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The timeless quote “History is written by the victors” is generally attributed to Winston Churchill. Churchill certainly was in a position to know; he also said, “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”

Much as the horrific mainstream media distorts and outright lies about everything of significance in our world, establishment historians and scholars perform a similar function for the corrupt elite, completely twisting the truth about every major historical event and the leading figures of every era.

I am presently writing Hidden History 2- The Prequel: Pre-1963 Conspiracies and Cover-Ups. Even I was astonished to learn the extent to which the court historians have provided, and continue to provide, shameless disinformation to the minority of Americans who even read history books. Because of this, the average American is historically illiterate.

Hidden History: An Exp... Donald Jeffries Best Price: $9.86 Buy New $14.70 (as of 04:30 EST - Details) Recently, I sat through a stunningly inaccurate lecture from author and court historian Fergus Bordewich, broadcast on C-SPAN. Bordewich was promoting his book on George Washington and the First Congress, a subject I’m naturally drawn to. The esteemed court historian told his captive audience that there is “nothing” from the Founders that supports the notion they meant the Second Amendment to protect the right of individual citizens to own firearms.

In Hidden History 2, I will provide a plethora of very clear quotes from virtually every Founding Father, touting the importance of citizens having the right to bear arms. Thomas Jefferson declared, “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” But what do I know- I’m no scholar and certainly no court historian. Bordewich, like other establishment historians, can feel free to misrepresent with impunity, because his audiences will typically consist of well-meaning history buffs, who totally trust the authors that write the most widely-publicized history books.

That is just one example of what can be seen on C-SPAN every weekend, and what is found in every establishment history book. Much as news anchors and talking heads have the power to manipulate public opinion with their biased agendas, court historians manipulate public opinion as well. As George Orwell so brilliantly put it, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

The powers that control the dissemination of news do control the past because only establishment-approved historians and scholars write and talk about it. Renegade historians like Thomas DiLorenzo incur the collective wrath of the court historians if their books sell well, which they often don’t.

Myths, Misunderstandings and Outright lies about owning Gold. Are you at risk?

What passes for historical scholarship nowadays is akin to fast food or empty carbohydrates. There are no dissenters among the court historians, much as there no dissenters within the inner sanctum of the oligarchy. Thus, Abraham Lincoln was the greatest statesman in American history, and to question that is to support slavery. Franklin Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman are other presidents whom the court historians universally praise.

During the lecture referred to above, court historian Fergus Bordewich threw in the obligatory accolades for Alexander Hamilton, the bankers’ best friend in the early days of the Republic, and the establishment’s favorite Founding Father. With a hit Broadway play converting him into a dynamic black man, Hamilton is that rare historical figure who isn’t considered a mere dead white male.

McHistory distils complex events and individuals into sophomoric sound bites, exaggerates and downplays the significance, and attributes good and bad motives wherever it chooses. The one underlying theme of McHistory is to view the past through our modern politically correct prism. Thus, the rebellious spirit of the American Revolution is generally downplayed, because the last thing our corrupt government wants is to be overthrown. The Civil War is about slavery. Period. World War II was about the Holocaust. Period. “McCarthyism” was a senseless witch hunt. Our boys always behaved more honorably than the “bad guys” they have been ordered to fight for nearly our entire history.

Like our political discourse and present-day academia, McHistory focuses on emotional rhetoric and unspoken inferences that the dead white men of our past were all hopeless racists and sexists. Not even court historian hero Alexander Hamilton had a kind word to say about transgender rights.

Some years ago, a slew of satirical headlines were published, which very cleverly portrayed how certain organs in the media would cover the end of the world. I remember the one for the Washington Post read: “End of the world- women and minorities to be hit hardest.” Just a few decades later, that kind of satire couldn’t be written, because our reality has gone far beyond satire.

As noted earlier, most Americans are historically illiterate. Mark Dice and others have proven conclusively just how little Americans know about even the most recent history, in filmed street encounters. The few people who are interested in exploring history in depth tend to be apter to trust authority and to believe that those who write the scholarly books they read are unbiased professionals with an unparalleled knowledge of the subject and a strict regard for accuracy.

Thomas Jefferson wrote about the dishonest press of his time and stated that those who never read the newspaper knew more than those who did so regularly. I think we can extrapolate this to state that those who read only establishment-sanctioned history books know less than those who don’t read any history books. The misinformed versus the uninformed; who is farther from the truth?

I will detail in Hidden History 2 how our government regularly injected prisoners and mental patients with deadly viruses over much of the twentieth century. They also sprayed entire American communities with gasses and diseases. But the court historians will emphasize the great importance of black soldiers in World War II, and how the Rosie the Riveters kept the home front operating until “Give ’em Hell” Harry dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in an altruistic effort to save lives.

McHistory likes to keep things simple. Thus, American students are taught that George Washington built the republic, Abraham Lincoln saved the union and freed the slaves, and Franklin Roosevelt helped create the lovable monstrosity we know as today’s federal government. If you need a bit more, Harriet Tubman ran the underground railroad. Woodrow Wilson dreamed of the League of Nations. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus. Anne Frank wrote a diary. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. Isn’t that enough?

As for the subjects “conspiracy theorists” gravitate to, there is again no deviation from the public line. Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed JFK. It doesn’t matter why, and his assassination had no impact on the history that followed. James Earl Ray alone killed Martin Luther King, Jr. Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK. David Koresh and his Branch Davidians received their just reward for being weird child abusers and gun stockpilers. A crazed bunch of Arabs were solely responsible for 9/11. The Clinton Body Count is a myth, propagated by “conspiracy theorists.” You can find all the answers at Snopes.

I am very grateful that there is an audience out there for alternative history, and that there are brave publishers like Skyhorse willing to back the kind of books I write. The court historians fear independent bloggers, and books that question all those official narratives they are sworn to uphold. It was so much easier for them when there were only a handful of big publishers, and no internet to contradict them. They don’t have the facts on their side, so they invariably resort to the old kill the messenger strategy.

Our corrupt leaders “won” when at least 620,000 Americans died in the Civil War. They “won” again during the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and every occupation and bombing that is happening as I write this.

They “won” when enough people accepted that Oswald killed Kennedy. They “won” when Bill Clinton successfully demonized the Third Party movement and blamed these “wackos” for inspiring Timothy McVeigh at Oklahoma City. They “won” when Americans bought into their perpetual war on “terror” and gave up even more of their dwindling civil liberties.

They “won” by demonizing the most enlightened man of his time, and a true Liberal in the classical sense, Thomas Jefferson. They “won” by making the bankers’ toady Alexander Hamilton into a Broadway star. They “won” by declaring the most tyrannical leader our country ever had, Abraham Lincoln, into a veritable demigod and the face of our civilization.

History is written by the victors.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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