LRC's Top 10 Articles for July 2016

1. Day of Rage Scheduled for July 15th
Stay out of these cities, says Daisy Luther.
2. Leftists Planning Coup Against President Trump?
LA Times says “Voters must stop him before military has to.” Article by Mac Slavo.
3. What If the Fix Was In?
Andrew P. Napolitano on crooked Hillary, crooked government.
4. One Line in the Bible
They need you to ignore. Article by Paul Rosenberg.
5. The Real Story Behind the Coup
Eric S. Margolis on imperial machinations.
6. The Unique Evil of the Left
Lew Rockwell on the real threat to freedom and civilization, since 1789.
7. Wonderful Things Happen to Your Body
When you don’t eat for 16 hours.
8. Trump Enrages the War Party
How sweet is that! Article by Justin Raimondo.
9. Six Major Events
That will change history. Article by Egon von Greyerz.
10. The Trump Revolution
Thomas DiLorenzo on a preliminary history.

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