Exit – A Long View of the Big Picture.

I enjoy a long view of history and what I see as its goal. In the big picture, as I see it, there are many points of view but as a sum, there is one and only one reality, one comprehensive all-encompassing all-powerful existence, one self-authenticating Supreme Being. Such summary knowledge I hold by faith and with good reason because we can everywhere observe creation and its power as sufficient physical evidence of one Supreme Being. Observe how we know.

Chronologically, in the conscious life experience of our own individual history and by means of our five senses, our physical knowledge of the physical world validates the reality of existence to us. There is no physical evidence to the contrary. Reality does not contradict itself.

As babies we enter the world with the gift of life and our five senses put us in touch with reality and we gain experiential knowledge of reality automatically via our experience of pleasure and pain. As we grow in stature our consciousness of the world develops automatically at first and then habits of recognition form our perceptual knowledge of reality. It is here that we become self- aware. It is here that we learn that reality does not go away when we close our eyes and Mom does not really disappear when she plays peek-a- boo with a blanket. It is here that we learn to perceive, identify, distinguish and respect reality and its power as God. It is here that we begin to think correctly and understand cause-and-effect relationships as universal facts of reality that exist as natural law everywhere in creation. It is here that many learn true knowledge and begin to worship God in spirit and in truth. But this is only the beginning of knowledge, not the sum.

 “I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as God Almighty, but by my name Yahweh I  did not make myself fully known to them.” – Exodus 6:3

“I Am that I Am” — Yahweh — is the sum. Moses spoke to Pharaoh in the name of Yahweh. Exodus 6:3 explains history, namely, that Yahweh revealed himself as God Almighty and this was the extent of popular knowledge in the days prior to Moses. The identity of Yahweh by his holy name was largely unknown. Before Moses, the concept of one reality, one existence, one Supreme Being, was largely unknown and unnamed. Before Pharaoh, it was not well known that one’s refusal to recognize reality serves only to confirm reality.

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Conceptual knowledge of reality as a sum is a quantum leap that comprehends sensual and perceptual knowledge of reality as a whole. Existence exists. One cannot deny this reality without affirming it. The concept that one and only one Supreme Being confronts everyone, everywhere, every day is as comforting to one as it is terrifying to another because life and death hang in the balance. To live, reality requires proper recognition.

The message to Moses is the same as the message to Pharaoh.

“I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” – Exodus 9:16

In my long view of the big picture, this is the purpose and the goal of history.

“Let my people go so they may worship me.” – Exodus 8:1

Cheers for the good guys.

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