The Religio-Statists

In much of Western Europe, the churchmen of mainstream state-church denominations have long functioned as the moral rubber stamp machine for all that their paymasters of the state do. Very often they have also acted as spokesmen for the grand plans and utopian visions that advance the cause of government authority as it attempts to replace the freedom that comes with natural authority and order.

In the old days, the Church of England was known as the “Conservative Party at prayer.” As the agenda of the British state expanded from merely subjugating foreign nations and colonies through military force, to subjugating its own people in a similar manner; so the voice of the Church of England changed with it. The social conservative veneer has rapidly been stripped away, to reveal a full moral crusade for the total state nationalisation of the family structure itself via the welfare system.

The modern trans-sexual obsession is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole structure of social life in Western countries now has a permanent umbilical cord to the state, to the point that both human life and human identity are no longer believed subject to God and nature, but to officials and judges of the system. Even the life of a baby like Charlie Gard or the rights of a parent to take a child on holiday during term time are seen as threats to this new order that must be ruthlessly and publicly crushed.

In the 1960s and the 70’s, when the welfare state was still in the growing stages and families were more intact – Western governments focused on control over business.

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First: Economic Nationalisation

Many companies were nationalised outright, while workers and management roles were effectively reversed through legislation, such as that empowering trade unions. Business was believed to be oppressive, and managers and directors to be greedy exploiters. It became almost impossible to fire an unproductive or insubordinate employee – as it remains to this day – and taxes were raised to as high as 90% in the UK. Enterprise in socialist Britian, where not fully nationalised, was effectively a department of the government.

Things were finally reversed somewhat, but only in part and in some countries, not by very much at all. There was at least lip service to free markets, due to the evident and massive failure of the socialist alternative, which has resulted in the present day hybrid “social market” economies.

But back then, governments did not have the technology to enforce their goals fully; while international cartel organisations like the EU and the OECD were in their infancy and too impotent to stamp out “harmful” tax competition between governments. Countries like Switzerland and other tax havens acted as effective escape valves for the determined.

On the ground in everyday life, cash was also universally dominant. Until 2007 for example, there was no limit on the amount that could be transported in or out of the UK and some other European countries. I can well recall back in the 1980’s and 90’s that while countries like Italy may not have formally rolled back their culture of red tape, their economies were literally kept afloat by the so-called black economy.

Underlying attitudes to cash, taxation and expectations of family life from that time, can be seen in a wonderfully exaggerated way in this short film clip featuring the great comic actor Terry Thomas from the 1960’s:

Now: Social Nationalisation

Today, an exact and even more evil parallel to the nationalisation of business has taken place in the sphere of family and social life itself, under the artificial authority of state social systems.

Progressive elements within Christian state churches have long called for this, but have come to the forefront in the last 60 years with the rise of the welfare state, the sexual revolution of the 60’s, and the invention of effective artificial contraception.  Governments now think they have all the tools they need to upend nature entirely and make it in their own image, while conservative churches go along one or two steps behind or in other cases, one step ahead.

Some Christians wonder at the spiritual decline of the West – but it is no mystery, just the predictable and direct result of turning away from God and family, toward faith in omnipotent government.

America is thankfully somewhat lagging behind places like the UK and on paper at least, was blessed to have had churches separated from government at the outset. But there are similar state/church tendencies today in the White House, and not just liberal or progressive influences. Religious conservatives also are now effectively the Republican War Party at prayer.

Their former social conservative veneer is wearing thinner and thinner, as the authoritarian state social order aggressively replaces family life, sexual identity and especially natural male leadership. The fact is, conservatives have always been dragged, kicking and screaming, behind whatever it is the state wants to do. Whenever they briefly regain a foothold, the new normal to be “conserved” is typically the status quo at whatever point they have been dragged to.

Even disregarding politics, in their doctrine and personal beliefs only the most overt violations like abortion are still opposed by most  – the defence of the family itself from divorce/adultery, along with meaningful respect for family duty, fatherhood and male leadership is mostly gone.

“Spiritual Awakening” or Death Cult?

Now the Christian Broadcasting Network celebrates the fact that conservative officials are attending Bible studies in the White House and calls it a “spiritual awakening”.

For Christians, that has to sound like a good thing when compared to the virtual witches coven the White House was under Hillary and the Obamas. Who could be opposed to prayer or Bible study for national leaders? And how could it ever be right to disapprove of Bible studies or church gatherings?

Well, at times the Apostle Paul did, when he said, “You come together, not for the better, but for the worse.” (1 Corinthians 11:17)

Those government officials attending the meetings, have been lauded by their teachers for being “teachable”. Jeff Sessions for example, was singled out by one of the study leaders for immediately going out and doing just what he heard.

So what exactly has Jeff Sessions gone out and done recently?

First and among the worst:  Actively organising and planning what may be the single most massive and systematic series of armed robberies ever to take place in “peace” time – omitting formal taxation and insidious inflation, that is. The amount involved is reported to be around four or five billion dollars annually, as compared to the annual sum total of all burglaries in the US of around 3.5 billion dollars.

Morally… scripturally… under the Common Law… and technically, even under corrupt modern “legislation”; any person must be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Yet Jeff Sessions, that exemplary Christian Bible student, has decided everything that an innocent person has can be taken by force of arms by the police, for any reason or for no reason. The theft is simply renamed, “civil asset forfeiture”. The UK is following suit and ramping it up at the same time.

At the same time, Sessions is also ramping up the drug war on innocent medicinal or other users and growers, even where their own State has made it legal.

What else are US conservative politicians, with the support of those White House Bible students, doing?

Demonising and threatening a newly Christianised country with nuclear war and sanctions.

All US senators except Rand Paul and the secularist Bernie Sanders have just voted for that. No longer content with massacring non-Christians in the Middle East (while also killing or chasing Christians out); now they are aiming directly at an increasingly capitalist and majority Christian country like Russia. Capitalist Trump says he wants to drop taxes – well, Russia has already dropped them even lower, down as far as 10 percent. Yet still, brainwashed American conservatives act as if they were dealing with Cold War communists.

Under cover of such propaganda, the “military industrial complex” now rakes in over a trillion dollars a year – more than the military budget of most other countries put together. It must have a PR reason to exist and continue. Huge profits depend upon it. Career paths depend upon it.

“War is a Racket!” said General Smedly-Butler after the first World War. That was never more true than today. Anyone not toeing the line; anyone not stirring up the pot of manageable “enemies” with scare stories; is an enemy of the military Deep State.

And especially since 9/11, with much of their faith already invested in the military state, it hasn’t taken much convincing for Christian conservatives to be “patriotised”, fooled, corrupted, and turned again into violent, warlike religio-statists.


There is no need to wonder what the content of those “Bible studies” in the White House emphasize. I can tell you with 100% certainty:

The common “good” as supposedly enforced by God through his holy arm on earth, the State.

The detestable concept of the paternalistic “State Family“.

Total commitment to the military/police state. (Is God Pro-War?)

And most of all, that evil distortion of Romans 13 which settles all qualms of Christian conscience… teaching that those who have had their property seized by police “civil asset forfeiture” must be guilty because the police are God’s “ministering servants”.

Or so the lie goes. Actually, God through the Apostle Paul specifically and at length condemned all voluntary use of the world’s “law enforcement” systems, calling it a “shame” and an “utter failure” in 1 Corinthians 6 (see “Churches of the State“).

But distorting the scriptures like this is an ancient trick. Even Satan misquoted the Bible when tempting Jesus, but failed when counteracted accurately with scripture. He also failed miserably to get the Lord to accept being head of a state system – yet it remains the ideal of those Christians seeking the power of “godly government” today.

The well known words of C.S. Lewis also bear repeating:

“It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

The rise of Western Christian civilization above open tyranny was a long and highly imperfect process, but it did give us some of the most free nations in recorded history. Now it will take a divine miracle to transform Western culture from where it has fallen.

But it also depends upon the will of the people themselves, as influenced by those commissioned to deliver an accurate message of liberty and salvation through Christ the Lord. “You are the salt of the earth,” Jesus said to his disciples, “but if the salt loses its savour, it is good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled under foot of men.”

Christianity has declined dramatically in the Western world, including America. In terms of numbers, this is true across denominations – and not just in the catastophic decline of the liberal wing. Despite all the Christian TV and all the big “revival” conferences, the latest reports confirm that since 9/11, evangelicals too have barely broken even.

So something is seriously wrong:  Whatever else may need to change; Christians must first start to oppose and expose the “religio-statists” of today, every bit as publicly and vigorously as Jesus did the social conservative Pharisees – as well as the more overtly secular Sadducees – of his time on earth.