Shock: Harvard Prof Talks Sense About Lockdowns and Virus

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From the Tom Woods Letter:

By now I’m sure you know Stanford’s Dr. Scott Atlas, who is Public Enemy #1 to the COVID cultists because he takes a reality-based approach to the virus. He’s also now an adviser to the President.

Well, a bunch of his colleagues, not exactly risking anything in this political climate, recently released a letter attacking him. (The vast majority of these colleagues have donated to Democratic candidates or other left-wing causes, we now know.)

Why, how dare he say children are at essentially no risk! (Um, because children obviously are essentially at no risk?) Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Mi... Best Price: $101.99 Buy New $119.99 (as of 04:17 EDT - Details)

How dare he suggest that we protect the vulnerable and let everyone else live? Why, all should be punished equally!

Now comes Martin Kulldorff, a professor at Harvard Medical School, in defense of Atlas.

“While anyone can get infected, there is a thousand-fold difference in mortality risk between the old and young, and the risk to children is less than from annual influenza. Using an age-targeted strategy, Atlas wants to better protect high-risk individuals, while letting children and young adults live more normal lives. This contrasts with general age-wide lockdowns that protect low-risk students and young professionals working from home, while older higher-risk working-class people generate the inevitable herd immunity.”

Unlike the signatories to the letter, Kulldorff continues, Atlas doesn’t ignore the “collateral damage caused by lockdowns.”

Kulldorff continues: “Among experts on infectious disease outbreaks, many of us have long advocated for an age-targeted strategy, and I would be delighted to debate this with any of the 98 signatories.”

And then, knowing just the language to hit them with, he concludes:

“Supporters include professor Sunetra Gupta at Oxford University, the world’s preeminent infectious disease epidemiologist. Assuming no bias against women scientists of color, I urge Stanford faculty and students to read her thoughts.” [Emphasis added.]


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Now this is juicy and everything, but the news that has me the happiest over the past 24 hours is this:

The president of Princeton University recently spoke about “systemic racism” at his university. So now the federal Department of Education is suing for its money back, since one of the requirements of receiving federal funds is a pledge of nondiscrimination.

Now that’s hilarious.

Obviously the president of Princeton knows that Princeton University, of all places, must be one of the most accommodating institutions on Earth for nonwhites. He knows full well there is no “systemic racism,” but everyone else in higher education was writing a letter like this at the time, so he wrote one, too.

And now he’s got to decide.

Either he admits the “systemic racism” stuff is b.s., or he says: yes, we’ve been racist, so here’s your $75 million back.

Too good.

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