Even Whitmer’s Mask Edicts Have Loopholes

Stop Calling Whitmer A Tyrant If You‘re Being A Mask Coward

You can drive a bus through Michigan’s face mask exemptions.

If you and I took the teleporter to Michigan right now, we might see a lot of obediently masked people, even though Michigan has some of the loosest face mask exemptions I’ve ever seen.

While I love to booh the villain in The Perils of Pauline (1914) as much as the next guy does, looking at Gretchen Whitmer‘s face mask order, she is not a villain, and no fully functioning adult reading these pages is entitled to claim status as a damsel in distress, helpless and in need of saving. The Case Against Masks... Heckenlively, Kent Buy New $12.99 (as of 04:52 UTC - Details)

Here are highlights of the Michigan order.

No Masks Until 5 Years Old 
A lot of states and localities call for masking starting at 2 years old. Not Michigan; it gives you until 5.

Those Exercising Are Exempt
The order contains an exemption if you “Are exercising when wearing a face covering would interfere with the activity.”

Getting A Shave Or A Facial Or A Nose Job Is Exempt
The order contains an exemption if you “Are receiving a service for which temporary removal of the face covering is necessary.”

Getting Identified At A Bank Is Exempt
The order contains an exemption if you “Are entering a business or are receiving a service and are asked to temporarily remove a face covering for identification purposes.”

Public Speaking Is Exempt
The order contains an exemption if you “Are giving a speech for broadcast or to an audience, provided that the audience is at least six feet away from the speaker.” GEER Head Mask Full Fa... Buy New $79.99 (as of 04:45 UTC - Details)

Pastors Preaching & Officiating Are Exempt
The order contains an exemption if you “Are officiating at a religious service.” A pastor doesn’t need to keep his six feet.

Attending Church Exempts You
The order contains an exemption for church attendance, stating “No individual is subject to penalty under section 8 of this order for removing a mask while engaging in religious worship at a house of religious worship.”

Voters Are Exempt
The order contains an exemption if you “Are at a polling place for purposes of voting in an election.”

Police Are Exempt
The order contains an exemption if you “Are actively engaged in a public safety role, including but not limited to law enforcement, firefighters, or emergency medical personnel, and where wearing a mask would seriously interfere in the performance of their public safety responsibilities.”

Those Communicating With Deaf People Are Exempt
The order contains an exemption if you “Are communicating with someone who is deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing and where the ability to see the mouth is essential to communication.”

Those Eating While Seated At A Restaurant Are Exempt
The order contains an exemption if you “Are eating or drinking while seated at a food service establishment.” Master Manipulator: Th... James Ottar Grundvig Best Price: $14.15 Buy New $17.78 (as of 05:25 UTC - Details)

And The Biggest: The Medical Exemption
The order contains an exemption if you “Cannot medically tolerate a face covering.” Some states won’t even offer a medical exemption for vaccines. If you cannot medically tolerate a vaccine, you’re out of luck. If you cannot medically tolerate a face mask in Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer’s got your back (at least according to her order).

By the way, Michigan law allows for medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions from vaccines in daycare and preschool through 12th grade, as long as you and your child exercise those rights. ( This is much like the face mask orders. There are plenty of rights to be had for anyone who demands those rights be honored.

A philosophical exemption for face masks in Michigan would be amazing, but the good people of Michigan have yet to strike enough fear in the hearts of their minders for that to happen.

Not only does Michigan provide a medical exemption for face masks, it goes a step further and is very clear how you can invoke a medical exemption, going so far as to state what a business may say, so that business owners can be very clear that they are neither violating the law nor bullying people.

Verbal Representation Of Medical Condition Is Enough In Michigan Under Whitmer’s Order

The order advises on procedure for handling exemptions: “A business may, however, accept a customer’s verbal representation that they are not wearing a face covering because they fall within a specified exception.”

Verbal representation of condition gets the job done. It says right there that it’s okay for Mungo at the compliance checkpoint not to ask for a doctor’s note, nor is it necessary for you to have managerial-training-program Karen at the compliance checkpoint conduct some kind of pseudo-medical intake interview at the backed up front door. Vaccine Epidemic: How ... Best Price: $7.50 Buy New $12.99 (as of 06:30 UTC - Details)

The order invites you, as a customer, to say “I have a medical exemption,” or some similar statement such as “I am unable to wear a face mask safely,” but you don’t even need to say that. “I am not wearing a face covering because I fall within a specified exemption,” is enough under the order. The same order invites the business manager to now accept that, perhaps saying something like “That’s okay. Thank you for being so clear and polite about it. I know I won’t get into trouble for that, now, which is something we’ve been worried about. Since you said it that way, I’m able to now fully comply with the order and allow you to shop in our store.”

Don’t Get Me Wrong, It’s An Awful Order, But…

If you don’t exhibit the courage to defend your rights, no matter what the order says, the fault is not on the tyrant, but on you.

In a freer place, maybe there would be less tyranny, but never in the history of man has that been a long-lasting aspect of life. Good leaders turn into awful tyrants, as soon as it’s clear that no one else is guarding his grasp on power. The reason that there are periods of no tyranny in history is because a tyrant was not tolerated.

Once a tyrant is tolerated, well, you’re going to get a tyrant. That’s pretty much guaranteed. If a tyrant is not tolerated, you might still get a tyrant, but the tyrant won’t last long.

So the choice is yours, are you going to tolerate a tyrant or not?

The Negative Smart People

Some smart people can be really negative. They don’t do much with their smartness, but they can be incredibly insightful critics. Criticism is often a form of procrastination among the smart. The missed potential is a tragedy of epic proportion. In the specific instance of the power grabs of 2020, rather than acting to stop a tyrant, some will spend their time proving how right they are. Cultural Cancer: Treat... Kane, Daryl Best Price: $20.00 Buy New $9.95 (as of 04:04 UTC - Details)

Those Who Just Want A Story To Tell

Some people want a story to tell. If they have a choice between an easy way for them to go about their business, or if they can choose a complicated path that provides a story, they invariably opt for the distracting detour of the complicated and contorted story to be able to tell.

Some will wear the face mask to have a story, others will take their vaccine to have a story. The story is the primary goal for some, rather than the primary goal of living free or having a joyous life.

I’ll trade in a knee-slapping good story for an afternoon of pure liberty any day. Liberty is not a valid trade-off for entertainment.

People who want freedom, will invoke their freedoms virtually any way they can figure it out.

Whitmer Is A Tyrant And Control Freak Who Must Be Stopped At Every Juncture

As much as this order compares favorably against many of the other face mask orders, it’s worth noting that anyone who would sign an order with this level of detail explaining how one must talk in order to prevent being accosted, beaten, arrested, maimed, fined, or imprisoned is an obvious control freak Karen.

Thank You To Those Who Carried Guns To The Capital This Spring And Summer

There’s tyranny in Michigan. No doubt about it. Imagine how bad it could be in Michigan if there weren’t brave souls standing up and saying “No more!” demonstrating throughout this all that the elected officials were not the omnipotent saviors they fashioned themselves as. There are so many worse places too.

The worse places aren’t worse places because they have worse elected officials. Elected officials are almost universally awful everywhere. It’s because the worse places have worse leadership among the citizenry.

One data it will be resoundingly clear that the tyranny killed more than the germ. Imagine how many more would have lived through Covid in the northeast, had that tyranny not been so well tolerated.

We can’t turn back time. We can impact this moment, and we can impact our own lives, and perhaps even the future.

Do you want to bring an end to this tyranny as much as I do?

Your actions speak louder than any words.

Send me your stories from the face mask compliance checkpoint, and help me put an end to this tyranny.