Take the Quiz That Reveals YOUR Best Learning Style and How it Can Help You Retain Information

Whether you’re studying for an exam or revising for a presentation, a quiz on identifying different learning methods promises to help you maximise the amount of information you can retain.

Formed of ten questions, the quick quiz by Tutor House asks participants to consider how they would respond in a series of scenarios.

This technique reveals if they would benefit most from visual, auditory, read and write or kinesthetic (interactive) learning methods.

Created by Tutor House in partnership with educational experts, the quiz considers the widely used VARK (Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic) learning styles developed by Fleming’s in 1987.  The Ultimate General K... Clarity Media Buy New $6.99 (as of 07:10 UTC - Details)

Visual learners are likely to respond to visual stimuli like photos and videos to remember things.

Meanwhile auditory learners prefer listening to instructions, while read/writers prefer to write things down and recite them.

Finally, Kinesthetic people learn best by getting hands on with their learning, employing a more tactile and interactive approach.

Speaking about how the quiz can benefit each individual, the founder of Tutor House Alex Dyer, said:  ‘Exam season is not an easy time of year, so we’re happy to help students work out the best way for them to revise.

‘Every individual is different, and I think it’s important that we acknowledge that not everyone absorbs information the same way.

‘Unfortunately most schools do not cater to different learning styles, so a lot of the time it’s up to the students themselves to adapt their learning.’

So are you using the best revision style for your personality?

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