Autopsy of America

For the last several months, the populace of the United States of America has been beaten and bamboozled. Bewildered, if not outright crushed, people are berating each other for failing to wear a face mask in public. Riots have taken over several big cities in the country, and crime is exploding in New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and others. The country is walking on eggshells. Every new minute threatens to bring forth renewed hysteria, anger, and dysphoria. The tension and anger of the population at large are palpable. What happened here?

It all started with Operation COVID. This writer thought that the lockdowns were unsustainable and that they would end quickly due to a furious response of the public. Surely, Americans would not put up with such nonsense. This is the purported “Land of the Free” after all. That they have accepted lockdowns shows this writer committed what should have been the obvious mortal sin of overestimating Boobus’ ability to think critically (or think at all). Not only have most Americans put up with it, they have begged for their chains. They have cheered the State in its effort to crush business owners, mandate masks, demand antisocial distancing (including on private property), and more. In some states, the lockdowns have not even ended. It should go without saying that the government has no authority to close business, nor force masks on people. COVID-19: Lockdowns on... Betrus, Michael Buy New $16.99 (as of 03:38 UTC - Details)

With Boobus, this does not go without saying.

Per usual, the ruling class has used subterfuge and obfuscation to break the public and further their agenda. The agenda of Bill Gates and his apprentice, Dr. Tony Fauci (henceforth to be referred to in this text as “Dr. God”), is hiding in plain sight. Prompted by the death of George Floyd, much of the country has erupted into protest and riots. Black Lives Matter went from being an unpopular leftist organization to a new religion over an eight-minute video. We have no real rights left, with politicians no longer even pretending to care about the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

A true cult of personality surrounds Dr. God. In short order, his face was blasted across the country on televisions and smartphones as a beacon of truth. Immutable and omniscient, he gives advice on everything from dating, hooking up for anonymous sex (a personal choice Dr. God is actually fine with!), and, of course, medicine. He has been placed on magazine covers and anointed as the “sexiest man alive.” This gentleman has gone from no name to household name overnight. He has been given the RFK Ripple of Hope award – much to the chagrin of one RFK, Jr. Like any omniscient figure, it is unacceptable to criticize or even question Dr. God.

Fauci: The Bernie Mado... Ortleb, Charles Buy New $5.99 (as of 02:55 UTC - Details) Trump failed spectacularly. No state of emergency should have ever been declared. He should have brought in a variety of well-regarded doctors from across the country for input, and ensured the country he was listening to different viewpoints from actual experts in the field. The second Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford poked a hole in this facade, Trump should have had him on a plane to Washington. Instead, Trump has let Dr. God speak gospel to the presstitutes who have dutifully carried his words to the public, presenting them as absolute truth and “science.” Initially reluctant to wear a mask, Trump has now muzzled himself and calls it “patriotic” to wear one. One has to wonder just who Trump thinks is considering voting for him? Here’s a hint – it is not the people walking around wearing masks every minute of every day.

Offense is all that works in politics. Just ask the Democrats. For all his grandstanding and bluster, Trump betrays his true cowardice in his failure to fire Dr. God, his pushing of a vaccine, his total lack of leadership and respect for freedom as the country has been locked down. The Democrats and their rulers have unleashed a full-out assault on liberty and freedom across the country that would have been inconceivable months ago. Shrinking into prevent defense as they usually do, the pathetic GOP has played into the false frame pushed by Team Apocalypse and waxed and waned, all while pretending the State even has the authority to enact any of the patently absurd measures it has.

A VOYAGE IN IMAGINATIO... Holmes, Dr Joel S Buy New $9.95 (as of 04:21 UTC - Details) Even now, so-called “conservative” Republican Governors like Greg Abbot and Mike DeWine are holding their states hostage. Rather than go on offense and aggressively call out the tyrannical Governors who have trampled freedom, Trump rattles the saber towards his scapegoat China and blathers about progress for a vaccine. His campaign thinks this strategy will work. It will not.

Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti are the two co-owners of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey. These two patriots have waged a battle to stay open against their tyrannical, Goldman Sachs sponsored Governor Phil Murphy. Now Governor Murphy has threatened to fine them both $10k per day every day the gym remains open, and imprison them for at least six months. It is beyond unacceptable that Trump has not traveled to New Jersey to meet with Trumbetti and Smith and give a speech to the country. In so doing, he would be standing up for not just business owners, but all Americans across the country who have had their careers and lives destroyed due to largely Democrat-run lockdowns. It would be a sight to behold. No matter. Trumbetti and Smith have been abandoned by their president who’s too busy finger wagging at China.

Plague: One Scientist&... Mikovits, Judy Best Price: $29.55 Buy New $17.99 (as of 04:10 UTC - Details) Meanwhile, Democrat Mayors and Governors are aiding and abetting riots in their cities and states. Even when they’re destroying property and lives, Democrats stick by their voters. The riots are clearly being orchestrated by substantial infrastructure and finance (i.e., George Soros). Yet in keeping with the Republican spirit of always being on defense (unless they’re lobbying for another country to bomb, of course), Trump and the DoJ have done absolutely nothing. One suspects Attorney General Bill Barr does not want to turn the rock over here, afraid of what he might find on the other side. Meanwhile, John Durham is clearly simply running out the clock until November. It has become clear that no one will pay any price for Russiagate. It is easy to lose track of just how long one has been waiting for Durham to bring down the hammer. It is increasingly clear that he simply will not do it. At best, he will wait for campaign season to kick in this September and slap a few minor characters like Peter Strzok on the wrist. The FBI and CIA are above the law, so there won’t be any notable fish fried here – let alone Obama or Hillary.

If Trump actually wants another term in office, he should pipe down on China and start standing up for the freedoms of people in this country. An appearance with the aforementioned Smith and Trumbetti would be a great place to start. Additionally, he should be aggressively defending the pro-lifers who were arrested for writing “preborn black lives matter” in chalk, targeting Biden’s support for zero restrictions on abortion – something which won’t be popular with the blue collar working class in states Trump desperately needs to win. He should be clear and succinct about the true objectives of BLM. As it stands, Trump is not running a campaign that even deserves to win against his cadaver of an opponent.