How to Singlehandedly End Face Mask Orders Today

Who dictates you wear a mask?
Which of those do you owe obedience to?
What would it look like if you were to be as effective as possible in dismantling these mask mandates?

The Hidden History Of Mask Mandates

Long after the “flatten the curve” talking point had died, long after the ventilator shortage was proven non-existent, long after corona deaths had peaked, and long after the media had moved onto the “Deaths don’t matter anymore, now we need to reduce cases,” talking point, on July 2, 2020, the issue of Covid fear and heavy-handed approaches was exacerbated by the CEOs of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, National Association of Manufacturers, American Council of Life Insurers, and the National Retail Federation, when they annoyingly sent a letter to many elected officials demanding a national face mask order. The Night Fire (A Renu... Connelly, Michael Best Price: $2.49 Buy New $8.87 (as of 07:05 UTC - Details)

These demands remain part of our lives. Far from being the work of private businesses, these mask orders rely on the flawed CDC mandates (governmental), flawed county mandates (governmental), and leaders in these organizations are calling on both Congress and the White House to force greater restrictions on the American people.

If this were private business invoking their property rights, that would be one matter. This is not that. And even in that situation, it is well within the role of a customer in this age to take it upon themselves to offer feedback at the businesses they visit, feedback delivered as peacefully and creatively as a customer desires to get his point across.

You Will Not Fool Me

You will not fool me. You will not cow me with property rights arguments to convince me that it is unjust to pressure or educate Walmart management and to ensure defense for our most vulnerable and those least able to wear a mask safely. I believe deeply in property rights.  You will not use my deeply beliefs against me for your specious ends. I will not be fooled by a socialist pretending that they understand property rights or Christianity to selectively fill me with cowardice. Now is a time more than ever to act with decisiveness.

These Organizations Are A Wonderful Starting Place

Please remember the date July 2, 2020, when the most powerful in American society and globally weren’t satisfied at bullying you in their own stores with mindless face mask policies — that do not work and may help to actually spread Covid, as pointed out in the May 2020 edition of the CDC journal Emerging Infectious Disease they were more than willing to take it a step further and to ensure that all law enforcement at all level of government were roped into the service of their face mask suppositions against the non-maskholes as if the unmasked were common terrorists.

Was there really a need to nationally call the police info service on this matter? Might we be able to agree that step was one too far?

That’s a hard date for me to psychologically get past. The party of Davos had a plan for you and by some miracle they have yet to see it implemented on you, you American serf.

They do not want your free markets, they want big business to be dominant and small business to shrivel. They do not want you to find the best goods at the best price on ever corner of the globe, they want to give you managed trade that they deceitfully call “free.”

So much wrong about the present moment is wrapped up in July 2, 2020.

Given the demands the National Federation of Retailers has attempted to place on their membership over this topic, and which was encouraged by plenty of their members, any of their one hundred largest members would be an excellent place to make your impact felt. True Murder Mysteries ... Burroughs, A. Parker Best Price: $14.17 Buy New $17.53 (as of 07:05 UTC - Details)

The companies that the National Federation of Retailers applauded loudest and earliest wouldn’t be a bad place to start: Walmart, Best Buy, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Apple, Qurate Retail Group, and Costco.

But how does one make an impact?

That is the question.

At The Heart Of Corporate Mask Mandates Are Insurance Companies

In the world of risk mitigation, insurance is a valuable tool. Insurance has grown so important that every business that does not have half-a-dozen policies in place is clearly seen as being foolhardy in the year 2020. Because it is well recognized that an insurance company could step in and refuse to protect any company seen as behaving lax around Covid, the greatest virtue signaling has been engaged in by corporations in 2020 on the topic.

While local counties have the power to shut down a business — a great fear for a small business owner in 2020, the fear that is much harder to recover from is the vast destruction that can be done by ending up in court without an insurer having your back against the judicial system. This is a destructive risk to businesses large and small.

Accordingly, the virtue signaling of 2020 is clearly done with consideration for how a judge or jury would evaluate their behavior. The virtue signaling and plausible deniability is everywhere in their mandates and policies.

How To Virtue Signal For A Judge & Jury

Once you start to see it, by just reading any of the corporate policies you can hear the voice of a lawyer that sounds a lot like this:

“Look Judge, we wrote mandatory in bold letters 3 times in one sentence on this sign at our Fayetteville, Arkansas location. Three times!! In one sentence!! Have you ever seen an act of care and compliance like that from a large corporation before? This is a corporation that cares about people so much that it will butcher the English language to show how much we care.”

Some signs sound like that. Other policies sound more like this:

“Listen your honor, what the other side is arguing — about us being soft on Covid-19 — is preposterous. We are vehemently opposed to the rights of all disabled people who can’t wear masks. We denied 18 disabled veterans on ventilators access to our Oxnard, California store on one day in December because even though we had made arrangements with the Make a Wish Foundation weeks before, they were physically unable to fit a face mask over their ventilators. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that’s how much we care about flattening the curve! Are we jerks? Yes. Do we care about saving lives? Even more so. Being diligent and jerky curve-flatteners is the only thing we are guilty of.”

THE MALVERN MURDERS a ... TOMBS, KERRY Best Price: $4.98 Buy New $9.99 (as of 07:05 UTC - Details) Other policies in which human dignity is sacrificed on the altar of legalism sound more like this:

“Look your honor. We care so much about protecting customers from SARS-COV-2, the virus believed to cause COVID-19 that we instituted mandatory body cavity PCR exams to all employees on the 1st and 13th day of every month in case they might have localized asymptomatic cases. That’s how much we care.”

Your Life Will Be As Tyrannically Ruled As You Allow It To Be

That isn’t far from the reality of 2020, but I don’t expect that kind of absolute divorce from reason until at least 2021. While I cannot predict the future, one detail is certain: if this level of tyranny is permitted in your life, this is the level of tyranny that you will find in your life.

Perhaps I may have the honor of turning some people away from the abyss on which we totter.

The question remains: “What would the ideal protest look like to be able to communicate a message to insurance companies?”

BLM Is Trite — There Is A More Important, More Widely Feared Variable In Our Society

BLM is manageable. You pay them some hush money, and they go away.

The mafia is manageable. You pay them some protection money, and they go away.

But the courts are never predictably reasonable. You have no idea how big a judgment could be. In the midst of that legal uncertainty, a few dozen people getting dizzy while wearing face masks can add up pretty quickly.

Insurance companies know how much risk there is in exposing themselves to litigation and courts. That’s why there is so much effort made to by insurance companies to stay out of litigation through settlement, bluster, and guile.

Litigation is costly and unpredictable. Get an insurance company to recognize a new litigation risk, and it will pay attention quickly. Get an insurance company to pay attention quickly and the holder of its insurance policy will pay attention quickly. Any new insurance carve out around face masks and face mask policies in corporate settings will quickly die. Their elimination will become a best practice.

This is the soft underbelly of the face mask mandates.

The Million Face March — What Would The Ideal Face Mask Protest Of 2020 Look Like?

Minnesota’s Olde... Gary Brueggemann Best Price: $11.00 Buy New $13.09 (as of 07:05 UTC - Details) What would the ideal protest of 2020 really look like? I’ve written before about the CDC’s own epidemiological journal’s coverage of the masks in May 2020 and their unequivocal statement that masks do not only not work but that they may have a negative impact on the user. That’s from a CDC journal, a groundbreaking article that has been largely ignored. Many others demonstrate that mask wearing in fact causes harm. The so called “Danish study” of November 2020 has a very large margin of error saying that face mask wearing may be anywhere from 46% more protective against Covid-19 to 23% more likely to spread Covid-19.

This doesn’t even begin to take into account the additional, massive harm that comes from the foolish notion that wearing a ten-cent polypropylene mask from Wuhan province is the proper way to protect the magnificent structures that are the human body. Preposterous. Utterly preposterous.

The mandatory wearing of masks by healthy people in the general population is not “science.” It is superstition.

What would a free man do if he really wanted to never again hear any more superstitious nonsense about a mask in order to go about his daily life?

Well. He’d communicate to decision makers in a language they understand and in a tone they couldn’t ignore.

Unfortunately, Most People Don’t Speak The Language Of Such Decision-Makers: But You Can

Unfortunately, most people don’t speak the language of such decisions-makers. Corporate America is full of decision-makers. Some are human. An increasing number are non-human. The human decision-makers like to be called “stakeholders” and to be invited to all sorts of inconsequential meetings, while staying as far away from decisions of consequence as possible, for sticking their necks out may spell a precipitous end to their careers.

Some of the human decision-makers involved barely seem to speak English. This makes it hard to communicate with them as an outsider. They may have grown up in the United States, but have learned that they can hide the fact that they don’t know much about much of anything behind an awful lot of jargon. At some point the use of excess jargon is just a lot of puffery meant to communicate exclusion to another party.

Far beyond that though, as mentioned, a lot of times, especially in corporate America, humans aren’t even as involved in the decision-making process as physical attendance in meetings might suggest. Decisions are increasingly made by formulas and algorithms. Placing formulas, algorithms, and accounting processes in charge of decision-making is said to provide “data,” but in reality these algorithms are just another word for “a guess.”

In the halls of such monolithic corporations, almost everyone who sticks around long is covering their ass and no one is looking to disrupt their career by sticking their necks out in a way that doesn’t bring them lots of long term benefit. Someone like that always needs someone else to blame if things go wrong.

In a different era, they had to always have a lackey around who could be blamed. Nurturing a lackey takes effort and some ability to feign compassion. With the advent of more advanced and accessible computing, there is no need to blame a lackey for a failure when you can just credit an algorithm for that same failure.

Communicating in a way that an algorithm is able to notice is the key to communicating a message to a decision-maker in corporate America.

That means you, as a free man, have got to communicate in a way that the algorithms will notice. It can’t be a blip on the screen. It has to goose the algorithm something major, and that, in turn, will communicate in a tone that will convey clear data to the humans that they can use to communicate to others in their organizations.

If you can do that — goose the algorithm — then you can capably communicate in their technocratic language and you can generate action that isn’t accompanied by risk to the human actor, risk being one of the most vile things he can be accused of taking in a corporate environment in our risk averse culture.

What behavior can you turn to that would generate that kind of outcome?

I could tell you, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear it.

I Could Tell You, But I’m Sure You Wouldn’t Want To Hear It

It’s something a little “black hat,” and it is something that an upstanding person might do.

Unless by upstanding you mean “He who doesn’t need freedom like he needs air in his lungs.”

Unless by upstanding you mean “He who cares so deeply what others think of him that he forsakes himself and family.”

Unless by upstanding you mean “He who will not shout down a lynch mob because he does not want to uphold any values that could anger or offend.”

That’s not how I define upstanding.

Twain wrote: I watched a man shout down a lynch mob and make it go home. Where is that moral man today?”

I am that man. Are you?

Sometimes Intelligence Is All It Takes To Beat The Most Powerful, The Most Brutal, And The Most Well-Established

Once upon a time red-coated soldiers marched through the present-day eastern United States like they owned the place. Ten-, twenty-, maybe thirty-years of training may have gone into each one of those soldiers. Their marching was said to be a thing to behold: much like the Prussian soldiers of the era, much like any well-organized, heavily-structured army.

George Washington had a less disciplined army. Napoleon as well. Many times throughout history, these less disciplined, less rigid armies, defeated far better equipped, well-trained forces.

It was gentlemanly to spend twenty years learning the details of war and learning to assume formations with a sense of duty and propriety.

It was cowardly to wage war any differently. At least that’s what those set in their ways had to say as they nursed their wounds and reflected on their massive losses. To their dying day, there was little more that a soldier raised in the old school might say about the upstart who handed him a resounding defeat.

It was not about age either. It was about an ingrained and inflexible nature. Sometimes, the clever upstart might be much older in years, the inflexible lieutenant, much younger in years.

A bunch of poorly trained commoners with heart and a clever willingness have often handed defeat to a more established group.

And I’d tell you how to do that with these face masks, but no one would want to hear it.

American Comfort: I Really Would Tell You How To Do That With Face Masks, But No One Would Want To Hear It

Too many Americans have grown too cowardly. They really care what people think of them. Having such low self-esteem that you care what others think about you is the very essence of political correctness. It is at the very essence of virtue signaling, and it explains so well why these behaviors are so present in this era.

Many won’t do what might be looked at as negative by someone else. Too many Americans have lost any sense of self-esteem. They just are so concerned with what others think of them that they don’t seem to have any conception of what they actually want out of life, let alone how to achieve it. If you have no self-esteem you spend a lot of time waiting for other people to hand you things.

With so many people being so unable to identify their own wants, this leaves little ground on which to build recognition of sound values and the courageous defense of them in life.

A two-year-old child knows what she wants and knows how to reach out and grab it. From birth, we have that self-knowledge in us. The next two or three decades of her life, or more are spent indoctrinating that two-year-old to make sure she can never again so simply identify and obtain her deepest wants. Nurturing of the clarity of spirit of the two year old in each of us is vital. Instead our culture is set on doing the opposite to each previous child.

Too many Americans have grown too comfortable. There’s so little sense of what it means to be free. If you don’t need freedom like you need air in your lungs, you aren’t gonna get it. Because honestly, freedom isn’t very easy to come by. You need to go through all kinds of machinations to achieve it. It’s a lot easier to tell yourself that you are plenty comfortable and that the discomfort that freedom might require just isn’t worth the trade off.

That’s where a lot of Americans are. So I am not that far off when I say that you probably don’t want to know how to put an end to the face mask orders, because you’re not gonna do it.

But there’s a few people out there who aren’t like that. They need freedom like they need air in their lungs. They don’t care what someone else defines as dignified or upstanding. They know for themselves what those words mean. And they do the rest of us a favor by being someone who needs freedom so badly. Because they make room for others to live free around them, and at such little cost to the benefactor of that more free way of living.

Sometimes they may even take it a little further and speak up for others, creating a Niemollerian buffer around themselves.

This is how a handful of freemen can be enough to make a vast place into a free land.

The Remnant Walks Among Us

In Jeremiah 5:1 God says to Jeremiah “Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look around and consider, search through her squares. If you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city.”

In the book of Genesis, God and Abraham tangle with each other until God says that he will spare Sodom if he can find the righteous.

God speaks to Isaiah of the remnant, the tiny group of the righteous who bring society back to the proper course. Scripture is clear that it takes but a small committed group to accomplish great things.

That’s how human society functions.

Those few among us who are willing to go the extra mile for our own freedom do a great service to anyone wanting to live life free.

Some people will write me quoting scripture, saying that they won’t feel good going into a store without a face mask. They will speak of how undignified my method of ending mandatory masking is.

That’s between you and your maker and does not involve me. The Bible I read tells me to stop looking at the speck in another person’s eye and to take note of the log in my own.

I can do no other than to live the best I can, the freest I can and in every moment.

Have You Ever Felt Dizzy In The Grocery Store?

Many people have felt dizzy in the store. Many people have felt dizzy wearing face masks. I know exactly how most Americans react to that dizziness or queasiness. They buck themselves up and keep walking. They might cut their shopping trip short. They might steady themselves against the meat counter or a dairy display. They might lift their mask for a minute as their catch their breath. They aren’t creating a scene though. They’d like to go as unnoticed as possible in a moment like that. That’s what most Americans do.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone, See How The Other Half Lives

There are plenty of Americans who behave very differently. They want someone else to see their pain. They want attention. They want someone else to come along and dust them off. I’d like you to play a game for a few minutes in which you live more like this other half lives.

What’s it like to be them?

How do you behave differently in the face of adversity if you are channeling them?

Behave a little more like them during your next masked trip to the store, and you will have performed some excellent civil disobedience for the world. That’s all it takes: be less like yourself and more like the other half for twenty minutes.

Just Take A Seat

If you feel dizzy wearing a mask on your next trip to the store, take a seat. Choose a nice, safe place to sit down. As filthy as the floor is, sitting on the floor is significantly more dramatic of a place to sit than leaning against the dairy case or sitting on the edge of the dairy case.

Sitting on the floor says “Something is very wrong.”

The effectiveness of this technique will be dependent on how long you can draw this out.

A fellow shopper will come.

You: “I just feel so dizzy. So confused.”

Not enough.

An employee will come.

You: “I just feel so dizzy. So confused.”

Not enough.

Everyone around you is going along to get along. EVERYONE. Just like the behavior described at Nuremberg, everyone is plugging along, following orders. No one is thinking or using morality or values. You need to break them out of their mold.

Eventually. A manager will come. Now you are getting warmer.

And it may take a few minutes of you sitting on the floor for the manager to come because plenty of managers will drop what they are doing to enforce a face mask mandate, but few will drop what they are doing to rush to the aid of a customer in need.

Even though the manager has now appeared, it’s still not enough. Keep drawing it out.

Manager: “Sir, are you okay? Can I get you some water? Would you like to take off your mask?”

You: “But masks are supposed to be safe for us. I’m so confused.”

Manager: “Sir, are you okay? What’s your name? Can I get you some water? Would you like to take off your mask?”

You: “How can you want me to take it off. Your policy says it’s mandatory.”

Manager: “Sir, do you need me to call the paramedics?”

You: “I just feel so dizzy and confused.”

Manager: “Sir, do you need me to call the paramedics.”

Yes: “I don’t need you to call the paramedics, I need you to use your logic. I just feel so dizzy and confused.”

When you’ve had enough, take off your mask.

Ask for two containers of your favorite beverage “to calm myself down.”

Sit a good long time.

You: “I was so dizzy and confused.”

Manager: “What’s your name, Sir?”

You: “I was just so dizzy and confused.”

Manager: “What’s your phone number, Sir.”

You: “I was just so dizzy and confused…I never realized how bad these face masks were. I’m so embarrassed.”

Manager: “What’s your name, Sir?”

You: “My name? That’s not important. What’s your name Mr Manager? Because I’m going to be sure you haven’t heard the last from me.”

Take Note Of An Important Detail

As you’re on the ground, commenting about how confused you are in your face mask, look at the male employee around you with the most severely quivering hand. Listen for the the female employee around you with the most seriously quivering voice.

Those are the greatest maskholes in the group. At least they were until ten minutes ago. You’ve today ended their enforcement of the mask mandate. You may have ended that whole corporation’s enforcement of the mask mandate.

Your ten-minute display of humanity, in which you put on display, in a very gentle way, the ills of one-size-fits all medical approaches, is enough to crush the hold of the trillion dollar media machine on their mind on this one topic.  And it promises to have far more reaching consequences.

Is it illness?
Is it honesty?
Is it performance art?

Call it what you will. Depending on the scenario I described — sitting down and maximizing the opportunity instead of perilously and dangerously teetering out of the store —- I would call it all three.

And I would call it one of the most effective things you can be doing today to free others.

This Isn’t For You. This Is A Gift For Someone Else

You don’t need freeing. I have no question about that. The type of person who reads this piece is well on their way. All you need to do is to identify your boundaries, communicate your boundaries, and defend your boundaries to free yourself. Wearing the mask frees you. Rejecting the vaccine frees you. Standing up to people who will force orders upon you frees you.

If you can do that, you don’t need to do things like this to be free. This is not about you though. This is a gift to the rest of society. This is a gift from you to them, pushing back on the mandates on behalf of your fellow man.

This is you doing something very different than many of the last three generations of people have done: spending the capital of the trust fund of liberty. Instead, this is you decisively and resoundingly determining to do the very opposite: to add to the trust fund of liberty.

This is you bringing an end to the mask mandates.

Bootstrapping, Stoic Americans In Some Ways Make Mask Mandates Possible

The vast majority of Americans want to be left alone and want to leave others alone. That remains the American way to this day. As a result, most put on their masks, deal with the medical consequences, and go through the masked part of their day as quickly as they can.

In sharp contrast to that behavior, a minority of Americans will howl and riot if you merely address someone by the wrong gender.

As little as such snowflakes have to teach anyone about wisdom, they have a great deal to teach about political participation. When I hear a Georgia politician say “Let’s let the election fraud go. I  don’t want trouble with antifa at the grocery store or outside my home at dinner time,” I know that the most precious values are weak-handedly being sacrificed to miscreants undeserving of them.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease

We know from the study of economics that human wants our infinite, resources finite. There always has to be some way to ration resources. The more government becomes involved in life, the less rational and market-based that rationing becomes. The more government gets involved, the more it becomes about squeaky wheels and vocal factions.

Now is a time to swallow your pride and accept that the snowflakes might understand a thing or two about getting the levers of power to do their bidding. It would be a shame if this golden opportunity to expand human freedom were lost in the face of personal hubris.

It’s time to be a little more squeaky.

There Is Nowhere Left To Run

We may have crossed the line into being a failed state. If we haven’t we are close.

I spent my twenties looking for a better place to run to. I spent my thirties building a better place to run to.

Aside from some pockets in the United States, there is nowhere left to run. The full retreat has to stop.

I can’t predict the future, but holding the line in the United States is practically the best we’ve got. But why just hold the line? Advancing the line is even better. If you can take down mask mandates by goosing the corporate risk matrix, you have advanced freedom in our day.

The Joy Of Just Taking A Seat In Your Mask

Take a seat in your mask. Let it play out a while. A good long while. Let them squirm a while. Let the manager squirm until you are pretty certain he’s going to report it up the chain. Reporting it up the chain is when the most magnified effects will result.

Sitting on that floor, you’re going to see something. It’s conscience. It will come in the form of a shaking hand. The biggest maskhole working in that store, the one who has shouted down two dozen elderly women that month, in pompous self-righteousness will find you on that floor and realize for the first time ever that not everyone should be in a mask.

Morally, this is a far cry from comprehending that everyone should not be forcibly masked. But we aren’t there anymore, my friends.

Three generations of Americans have spent the capital in our trust fund of liberty.

Targeted civil disobedience is some of the best hope we have. There may be a time when even this no longer works. Perhaps we can stop ourselves from getting to that moment.

Perhaps you can turn back the tide.

In this way, with this tide, individuals acting on their own, in their own individual capacity, one person at a time, one store at a time can flip the risk algorithm and put an end to corporate masking mandates.

This can be done today. One person at a time. One freedom cell at a time. No more is needed. No conversation is needed. No help is needed. No permission is needed.

The flipping of a corporate risk matrix can be fully controlled by the hands of one person: an anonymous, lone customer who no one needs to know or even get the name of.

The mask mandates need sabotaging. And you are the person to do it.

The bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson” flips the script on mask mandates, sabotages bad orders, and makes it possible to never again wear a face mask. It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online stores. Orders of ten or more can be ordered by writing [email protected].