Progressive Leader Norman Solomon Slithers Into Bed With Neocon Leader Robert Kagan

Norman Solomon betwixt the political sheets with Robert Kagan?  How could that be?  Has our political world turned upside down?

Driving south to Mountain View in my new home state of California, I tuned into KPFA, the Pacifica outlet in the Bay Area.  Norman Solomon, longtime prominent figure in Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) and co-founder of “Roots Action” was being interviewed on a program called “Talkies.”  Just a few hours earlier Bernie Sanders had endorsed Hillary Clinton, betraying the millions who voted for him (and voted against her) and losing the respect of many millions more.

On air, Solomon was commenting on the termination of Bernie Sanders’s milquetoast campaign against Hillary Clinton.  And he was contrasting Hillary unfavorably with Bernie in a very detailed way with lots of references to Hillary’s policies.  No personality analysis, no psychobabble. He mentioned that perhaps the most prominent neocon these days, Robert Kagan, was supporting Hillary Clinton for President.   Yes, the same Kagan who calls for ever more US wars in the Middle East and for a confrontation with the second mightiest nuclear power, Russia.  Solomon pointed out quite correctly that Kagan had even said that Hillary shared his beliefs, but she would call them something other than neoconservatism.”

Then in almost the next breath Solomon called on Bernie’s followers to support Hillary for President.   No, not Jill Stein, but Hillary.

No sooner did he say that than a caller to the show got on the air and asked a very pointed question.  The caller asked Solomon why he was throwing in with Robert Kagan.  Solomon seemed mystified. The caller reminded him that, by his own admission minutes before, he and Kagan were now backing the same candidate – Hillary.

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Solomon promptly went berserk.  He quickly changed the subject since to Trump who was not mentioned by the caller.  Moreover, Solomon had no substantive comments on Trump, merely responding with psychobabble that Trump is “crazy.”  The KPFA host quickly shut the caller off before he could utter any more heresy.  (So much for real discussion on what passes for the media of the left these days.)

It may seem harsh on poor Norm to point out the sleazy company he is now keeping.  But facts are facts.  Both Norm and Robert Kagan will be supporting Hillary.  And the main reason for Kagan’s opposition to Trump is quite clear.  Trump is not a reliable warmonger.  Thus Trump is a threat to the further depredations of the US Empire and the machinations of Israel which Kagan so loves.

It is fully understandable for progressives to back Jill Stein.  It is a morally and ethically defensible position for a progressive – as is staying at home and not voting at all.  In that regard, the Bernie or Bust people have been right on the money.  But backing a mass murderer like Hillary, who is intent on doing more of the same and threatens the whole human race with a bellicosity that may lead on to World War, is not morally defensible.

To be fair to Norm, he was not advocating a vote for Hillary in “safe states,” ie., states where she is sure to win, but “only” in states, where she needs every vote she can get.  In other words, vote for Hillary wherever your vote will count.  Mr. Kagan would certainly rub his bloated hands in satisfaction with Solomon’s recommendation.

Some may feel that this is all very unfair to poor Norm and the many fake “progressive” leaders who will soon join him in embracing Kagan’s candidate, Hillary – if they have not already done so.  Watch for other “progressive” leaders to jump on board the Hillary bandwagon in the next few days and weeks.  Norm is not alone.  Progressives who do not like this kind of thing should speak up now and do so forcefully.

What makes such a position not only unethical but downright criminal is that Hillary has labeled Putin as “Hitler.”  You only do one thing with a Hitler.  You go to war with him.  So Hillary puts the entire human race at risk of nuclear conflict.  There is no greater evil than that.  Many people, not just former DoD capo, William Perry, are pointing out that we are now closer to nuclear conflict than we have been since the Cuban Missile Crisis.  And Hillary is the most likely to get us into such an Armageddon.

So Norman, as a leader amongst progressives where are you and others like you taking them?

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