A Progressive Insanity

Cloth masks, narrow plastic shields, and six feet of separation to stop an airborne virus. Limiting exposure to the largely nonlethal virus when immunity is necessary to function and no vaccine exists. An apparent belief that avoiding the virus will remove it from the environment. All this is obviously insane.

Delaying medical screenings for deadly conditions like cancer and heart disease. Depleting the resources of medical centers needed to treat such conditions. Substantially increasing pressure on individuals prone to mental illness. All this is obviously insane.

Disrupting commerce with business closures and stay-at-home orders, thereby suppressing demand and creating negative multiplier effects which will extend into the foreseeable future. Greatly increasing the risk of private investment and then crowding it out with yet more government borrowing, leading to decreased supply. Diminishing the savings needed for investment through an immediate loss of income and a potential loss of value upon further monetization of debt. All this is obviously insane. Guilty By Reason of In... Limbaugh, David Best Price: $13.38 Buy New $18.59 (as of 06:27 UTC - Details)

How did Modern Man, that hard-headed creature who occupied the earth 60 years ago, fall into insanity? Was he not a clear thinker, a doer, a pragmatist? Look! We now have clean water! Roads and sewers! Skyscrapers and bridges! None of your medieval inventions like “essences” were ever needed.

There is an etiology to these things, and it probably did not start with a coronavirus. Modern Man was hard-headed about physical things, but soft-headed about metaphysical things. His soft-headedness has simply progressed to physical things, albeit to an unseen virus.

So, where did the insanity start? With Adam and Eve, but if one were to pick a point of new decline, it would be during the Middle Ages. Just after the turn of the first millennium, when the physical conditions of Western society were stabilizing with increased security and prosperity, intellectual life began a thousand-year process of metaphysical deconstruction.

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