - Details)

A terrible fate could await human populations who will be forced to immunize against COVID-19.  If just 1/10th of one-percent of the world’s 7.9 billion human population experiences serious side effects that result in hospitalization following vaccination, then 7.9 million people will fill hospital beds globally.  The pro-vaccine news media, serving as a propaganda agent that will likely attribute these vaccine-induced illnesses to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

In the meantime, vitamin B1 pills are in order.  Alcohol, coffee, tea, sugar, tobacco, block its absorption.  Water pills (diuretics), acid-blocker heartburn medications, the anti-diabetic drug metformin, deplete B1.

What does this say about the credibility of modern medicine?  Public health officials?  Vaccine makers?

We are also supposed to believe you can get COVID-19 and not experience any symptoms.  That is another fabrication.  The test is bogus and you certainly never had COVID-19 and therefore, no symptoms!