Trump Trumps Francis

Audio version (15 min): Trump Trumps Francis

In recent days, we have had two major statements from two major world leaders, each saying what might be expected not from themselves, but from the other.

In a refreshing statement, Donald Trump proclaimed,

“we do not worship government, we worship God”

Of course, the present facts contradict those words (as outlined for example in, “The Exclusive Kingdom of God“). And not least, because they were spoken on a Christian college campus – and a military recruitment centre – that rakes in close to a billion dollars annually from the US government.

Plus, in the minds of most hearers as well as Trump, the implication is that the government is to be an approved tool of God on earth for good. That is far from the truth, but Trump’s words do at least subjugate the false god of the state beneath our Father, the true God of heaven and earth.

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That is rarely heard from politicians – although some do take the Lord’s name in vain to endorse themselves at election time. It could also act as cover for the expansion of more so-called “godly” government – especially the military/police state.

But if nothing else, it is a good starting point for further consideration.

Such words should have come from a Christian leader like the present head of the Vatican. But instead, we have heard from him only contempt for the value of individual human beings. That is despite human persons being made individually, from the very beginning – not as one of a hierarchical group of lessers and betters, but honoured with the very “image” and “likeness” of God.

Individualism, the leader of the Vatican claimed, is selfish.

He is hardly a lone voice calling in the wilderness of history: “turn away from the anti-Christian, smug individualism of the past” the National Socialist, Adolph Hitler also cried out [Turner, “In Hitler– Memoirs of a Confidant”, Ch. 23]

So what then, would be considered un-selfish? The answer from his communist background is that being “un-selfish” is to meekly allow the organised collective group, the state, to take over our individual charitable duties and our family responsibilities. Not to mention the rest of our lives.

But think about it:  What is true virtue, or duty, or compassion, or love itself, if not personal and individualistic?

And how can a state bureaucracy “care”? If there is any caring to be found, then it is only from individuals doing their best within such systems. The collectivist bureaucracies themselves are always an inhuman impediment to human compassion and often even to practical common sense.

But to Francis, a spiritual leader of millions, the value of each follower is to be found only in their worth and usefulness to the whole. To him their rights, their property, their lives even, should all be subject to the dictates of the “greater good.” After all, as one of his influences said, no omelette can be made unless individual eggs are broken.

Of course, the collective whole requires elite leaders to decide what that greater good may be; when to send individuals to their deaths in wars; or how much of the communal property and money the surrendered non-individuals are allowed to keep.

And so, Francis of the Vatican spends much of his time trying to build up global government, destroy national borders, and urge the millions who listen to him in good faith, to surrender themselves and their families to the same. At other times, he is reaching out to various denominations and Christian leaders, seeking common ground for a global welfare state to further replace and dissolve the natural family order at the heart of the Kingdom of God.

Normally, we might expect such campaigning and rhetoric to come from the mouths of self serving government officials and political leaders. But this time, from Donald Trump, we heard the opposite:

“I’ve seen firsthand how the system is broken. A small group of failed voices who think they know everything and understand everyone, want to tell everybody else how to live and what to do and how to think… but you aren’t going to let other people tell you what you believe…”

Prior to this, just a few weeks ago, I cannot remember ever being so angry with politics as I was when Trump bombed Syria.

The whole Western world, starting with the UK, was lining up with the media lies to join in for the kill, and then on to World War 3. Although impulsive and not grounded in fixed principles as he should be; Trump had seemed different – a man who spoke his mind, who honestly wanted to help his own people, who was outside of the system, and who had promised something different. So outright betrayal was not fully anticipated.

I was not the only one angry or thankfully, the only one who prayed. We are told to pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” for good reason:  God always seeks, through our prayers that are in faith, a legal avenue of intervention for good, into our human domain on this earth. Never has the phrase, “watch and pray” been more relevant.

So Trump was set up and lied to, he did compromise and he did go astray, but seems to have learned a lesson. Or perhaps not – but at least we have stepped back from the brink. Thank God for that. Watch out for many more bumps along a path that will require ongoing perseverence in prayer.

Trump did also restate his opposition to the globalist and collectivist elites of the system, who would crush and control free individuals.

Contrary to Francis of the Vatican, the truth is, both good and evil could come under the heading of “individualism”. That is because God made people individually free to do wrong, as well as right. Although actually, selfish “individualism” means having no respect or regard for the rights of other individuals and so is not really libertarian individualism at all.

Individualism is not the same as selfishness to the detriment of others. In fact, individual responsibility for property and wealth leads to both the ability and the desire to personally offer others a helping hand. On the other hand communism, fascism, or collectivism of any kind, transfers this responsibility to a remote self-serving central authority by force, stripping it from the decentralised family or individual.

Individualism as a cultural characteristic is one of respect for others that was once foundational to the Judaeo-Christian tradition of the Western world – especially in common law countries. In property and in business, individualism is notably absent in the traditional cultures of the pagan third world – as it was in Europe, before being gradually and very imperfectly Christianised over the centuries.

However, socially speaking, it is today the welfare states of the Western world that are the more backward, now that family life has been widely abandoned. In many cases, it is far better to grow old in the third world, where a natural sense of individual duty to family members still exists.

There are some “individualist” sharks who may superficially comply with legal or a minimum of moral law toward others, while internally despising them. And the fat cats of the elite are not true individualists at all, but insiders who work the system to give themselves privilege at the top of a state run pyramid of power.

This is how collectivism always works.

But the Good News that any true representative of Christ should proclaim, is a message that is highly personal and individualistic:

God’s love and value for each one of us, is revealed to be a Father’s love. We humans are limited to one thought about one person at a time, but God is not.  I can tell you from my own life, that even if a human father has several children, each one is to him a precious individual for whom he would sacrifice his own life if necessary. We are of so much more value to God than just one insignificant being out of several billion.

“there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance.”  – Luke 15:7

Now you are the body of Christ, and members individually.  – 1 Corinthiams 12:27

From the very beginning, human beings were created as individuals, free to choose one way or the other. Even God in his integrity and by legal right cannot make final choices for us and by sheer power, will not. So we must all accept full responsibility for choosing badly – as we all have at times – and that leaves the world in a lot of spiritual, legal and material trouble.

Yet, without violating our individual responsibility or our free will in any way, the consequences of all those bad choices have been legally paid for by God the Son, on the cross, as a gift of love from God our Father. And following the resurrection of Jesus on the third day, all are now free to accept that payment and submit directly to him – the source of all individual liberty, and who wishes only to uphold and expand it.

And so, we can go free from adverse judgement and be reconciled fully to God through an internal spiritual rebirth – all at another’s expense.

Only a fool would refuse such a gift – if they knew the truth about it.

But false prophets – “wolves in sheep’s clothing” – instead tell the world to worship the government as saviour. They publicly call for people to sell out their God given individual liberties and the holy order of the family, in order to place their hope in a communist/globalist welfare/warfare state.

Most perplexing of all are those believers who are so utterly deluded, that they would try to straddle the two – government and the Gospel – and then call it, “Christian”.

Just as perplexing are those who claim not to worship government but then bow down to it and with great reverence, pledge their lives and the lives of their children to it – even in church services.

More than ever, they need light. Their minds must be renewed in accordance with the teachings of God as opposed to a denominational or movement “bubble” of thinking.

To help them, first focus on clearing up Romans 13 if you have not done so. You will also want to focus on Jesus, “The Greatest Enemy of the State“.

Then with love and respect, start challenging state worship in any Christian fellowship circle or forum you can. Maybe use Trump’s words to get the ball rolling. Help to restore “Real Authority” and help set “Churches of the State” free. And become a blessed peacemaker by accurately answering NO to to the question, “Is God Pro-War?

Don’t be surprised by some very un-Christian responses. And the seeds of the Kingdom of God always start small – like a mustard seed, in fact. But if we don’t dig them up i.e. persevere; and if we keep watering them i.e. with thanksgiving and prayer; Jesus said that in time, they will grow to be bigger than anything else out there.