Biological Attacks Become More Likely as Trump Bombs

The more that Trump bombs, the more that the survivors adapt, form new coalitions and new movements to attract new recruits and anti-U.S. elements. With certain kinds of overt activities becoming targets for U.S. bombs, they will adapt and switch to other kinds of warfare. This will take some years, perhaps 5-20 years, but it will happen. If truck bombs cannot be used, then those out to get revenge for the bombings and other perceived invasions will learn how to make and use other weapons, like nerve gasses and biological viruses. They will learn how to poison water and air in America. Trump is creating greater and greater likelihood of prolonged conflict with attacks on both America and Europe, plus attacks on embassies, traveling westerners, and any government that is associated with Americans.

By his actions, Trump is increasing the list of targets, the list of terrorists and the list of weapons that they will employ. As time goes by, Americans, Europeans and associated groups are going to feel less and less safe as blowback increases. Their governments will more and more become police states.

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This forecast doesn’t even get into the newly-enhanced prospects of major shooting wars among major powers.

Trump is a disaster as president, and his removal won’t help unless his successor alters his policies.

The succession of Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump, embedded in a militaristic empire that is not widely understood or acknowledged by Americans, is a perfect illustration of the dysfunctional nature of a powerful state. We didn’t learn from other examples, like Germany, Italy, Japan, China and the Soviet Union because we thought we were different and better. We were fooled by the superficial appearance of a non-totalitarian state and the trappings of democracy. We were fooled by personal freedoms. But the essential oppressive powers of the overly-powerful state are the same in all instances; they merely await being used in different ways in different historical circumstances. Excessive powers have a strong tendency to be used badly, and that too is what our leaders have been doing for decades and what Trump continues.

America’s government is way, way, way too powerful. I do not mean only that its forces are too large and powerful, or that it has too many nuclear bombs, which are true. I mean that the government has too much power to employ these weapons against others and us. It has too much discretion to do this. It decides what uses of power are legal, and naturally it finds very little if anything is out of bounds.

Only the people rising up en masse can stop this and knock such a government down. Washington as a central power needs to be destroyed, not physically, but morally and in popular regard and respect.