AWARENESS5 Reasons Why Modern “Medicine” Is The Greatest Failure Of Our Time

For a very long time, we have bought into this idea that if we are sick the only way that we can get better is under the advice of a Medical Doctor. They are trained extensively on the human body, disease, and illness; they certainly should know a whole lot about how to help sick people, right? Unfortunately, although they generally have the best intentions, most of that which ails us today can be almost completely eradicated with alternative preventative medicine which mainstream medicine typically fails to recognize.

Now, before the eye rolls start, let me clarify — yes, we need doctors, we need surgeons, we need experts to help us heal what ails us, but we also need more knowledge, education, and understanding of health and what it truly takes to be healthy.

Doctors are trained on how to prescribe medications in order to treat symptoms from a huge array of illnesses. Unfortunately, it’s called the medical industry for a reason, and healthy patients don’t earn profits. This is exactly why doctors aren’t taught very much in regards to preventative measures that would stop us from getting ill in the first place.

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If you are sick, you go to the doctor and he/she might prescribe you with some antibiotics, this might help clear up some of the symptoms, but what about the root cause of the issue that is causing you to get sick in the first place? The same thing goes with those suffering from cancer and have a tumor — the quick solution is to cut it out or off, or to begin a treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. While these methods have assisted many on the road to recovery, they have also taken the lives of countless others. By treating symptoms only, the medical system is failing to look at what actually caused the illness. Because of this, people are left uneducated and often not realizing that it may have been aspects of their lifestyle that have played a part in the development of illness.

What if we could take necessary steps to drastically reduce our chance of developing a deadly disease or illness? Well, we can. But this is not something that modern medicine will be able to teach you. The body’s ability to heal itself is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

2. Lack Of Preventative Understanding

Doctors receive very little education on the topic of nutrition. Now, I don’t know about you, but to me, this is completely absurd. A healthy diet and lifestyle are two of the key factors to warding off and preventing disease. A thorough understanding of the importance of keeping our bodies healthy, clean and thriving is essential to helping people avoid getting sick in the first place. Perhaps this level of education is up to us, but if we were never taught in school or from our parents about what it truly means to be healthy then how can we be expected to really know? Many of us put our faith and trust in our doctors and assume that they would tell us if there was something that needed to change. Because of the lack of education in this department, many doctors don’t see the clear link between nutrition and disease prevention.

3. Chemotherapy Treatment

Because chemotherapy and radiation are the only two mainstream approved cancer treatments, they are often prescribed even when they might not be the best option. Those with compromised or weak immune systems are not always suited for this treatment, and numerous studies have shown how often with cancer patients it is the chemotherapy, not cancer itself that is the actual cause of death.

There have even been instances where doctors have diagnosed patients as having cancer and prescribed chemotherapy to patients who didn’t even actually have cancer to begin with. Now, this is obviously not a common occurrence, but it just goes to show how corrupt this system can be at times.

4. Profit Before People

This one ties directly into number one on this list, the treatment of symptoms only. Really, it doesn’t matter what it is that ails you, if you go to the doctor and describe your symptoms, chances are you’ll be walking out the door with a prescription for some sort of pharmaceutical drug. The issue with this method of treatment is the fact that there is often little regard to the side effects from certain drugs, and again an inquiry into what was causing the person to become sick in the first place.

It is no longer a secret that many doctors are pressured to prescribe pharmaceuticals to their patients, not only is it a huge part of their education and training, they also make a commission off every prescription they write. Now, to clarify, not all pharmaceuticals are bad, some are genuinely needed — especially in the area of pain management. Unfortunately, many of the drugs that are so often prescribed are addictive and if given to the wrong patient, a very serious addiction and dependency issue can arise. We have seen the devastating effects of the opioid addiction epidemic across North America. How to Live Longer and... Pauling, Linus Best Price: $3.99 Buy New $11.70 (as of 04:15 EST - Details)

By prescribing these medications, we are simply masking symptoms. It is important to know that these medicines do not heal, and often do not provide the body with what it needs to heal itself, so chances are you will end up back in the doctors’ office, getting another prescription. Don’t forget, “The pharmaceutical industry does not create cures, they create customers.”

5. Disregard To Holistic Alternatives

Not only is there little to no focus on nutrition by the mainstream medical industry, but holistic alternatives are often completely disregarded and even scoffed at. If we could avoid surgery by giving our bodies what they truly need to heal themselves, why wouldn’t we? Well, the fact of the matter is that there is no money in healthy people. Although this is a sad truth to realize, it can also be viewed as empowering. There are many alternative-healing modalities that are and have been helping many to cure themselves and rid their bodies of disease.

When we put all of our faith and trust in mainstream medicine we are disempowering ourselves and not realizing our fundamental right to health and vitality.

The Silver Lining

With awareness and education comes change. The more we take our power back, tune in, listen to our bodies and give them what they truly need to heal we can truly thrive. More and more people are starting to see through the practices of mainstream medicine and opt for natural alternatives, which include a change of diet, lifestyle, the addition of healing herbs, letting go of emotional blockages and truly looking into the root cause of the issue at hand. We can heal, we just have to believe in ourselves and truly listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us.

Reprinted with permission from Collective Evolution.