LRC Best Selling Books – October 2015

  1. The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government – David Talbot
  2. The Causes of the Civil War: Revised Edition – Kenneth Stampp

  3. Wealth, Poverty and Politics: An International Perspective – Thomas Sowell

  4. Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life: A Former CIA Officer Reveals Safety and Survival Techniques to Keep You and Your Family Protected – Jason Hanson

  5. The Clintons’ War on Women – Roger Stone and Robert Morrow

  6. The Great Heresies – Hilaire Belloc

  7. Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog: Get Strong. Get Lean. No Bullshit. – Grant Petersen

  8. Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. The Devil’s Ches... Talbot, David Best Price: $3.67 Buy New $41.00 (as of 10:40 EST - Details)
  9. A Disease in the Public Mind: A New Understanding of Why We Fought the Civil War – Thomas Fleming

  10. Beyond Democracy: Why democracy does not lead to solidarity, prosperity and liberty but to social conflict, runaway spending and a tyrannical government – Frank Karsten and Karel Beckman

  11. Swords into Plowshares – Ron Paul

  12. The Soul of the Indian (Native American) – Charles Alexander (Ohiyesa) Eastman

  13. Disarming the Narcissist: Surviving and Thriving with the Self-Absorbed – Wendy Terrie Behary LCSW

  14. Economics in One Lesson: The Shortest and Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics– Henry Hazlitt
  15. Anatomy of the State – Murray Rothbard

The Causes of the Civi... Best Price: $1.05 Buy New $10.03 (as of 02:35 EST - Details)

Wealth, Poverty and Po... Sowell, Thomas Best Price: $1.91 Buy New $12.34 (as of 11:50 EST - Details)

Spy Secrets That Can S... Jason Hanson Best Price: $4.57 Buy New $17.77 (as of 09:57 EST - Details)

The Clintonsu2019 War ... Roger Stone, Robert Mo... Best Price: $1.79 Buy New $12.98 (as of 05:05 EST - Details)

The Great Heresies Belloc, Hilaire Best Price: $2.67 Buy New $66.74 (as of 12:45 EST - Details)

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Against the State: An ... Rockwell, Llewellyn Best Price: null Buy New $3.99 (as of 11:20 EST - Details)

A Disease in the Publi... Thomas Fleming Best Price: $7.17 Buy New $32.99 (as of 05:25 EST - Details)

Beyond Democracy: Why ... Beckman, Karel Best Price: $3.73 Buy New $5.51 (as of 12:40 EST - Details)

Swords Into Plowshares... Paul, Ron Best Price: $4.00 Buy New $15.99 (as of 11:36 EST - Details)

The Soul of the Indian... Eastman, Charles Alexa... Best Price: $2.00 Buy New $4.01 (as of 12:20 EST - Details)

Disarming the Narcissi... Wendy T. Behary LCSW Best Price: $3.72 Buy New $9.75 (as of 05:40 EST - Details)

Economics in One Lesso... Hazlitt, Henry Best Price: $2.43 Buy New $7.43 (as of 12:35 EST - Details)

Anatomy of the State Rothbard, Murray Best Price: $3.60 Buy New $66.99 (as of 11:45 EST - Details)

Fire Tablet with Alexa... Best Price: $25.56 (as of 08:20 EST - Details)

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