Trump is the Perfect President

A river of angst and anger is roaring, gushing, and flooding the country.

Trump’s psychological state, ability, intelligence, actions and intentions, impact and ramifications — suddenly everyone is wide awake and nervous.

Trump’s consistencies and inconsistencies are equally frightening, his exercise of power as the “most powerful man in the world” seem insane in so many ways.

Like Captain Renault in a Casa Blanca gambling hall, I am shocked – shocked – to find that the exercise of state power is dangerous, evil, unfair, unlimited, and served up without finesse or human decency!

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Democrats and Republicans for decades eagerly created a massive currency printing debt-slave funded government, with a massive and terrible foreign policy.   They promoted an arrogant self-congratulatory exceptionalism, whether based on lies about how much they cared about human rights (they never did) or how much they cared about liberty (they cannot even spell the word).  Every president has served as a co-conspirator against the Republic, either as power addicts or puppets of power addicts who with dedication and commitment chipped and hacked away at the Constitution.

The politically active, ignorant government believers in this country have all worked hard to create the very problems of the state with which Trump is now saddled and accused. The Making of the Pres... Roger Stone Best Price: $1.25 Buy New $3.99 (as of 05:30 UTC - Details)

I celebrate the Trump presidency as a wake-up call for the lying hypocrites who have created the government we now have.

Hypocrites like red “independent” states that are net takers on federal tax and redistribution schemes.

Human rights, equality and environmental advocates who have for decades tolerated and promoted a foreign policy that confidently destroys human rights, equality, and the environment.

Large swathes of angry people who know no history, learn through flashed headlines and images, doped up on government approved and subsidized prescription drugs and infotainment have come alive in their frustration. A country that suffers a general malaise of narcissism now points a shaking finger at a president rushing ignorant narcissistic tweets.  J’accuse!

Erstwhile freedom advocates suddenly fearful of an actual secession and planning for a nice civil war to prevent the collapse of the empire they love.

America is now led by the best it can produce, the best it can elect.

And yet, Trump is unique in that he is fulfilling campaign promises, using executive power to shrink and reverse legislation, and for the first time in my lifetime, appointing actual people to the various posts of government, based on their passions and skills, or better yet, their past criticism of this or that agency.

This alone is unusual, experimental, and fresh.  Bureaucracies don’t reform themselves.   Lack of competition for what government does (beyond the fundamentals of federalism) leads to a well-fed lethargy and the clustering of wealthy counties surrounding the district.  Lazy, slow, and not-so-sharp herd animals get eaten by wolves, sometimes ripped apart, and often killed gratuitously in the wolf pack’s excitement.   What surprises me is all the mewing and bleating from the herds’ supporters. Great Again: How to Fi... Donald J. Trump Best Price: $1.36 Buy New $8.61 (as of 03:40 UTC - Details)

If Donald Trump turns out to be power-hungry, corrupt, and stupid, if he becomes an icon of an arrogant emperor, it would simply be the first time in recent decades that we the people widely recognized those characteristics in a president.  This – what we are watching today – is how an all-consuming, and all involving state behaves, in its natural environment.

karen head shot benchThe upset and sadness regarding the new administration by a whole sector of Americans (and their mainstream media translators) is the result of their own ignorance of how the government of the size and scope of the US government actually works.  Fascism seems to be the word of the day – but our government is a long established crony capitalist state, one able, willing and eager to take by hook, by crook and by force, whatever it wants from any citizen of non-citizen alike.  This is old news.

Those who love the glory of the state, adore its power and enjoy its parental aura, have built and supported the state we have.  Donald Trump is the perfect man to lead it.

I certainly hope that he might also be the perfect president to destroy it.

Either way, I see nothing worth complaining about.  Our energies should be spent on living freely, prospering and helping others to do so.  We should pay attention to the teeth-gnashing of the ruling, chattering and echo-chamber classes only so far as it informs us on potential vulnerabilities of the state that we may use practically, and as teachable moments.