Hillary Clinton as US President May Not be Good for Markets; She is a War Monger: Marc Faber

Calling Hillary Clinton a war monger, Marc Faber says that if she is elected, international tensions will increase.

Contrary to popular belief on the impact of US Presidential election results, Marc Faber the author of the The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, is of the view that Hillary Clinton’s victory may not be positive for the global markets. Calling Hillary Clinton a war monger, Faber says that if she is elected, international tensions will increase. “The belief is that if Trump gets elected then it would be negative for the asset markets, US markets. A Hillary victory would be positive. I am not so sure about this belief because Hillary is basically a neocon and a war monger,” Faber told CNBC TV-18. “She has supported the invasion of a variety of countries already. So her election may lead to more international tensions,” Faber said.

Faber believes that Trump as US President would be more aware of America’s declining super power status. “Trump is more aware of the fact that the US super power stand is gradually waning and that other countries are coming up. He knows that US cannot fight the whole world and that it cannot be the policeman to the whole world. US has to gradually start negotiating with other countries on equal terms,” says Faber.

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While stating that US media and even the US Federal Reserve are supporting Hillary Clinton, Faber said that irrespective of who becomes the US President, central banks will continue to print money. “There is no other way out. The system is basically bankrupt so money printing will continue,” he said.

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