LRC's Top 10 Best-Read for October 2015

1. Dr. Putin Has a Good Diagnosis
Time to take his advice, says Patrick J. Buchanan.
2. The Infantilization of College Students
Thomas DiLorenzo on the new cultural Marxism.
3. This Is the Way the Empire Ends
God willing. Article by Bionic Mosquito.
4. The PC Nation Is Poised To Fall
It warms a curmudgeon’s heart, says Fred Reed.
5. 18 Things I Did That My Grandkids Can’t Do
Without someone getting arrested. Article by Jim Quinn.
6. Why Is Hillary So Unhappy?
Because she’s going down the well-deserved drain, says Andrew P. Napolitano.
7. Read for Freedom
Books the government doesn’t even want you to look at.
8. Prepares for the Collapse
Holds 3 months of food and $10 million in gold for employees. Article by Tyler Durden.
9. Bye, Bye Europe
It was nice while it lasted, says Gary North.
10. Gun Lies
Ryan McMaken on the fun of telling the truth.

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