Trump Replaces John Kerry as Flip-Flop Gold Medalist

Trump’s voters are watching the Washington Establishment capture Donald Trump.

His reversals are now heralded by the mainstream media. The Washington Post has continued to attack him 24×7, yet it admits he is taking centrist positions. The BBC has also noted it.

He campaigned against ObamaCare. He failed to promote repeal. The accent was on “replace.” Paul Ryan’s compromise was a disaster. The Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives blocked it. Trump declared war on them. But he has no clout in their districts. Most of them pulled better than he did last November.

Why are the most advertised Gold and Silver coins NOT the best way to invest?

The Export-Import Bank has subsidized big businesses for decades. Candidate Trump said he was against it. Now he says he supports it.

Then there was China, the currency manipulator. China was forcing down its currency. How, he never said as a candidate. Well, that’s water under the bridge. China, it turns out, is no longer a currency manipulator. No, no, no. The problem now is that the dollar is too strong.

How about the Federal Reserve. As a candidate, he criticized the FED’s low-interest rate policy. It hurt savers. Not now. The FED’s policy is A-OK.

The latest defection is on NATO. NATO was obsolete. Not now. NATO is A-OK now.

What about tax cuts for the middle class? He has yet to introduce a bill.

What about the wall between the USA and Mexico? He has yet to introduce a bill.

What about expelling illegal immigrants? He has yet to introduce a bill. The Administration says there will not be mass deportations. As a candidate, he said he would expel 2 million to 3 million illegal aliens who are criminals. That would mean over 2,000 immigrants a day for four years to expel 3 million. The cost will be about $25,000 per expulsion. The Obama administration deported 333,000 in 2015. This figure has not changed.

Some of the changes, they said, will take time to implement because of the costs and because some of the policies must be announced through the federal register. Officials declined to estimate the costs for the additional personnel, including more immigration judges to speed up hearings, as well as significant new detention housing for unauthorized immigrants awaiting their court proceedings.”This will not happen tomorrow,” the DHS official said.

When will it happen?

What about new tariffs against imports? He has yet to introduce a bill.

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