Ron Paul: Don't Let The MSM & Government Fear Mongers Drive You Nuts

Ginning up fear and terror was the key to getting hold of the country, tossing millions of Americans out of work, and setting fire to the Constitution. A nation ruled by fear is a nation that falls into tyranny, said Dr. Ron Paul in his latest Liberty Report.

We know the elitists have been using the mainstream media to instill fear into the public.  Fearful people are easy to control and more likely to obey the commands of tyrants.  Most people operate only to obey others and don’t take the time to think critically about the information or in this case, the disinformation presented.

Dr. Paul and Daniel McAdams begin the Liberty Report discussing the problems with government regulations, and how they have led to many more deaths than would have happened had the government done nothing.

Dr. Paul then discusses how the media is complicit in scaring the public so politicians can expand their violent rule and domination of other human begins. “There’s an element of fear, scare the people into it! But that might be the way all incremental socialism and fascism works.” False Alarm: The Truth... Siegel, Marc Best Price: $12.95 Buy New $12.70 (as of 11:29 UTC - Details)

The biggest thing people need to realize is that the “role of government isn’t to make us safe and secure.” And the more people give up rights to be safe and secure, the more enslaved they become. We have a nation full of people who literally think like slaves and not like the free human beings they were born as.  “Hopefully, this will wake people up!

McAdams added that this fear-mongering by government and the mainstream media is a “form of terrorism.” When you look at the definition of the word terrorism, it’s to “terrorize people for a political goal.”  In this case, the goal in tyrannical takeover and enslavement of every human being on this planet.  They [the mainstream media on behalf of the ruling class] always resort to fear.

As we continue to say, the coronavirus DID NOT cause an economic recession, the people who obeyed the commands of tyrants did. The coronavirus DID NOT cause food shortages, farmers who obeyed the commands of tyrants did.  The coronavirus DID NOT cause tyranny, the cops who followed orders to exact tyranny on the public did.  This all comes down to obeying.  The masters barked orders, and the slaves obeyed to their own detriment. If we ever hope to be free, we have to reject the slave mindset they have brainwashed all of us into.

Dr. Ron Paul On Coronavirus Panic: The Real Danger “Is The Government’s Overreaction”

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The good news is that the truth is getting out, and people all over the planet are waking up.  The elitists are losing control as the public becomes aware of what governments are doing. McAdams pointed out that the longer this goes on, the more blame Donald Trump will get.

As Dr. Paul said, it’s important to get people to NOT be fearful, but understand what’s going on. “We have a growing number of people that know there’s an easier answer to all of this,” says Dr. Paul. ANd it’s freedom. But most slaves don’t know how to handle freedom and can’t even envision a life that isn’t beholden to someone else claiming to own them.

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