Virus Fearmongerers Prevail

Lockdowns, Quarantines, Travel Restrictions Are All That Politicians Have To Quell An Infection That Is Far Less Deadly Than The Seasonal Flu. Politicians Are Misled By Health Authorities Who Fail To Inform Better Than 9 In 10 Have Mild Or No Symptoms & Will Not Require Future Vaccination

While Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warns millions of people will be infected by a mutated coronavirus, public health authorities fail to inform politicians and the public that most (80+%) healthy people exhibit mild or no symptoms, develop natural antibodies that will provide life-long immunity and will not require future vaccination.

If we had a vaccine that is as effective as the natural immunity that is now being exhibited, we would call it a miracle vaccine.  The typical efficacy of flu vaccines ranges from 30-50% with almost total ineffectiveness among high-risk groups (elderly and young children).

A Harvard professor says up 70% of the global population will be infected with coronavirus within the next year.  That is actually a positive because most will naturally develop antibodies.  If one were to say 70% of the world just got vaccinated against coronavirus that would be considered a major achievement but if 70% were naturally immunized against coronavirus without a needle and syringe that would be considered a dire problem.  Why?

For the first time the public is witnessing what happens when there is no vaccine available for an infectious respiratory tract infection.  Millions of people are being exposed to a wintertime pathogen (virus and/or bacterium) in addition to the seasonal flu.  Better than 9 in 10 experience mild or no symptoms and develop natural life-long antibodies to these infectious germs without the aid of a vaccine.  This equates to massive over-vaccination for seasonal influenza.  The Vitamin D Cure, Re... Stafford, Diane Best Price: $2.05 Buy New $2.99 (as of 11:37 UTC - Details)

As of March 12, 2020, only 37 coronavirus deaths have been reported in the U.S., an unusually low number compared to deaths from wintertime influenza that are frankly over-stated by the Centers for Disease Control every year in an attempt to scare the masses to vaccinate.

Quarantines counterproductive

Coronavirus outbreaks on ocean liners are instructive – hundreds of passengers, largely older vacationing adults, were initially found to be infected but the death rate was under 1%. (Note: news agencies are burying these early reports and re-linking to more recent updates).  An analysis of elderly vacationers on board an ocean liner reveals a quarantine resulted in infection of 619 passengers rather than the predicted 70 if the quarantine was not mandated.

Quarantines are not likely to quell the epidemic as the more the public spends time indoors, often breathing air that is commonly shared in homes and offices, the more likelihood of vitamin D deficiency.

Hospitalization completely deprives patients of their primary source of vitamin D – – the sun, with no supplementation to normalize vitamin D blood levels.  Modern medicine is averse to vitamin therapy.

Vaccination questioned

The public should not be clamoring for a vaccine.  While at least a dozen biotech companies have coronavirus vaccines in development, an experimental study ended up killing laboratory animals.

No vaccine will ever be highly effective in high-risk groups (diabetics, obese, smokers, etc.) against ANY infectious disease because, due to nutrient shortages, these individuals cannot adequately produce life-long T-cell generated antibodies against pathogenic bacteria or viruses.

Given that vaccination IS the disease (so-called live or attenuated viruses), vaccination among immune-compromised individuals appears unwise, but is modern medicine’s only preventive. An analysis by this author reveals universal vaccination would result in more infections and deaths than no vaccination at all.

Deaths from weakened immunity, not germs

The number of people dying are not succumbing to potentially pathogenic viruses and bacteria, they are dying because of a weakened immune system.  The pathogens are always there.  Weakened immunity in winter allows pathogenic bacteria and viruses to replicate.

Smokers, diabetics, obese, alcohol abusers, prescription or illicit drug users, and nutrient deficient individuals are at greatest risk for a mortal outcome and should be advised to supplement their diet with vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc.

Is it only COVID-19?

The precise origin of these respiratory tract infections is in question as health authorities do not have a sufficient number of testing kits for the COVID-19 coronavirus and use mouth swabbing, x-rays and clinical symptoms to diagnose this infectious disease that appears to spread in households but not into the community.  Simultaneous co-infection may be in play, complicating any planned vaccines.

Health authorities didn’t tell you the tests for this virus have a lot of (47%) false positives.  Authorities were saying the tests weren’t even available.  In one study, among 1460 cases of unexplained respiratory illnesses reported to the Centers For Disease Control, only 2% were laboratory confirmed coronavirus.

Targeted prevention

The goal should be to target high risk groups and boost their immunity with vitamins and trace minerals like vitamins C and D and zinc – – zinc being required to produce T-cells that produce life-long memory antibodies.

Sunshine is the cure to ward off werewolves and coronavirus

The obvious escapes public attention.  Public health authorities are remiss to advise the public to take vitamin D pills to ward off symptoms of a wintertime virus that will likely subside as the earth turns on its axis towards the sun (from wintertime to spring solstice) and will restore sunshine vitamin D levels in northern climates.  There are no coronavirus outbreaks reported among countries that are located near the equator where sunshine vitamin D blood levels remain high.

Hand washing, face masks ineffective

Handwashing and face masks are not likely to be effective as the primary problem is weak immunity.  The same germs are in circulation in summer months, but sunshine vitamin D protects from infection.  An analysis of published studies reveals adequate vitamin D blood levels reduce the risk for pneumonia, the end-point in all infectious lung diseases.

ACE inhibitors

Hundreds of millions of prescriptions are generated for ACE inhibitors to control blood pressure.  ACE is particularly high in lung tissues.  A receptor (doorway) for coronaviruses enter living cells is angiotensin converting enzyme-2 (ACE2).  Once inside the cell, these viruses utilize the genetic machinery of the cell to replicate.  ACE-inhibiting drugs would close that cellular doorway.  The Miraculous Results... Bowles, Jeff T Best Price: $4.25 Buy New $6.99 (as of 01:50 UTC - Details)

However, ACE-2 depends upon zinc and helps to activate white blood cells in their germ-killing.     ACE inhibitors (Lisinopril) operate to control blood pressure by depletion of zinc.   Over-production of ACE has been shown to demonstrably quell bacterial infections.  Anyone taking ACE-inhibiting drugs to widen their blood vessels in order to control blood pressure should supplement their diet with zinc to ensure antibody-producing T-cells are adequately produced.

America is healthier to begin with

Because of water chlorination and food fortification, the American public is not as likely to exhibit the same level of mortality as in Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus outbreak was reported to have begun.

What the public is not learning from public health officials is that whatever potentially pathogenic germ (virus or bacterium) that is infecting world populations, it is not particularly deadly and over 9 in 10 healthy adults recover.

An analysis indicates a different germ may be in play (not what hit Wuhan).  The people who flew back to the U.S. from China did not spread the disease beyond their immediate families.  Death rates inside the Wuhan, China area are low but much higher than the rest of the world.  Italy is another hotspot.  But these infectious hotspots are actually believed to be caused by a mycobacterium that causes a different lung disease – tuberculosis.