LRC’s Best-Selling Books on Amazon for January 2017

  1. The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It – Angelo M. Codevilla
  2. The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War – Stephen Kinzer

  3. War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier – Smedley Darlington Butler
  4. The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World – Douglas Valentine

  5. Church of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler – Mark Riebling

  6. The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. – Dr. William F Pepper Esq

  7. On Power – Bertrand de Jouvenel

  8. The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy – What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny – William Strauss

  9. The Lost Hegemon: Whom the gods would destroy – F. William Engdahl

  10. The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: The Mysterious Death of What’s My Line TV Star and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen – Mark Shaw
  11. Leftism Revisited: From De Sade and Marx to Hitler and Pol Pot – Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihin

  12. Lucifer’s Hammer – Larry Niven

  13. The Problem with Socialism – Thomas DiLorenzo

  14. Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
  15. How to Live Longer and Feel Better – Linus Pauling

The Ruling Class: How ... Angelo M. Codevilla Best Price: $1.88 Buy New $4.58 (as of 11:10 EDT - Details)

The Brothers: John Fos... Stephen Kinzer Best Price: $4.12 Buy New $9.39 (as of 01:30 EDT - Details)

War is a Racket: The A... Smedley Darlington Butler Best Price: $6.04 Buy New $3.79 (as of 04:45 EDT - Details)

The CIA as Organized C... Douglas Valentine Best Price: $17.75 Buy New $20.27 (as of 01:10 EDT - Details)

Church of Spies: The P... Mark Riebling Best Price: $4.50 Buy New $7.75 (as of 04:15 EDT - Details)

The Plot to Kill King:... William F. Pepper Esq. Best Price: $13.98 Buy New $26.30 (as of 04:50 EDT - Details)

On Power Bertrand de Jouvenel Best Price: $12.90 Buy New $13.49 (as of 11:20 EDT - Details)

The Fourth Turning: An... William Strauss, Neil ... Best Price: $2.00 Buy New $8.06 (as of 09:50 EDT - Details)

The Lost Hegemon: Whom... F. William Engdahl Best Price: $5.97 Buy New $7.76 (as of 09:20 EDT - Details)

The Reporter Who Knew ... Mark Shaw Best Price: $7.49 Buy New $13.44 (as of 08:20 EDT - Details)

Leftism Revisited: Fro... Erik Von Kuehnelt-Ledd... Best Price: $111.99 Buy New $190.00 (as of 11:45 EDT - Details)

Luciferu2019s Hammer: ... Larry Niven, Jerry Pou... Best Price: $2.72 Buy New $5.93 (as of 02:45 EDT - Details)

The Problem with Socia... Thomas DiLorenzo Best Price: $9.49 Buy New $12.76 (as of 08:00 EDT - Details)

Against the State: An ... Llewellyn Rockwell Check Amazon for Pricing.

How to Live Longer and... Linus Pauling Best Price: $3.78 Buy New $5.00 (as of 11:20 EDT - Details) $50 Gift Ca... Check Amazon for Pricing.


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