What Freedoms?

Another Memorial Day has come and gone, although it is still Military Appreciation Month. Evidently, having three military appreciation days already (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day) was not enough so “Congress designated May as National Military Appreciation Month in 1999 to ensure the nation was given the chance to publicly show their appreciation for troops past and present.”

Memorial Day, which did not become an official federal holiday until 1971, is supposed to be a day to honor American military personnel who died while in service to the country.

Honor them for what?

Fighting unjust wars?
Serving Uncle Sam?
Going where they had no business going?
Making widows and orphans? TAC-FORCE TF606WS Engr... Buy New $22.95 ($4.41 / oz) (as of 03:15 UTC - Details)
Dying for a lie?
Being the world’s self-appointed policeman?
Fighting senseless wars?
Engaging in offense instead of defense?
Neglecting and sacrificing their families?
Invading other countries?
Dying for a mistake?
Creating terrorists, insurgents, and militants because of U.S. military interventions?
Killing and maiming millions?
Fighting undeclared wars?
Drone strikes that regularly miss their targets?
Helping to carry out a reckless, belligerent, and meddling U.S. foreign policy?
Fighting unnecessary wars?
Taking sides in civil wars?
Dying for the military/industrial complex?
Killing civilians and excusing it as collateral damage?
Following immoral orders?
Occupying other countries?
Unleashing sectarian violence?
Destroying foreign industry, culture, and infrastructure?
Being pawns of the U.S. government?
Bombing wedding parties?
Committing torture and atrocities?
Keeping overseas brothels in business?
Being duped?
Dying in vain?
Being a global force for evil?
But they died defending our freedoms!

Okay, let’s say that they did. Let’s say that in spite of all of the above, they still managed to die while defending our freedoms. Back Neck Shoulder Mas... Buy New $55.99 (as of 03:15 UTC - Details)

But what about current members of the U.S. military? On Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, the Fourth of July, and Veterans Day, during Military Appreciation Month, and every other month and day of the year we are expected to honor military personnel for defending our freedoms and thank them for their service.

What freedoms?

The freedom to attend a sporting event?
The freedom to take one’s children to a playground?
The freedom to go to an amusement park?
The freedom to sunbathe on the beach?
The freedom to go to a concert?
The freedom to have a yard sale?
The freedom to attend church?
The freedom to assemble in a group of more than ten people?
The freedom to get a haircut?
The freedom to eat inside a restaurant?
The freedom to sit on a park bench?
The freedom to be closer than six feet to another person?
The freedom to go to a bar?
The freedom to open a “nonessential” business?
The freedom to have a wedding or funeral?
The freedom to go outside without having to wear a mask?
The freedom to make “unessential” travel?
The freedom to visit a sick relative in the hospital?
The freedom to go to a zoo?
The freedom to go to a movie?
The freedom to work out at a gym?
The freedom to take a drink from a water fountain? FreshJax Grilling Spic... Buy New $24.99 ($3.38 / Ounce) (as of 03:15 UTC - Details)
The freedom to try on clothes in store dressing room?
The freedom to take a cruise?
The freedom to ride a skateboard at a skate park?
The freedom to have a normal life?

Where is the U.S. military? I thought military personnel were defending our freedoms?

Why aren’t U.S. military personnel opening up stores, malls, parks, playgrounds, water fountains, zoos, gyms, bars, restaurants, park benches, barber shops, amusement parks, concert halls, arenas, stadiums, race tracks, beaches, churches, skate parks, cruise terminals, dressing rooms, and movie theatres? I thought they were defending our freedoms?

Why aren’t U.S. military personnel invading and occupying state legislatures and governor’s mansions and restoring our freedoms? I thought they were defending our freedoms?

U.S. military personnel are doing what they always do: whatever Uncle Sam tells them to do. They don’t defend our freedoms. They don’t support and defend the Constitution. They don’t secure our borders. They don’t guard American shores. They don’t patrol American coasts. They don’t watch over American skies. They don’t defend the country. They don’t protect Americans from credible threats. They don’t serve the country. They don’t fight “over there” so we don’t have to fight “over here.” They are too busy traveling the world, meeting interesting people, and then bombing, maiming, and killing them if the government tells them to.