The Trump Revolution: A Preliminary History

Beating the Hillary Hate Brigades (HHB) to the punch with what appears to be the first book published about the political rise of Donald Trump, Ilana Mercer has written an insightful short history of the ascendancy of “The Donald” entitled The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction DeconstructedThe HHB in the media will undoubtedly do its best to rewrite history (i.e., lie) when it comes to how Donald Trump repeatedly exposed them as mostly a bunch of frauds, imposters, and biased political hacks during the primary campaign season. The Trump Revolution sets the record straight on all of this, and more, in thirty-one short chapters, and will be a valuable – and entertaining — fact-check resource.

Why the entire Washington establishment, including the bigwigs of both parties, hate, and fear Trump is clearly explained by quoting the candidate’s own words.  He opposed the invasion of Iraq and said the war was a terrible mistake; he favors liberalizing relations with Cuba;  denounced his Republican competitors as “totally controlled by their donors, by the lobbyists, and by the special interests”; he explained that “the stock market is bloated,” thanks to the Fed; he would rather “have a great relationship with Vladimir Putin” and do business with Russians than start World War III against them; he said John McCain “is not a war hero. He is a war hero because he was captured.  I like people that weren’t captured, okay?”; he wants to enforce American immigration laws by building an even better border wall than the ones built by Clinton, Bush, and Obama (yes, Trump is not the first to have the idea); and he shocked and offended the liberal media by declaring that he does everything in his power to pay as little tax as possible.  The Trump Revolution: ... Mercer, Ilana Best Price: $4.80 Buy New $10.92 (as of 08:20 UTC - Details)

Mercer would make a good speech writer in a Trump administration, for she has a talent for spot-on adjectives, such as “the none-too-bright Joan Walsh, Salon editor-in-chief”; “smarmy Michael Smerconish” of CNN; “Campbell Brown, another banal bloviator”; “jackass Anderson Cooper of CNN”; the “malevolent moron” Jorge Ramos of Univision; “being a Democrat generally comes with the presumption of asininity”; and how Megyn Kelly of FOX is “a showgirl, really.”

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She catalogs a number of stinging Trumpisms in a chapter entitled “Trump’s Good for the English Language” such as:  “We are led by stupid people. Very, very stupid people”; “the media are dishonest”; “talking to Anderson Cooper is a waste of time”; “Charles Krauthammer is an overrated, clueless clown”; and “the once-great National Review.”

Unlike open borders enthusiasts, Mercer points out, Trump is alarmed to learn from U.S. government statistics that Mexican immigrants alone have been convicted of murdering more than 23,000 Americans over the past twenty years.  This is perhaps what Trump was thinking of when he said that Mexico does not always send us “their best.”  He might also have heard of Elias Acevedo, convicted of 173 counts of rape; Ariel Castro, the sadistic kidnapper/rapist in Cleveland; and others like them.  These men are certainly not among Mexico’s “best” either.  Donald Trump has been relentlessly libeled and smeared by the HHB for expressing the opinion that America would be better off if they, and people like them, never stepped foot in the country.

Millions of Americans must have been cheering, Mercer informs us when Donald Trump announced on CNN that “the last thing we need is another Bush.”  You wouldn’t know that by reading the “mainstream” media.  Or how he made the media look soooo foolish.  She recalls how CNN’s anchor Don Lemon asked Trump in disbelief, before the first debate, “Will you really be there in the state with the other Republican candidates?”

In several chapters, Mercer explains how “making America great again” means “taking down” the record and legacy of George W. Bush and the entire America Last neocon cabal.  Donald Trump, who Mercer admires as a man’s man compared to the momma’s boy, metrosexual neocons, and assorted beltway leftists, has always been in their face with this.  He has “no qualms about repudiating Bush II’s colossal war crime – the invasion of Iraq—because he speaks the truth,” she writes.  Unlike Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all the neocons, Trump “is not ankle deep in the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and other Middle-Easterners, Muslim and Christian.” The Problem with Socia... Thomas DiLorenzo Best Price: $9.49 Buy New $11.93 (as of 06:45 UTC - Details)

On this, there can be no compromise with the neocons.  They know this, which is why they have been comically and frantically searching for someone – anyone – even supporting the hapless Gary Johnson – to disrupt the election and hand over the White House to fellow neocon establishmentarian, Hillary Clinton.

Mercer does not think that Trump is an ideological protectionist in the mold of a Pat Buchanan or the president of the AFL-CIO.  Instead, he mostly opposes crony capitalist “trade agreements” Like NAFTA, which was written by corporate, union, and environmentalist lobbyists under the direction of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their trade representative, Mickey Kantor.  There is no way on earth that several thousand pages of fine print authored by such a gang of crooks and conmen could conceivably be construed as “free trade.”  Trump sees it as the mercantilist claptrap that it is, and wants to scrap it.

If there is to be a “Trump Revolution” it will start with American foreign policy, says Mercer.  Donald Trump is serious when he says American foreign policy should benefit Americans first, last, and foremost.  He wants to “get the U.S. out of the nation-building business” and “pursue peace and prosperity, not war.”  He said this in a CNN interview, which of course outraged – outraged!! – the Washington establishment which enriches itself on war.

He has complained that “our allies are not paying their fair share” for their own defense and should be told to “pony up” and questions the existence of NATO.  Trump has thrown down the gauntlet, says Mercer, for “Trump’s triumph would mark the end of the neocons as a viable political force on the Right.”

Amen, Sister ilana.