Scottish Highland Games & Training for Performance

You may have seen the Highland Games online or on television: guys in kilts throwing giant logs, tossing hammers over their heads, etc. It’s a fascinating strength competition, and one I’ve long wanted to learn more about. So today on the show I talk with Highland Games champ Matt Vincent to get the lowdown. We discuss specific events in the Highland Games, how to get started if you’re interested, his workout program called the HVIII (The Hate), and much more.

Show Highlights

  • How Matt became a professional Highland Games competitor
  • The different events in the Highland Games
  • How to get started with Highland Game competitions
  • How to train for Highland Games
  • Matt’s philosophy on training and dieting for performance and not aesthetics
  • What’s submaximal loading in lifting?
  • Overcoming mental barriers in competition and strength training
  • And much more!

Listen to the Podcast

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