Thoughts on the Conclusion of Presidential Debate Season

Now that the debates are over, pleasant thoughts may again populate the minds of all Americans.

We will no longer have to listen to the plasticized puppet of Hungarian George Soros shout “No, you’re the puppet!” at Donald Trump, and can go back to safely fearing clowns.

We now know the One Thing that Horrifies Hillary Clinton – and it is not murder-death-kill.  Not a cheating husband, not even losing her justly deserved eight years as Queen of the U.S. to an unqualified first term-Senator, who according to Sidney Blumenthal in 2008 primary,  was born in Kenya.    No, the one thing that horrifies Clinton is a Trump presidency, mainly because he will allow the DoJ to investigate her, and she will likely serve time behind bars, much as General Cartwright is going to do for the similar, albeit microscopic, crimes against the state.

The very fact that Hillary and company committed crimes against the state—she broke the states’ rules on classified material—is sweet irony.  So many violations of ethics, morality, so many illegal wars promulgated and contracts illegally influenced, so much fraud against donors and taxpayers.  None of that matters.  But disrespect the regulations of the state!  Note to your bad self, Hillary!  Kharma is real!

Myths, Misunderstandings and Outright lies about owning Gold. Are you at risk?

We no longer have to worry that Hillary has escaped from public view for a drug holiday in advance of a debate with Donald.  From now on, when we don’t see her on the news, we can simply say “thank you.”

We can now stop compulsively noting her strange eye movements and cautious approach to steps and stairs.  Anticipating Hillary’s locomotion in the physical world has become extremely nerve-wracking when we really should just be enjoying a nice sitcom.

We should not have to squirm when Hillary describes late-term abortions as “terribly unfortunate.”  Actually, she was talking about Donald’s rhetoric about late-term abortions.  Never mind.

Like George H.W. Bush in a grocery store, at a wobbly 69 years old, Hillary is out of touch with reality.   Her statements on Roe-v-Wade (where the 1973 law was designed to be updated as technology and science advanced), her naïve perspective on the impact of “voting” for something in Congress (as in border security), and her antiquated awareness of present day gun laws in this country (there is no gun show loophole) – show that she is not only a socialist but a socialist Luddite.  Her lack of knowledge about what kind of trouble she could get into by bypassing the secure email systems of the State Department hammers home to the average American that she doesn’t get out much.

Now that the debates are over, we don’t have to think about what socialist Luddism is or might be, and how that conflates with her intense interest in droning people who anger her.

karen head shot benchTo be fair, now that debates are over, we no longer have to listen to Donald Trump tell us what everyone already knows.  There was and is no economic recovery, the debt is out of control, the Federal Reserve is a political tool, US wars conducted over the last 15 years have been costly, counterproductive, and illegal, and too many adults are no longer in the workforce (1979 saw a similar percentage, incidentally another era where we saw an “outsider” swept by popular demand into the White House).  A country trying to heal as a nation probably needs borders, at least for a little while.  No American likes to be reminded that illegal aliens, as well as many other immigrants, are checked immediately into Medicaid when the rest of us are roped into a frightening trap of paying state-mandated penalties we can’t afford because we can’t afford state-mandated health insurance monopolies.

I am looking forward to the handing over of the White House to the Trumps.  Donald and his family are public creatures, media masters, extremely well informed on the good, bad and ugly that is American government.

As a leader in an industry (real estate, travel, and leisure) that despises the destruction of property and thrives only when people from all classes, faiths and educational levels have a good time with a few extra bucks in their pocket, I think Trump will do a great job as White House caretaker, and it will be entertaining to watch the arguments, the vetoes, and the blushing Republicans for as long as it lasts.

Now that the debates are over, we can spend the next several weeks wondering if we will get a lovely First Lady who speaks five languages, or a decrepit and angry looking First Gentleman who will be going through intensive sex addiction treatment at tax-payer expense.

Come to think of it, I really should be rooting for Bill and Hill.  Lots of material to work with, and not all of it blue.