America Meet Iraq, Iraq Meet America

As I’ve said before, if there is one thing the Obama Administration can be counted on to do in a crisis, it is to play politics with it. Not solve it, not address it, but use it to further an agenda. The Obama Administration continues to play politics with the Ferguson Affair. If only Ferguson was actually called “Francois” , then it could be called “The Francois Affair” and have a lot more panache. It’d almost sound like a spy movie. But Ferguson is much worse than a mere political volleyball, however. The law has just been demonstrated to be a money-making venture for the government and not a code that serves all people equally.

The government is in a lather because a so-called “right wing Christian militia” defended businesses during and after the Ferguson How America Was Lost: ... Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Best Price: $5.35 Buy New $4.58 (as of 02:20 EST - Details) riots. The government was too busy defending the government to bother with defending homes and businesses, so a citizen militia called the Oath Keepers stepped up and did it. Also, many business owners stood armed guard outside their businesses themselves when they saw the police would not defend their businesses. We now know that the government ordered police in Ferguson to “stand down”, thus making it open season on businesses in the area. Yet the same government is surprised when citizens defend their businesses? The sad part is people pay taxes for the police that were allegedly there to protect property and lives. But now we know those police can be ordered by the government not to do so. What, then, is the return-on-investment to the taxpayer for the legalized protection racket the government extorts money for through taxes? Truthfully, people would have been better off keeping the tax dollars obviously wasted on police and contracting with a private armed security firm or purchasing their own firearms and doing the job themselves. Like the saying goes, if you want a job done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. They would have been better off forming their own militia, or accepting the free services of an existing one. Such as the Oath Keepers. But this is what the government fears most: Becoming irrelevant to the job they say they are best suited to provide. Against the State: An ... Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. Best Price: $2.11 Buy New $8.56 (as of 03:10 EST - Details)

You can have hundreds of armed police and National Guard on hand, as was the case in Ferguson. But they rely on orders from above to act. If the government, for one reason or another, orders them not to interfere with looters and arsonists, they are useless. You could have ten thousand police officers sitting there on the streets and if they’re ordered to look the other way, you might as well just have a regiment of circus clowns to police the area. Not that there’s necessarily any difference between the two, to be certain. Looters know that. They know that if the police haven’t stopped them so far, the police are being told to keep “hands off”, thus, police cannot act at all until ordered to do so. But something else looters know is that armed citizens are not hamstrung by bureaucrats and official policies written by career tax feeders who can write policy but cannot so much as understand the recipe for boiled water. The police won’t open fire with live ammunition, but business owners will. That’s what makes them effective in protecting their own property. Police might use “non-lethal ammunition”, but business owners won’t. It’s far easier, as a private citizen, to obtain 00 buckshot than The Freedom Wars-What ... John W. Whitehead Best Price: $4.00 Buy New $9.95 (as of 01:05 EST - Details) beanbag rounds. About as “less lethal” as you’re going to get with a business owner is birdshot. And no looter wants to spend the night having birdshot extracted from his buttocks, one by one, with only 42 more pellets to go after the first painful extraction.

The police and National Guard did an admirable job of protecting government property, with the exception of a couple of cop cars. Those are easily replaced; the knick-knacks on the desks of bureaucrats are not. Thus, the government buildings must be protected at all costs. And if people lose their businesses, then so be it. But the American people have once again learned a valuable lesson about their government from the local weenies right up the chain to the federal blunderers. That lesson is: 911 is government-sponsored dial-a-prayer. People in Ferguson reported that they called 911 only to have the dispatcher say there was nothing they could do—and then hung up. Where did the orders to the police to “stand down” in Ferguson originate? If I had to hypothesize, I’d say they came from on high, from the federal Department of (in)Justice and AG Eric Holder. Why? To further a federal agenda we can only Police State - Ten Sec... Terry Ingram Check Amazon for Pricing. hypothesize about even further. But if local police can be controlled by the federal government, or even the state-level government, there really is no point in relying on them during a riot. If police are not allowed to enforce the laws they plainly see being broken during a riot, then the laws have no purpose in reality except to be enforced selectively. That is, the State acts only to protect itself and no one else. Even further, the State uses the riot to further a political agenda and refuses to protect private property. State property is held sacred and private property is expendable to further the aims of the State. When people see that, they rightly come to the conclusion they will need to protect their own lives and property themselves. This is the birthplace of citizen militias.

The government whines, “But we can’t have people taking the law into their own hands!” Oh? Where were you when the law was being broken right in front of you on national television and you sat there like bumps on a log? If you’re not going to enforce the laws that protect private property it is YOU who have told the people they will be forced to take the law into their own hands. No one wants to Arrest-Proof Yourself Dale Carson Best Price: $8.49 Buy New $10.53 (as of 05:55 EST - Details) sit on top of a building in cold weather all night guarding their property. That’s what they were paying YOU to do, Mr. Government. But you refused the duty you were elected and paid to do. You forced them into that decision, they didn’t just up and decide to do it. And they’re actually not “taking the law into their own hands”. They were defending their property. There is a difference. Taking the law into your own hands means catching a guy accused of a crime and executing him based on the accusation without a trial. Defending property and lives means when people are trying to kill you or destroy your property, you act to defend it because the police were told not to interfere or aren’t there. (Maybe they were busy over there defending the edifices of the State.) There is a very distinct difference. But I’ll tell you what’s more, Mr. Government. If people continually notice your favouritism and selective enforcement of the law, you better get used to citizen militias. People will defend their lives and property because they are one and the same. Peoples’ property is what they need to live. The home that shelters them, there’s that. Then there’s the business they operate to provide a living, you know, food, clothing, and shelter. They need those things to stay alive and to keep their families alive. People will act to defend those things. If you don’t understand that, Mr. Government, then you’ve been living in an aquarium with catfish and your other fellow bottom-feeders for quite some time now. People will also organize into groups to provide their own security, given time.

Now, in the Middle East, there are countless citizen militias. There are several of them in Iraq alone. The U.S. government has, over the years, worked with Iraqi tribal militias and found them difficult (at least for the U.S. government) to deal with. That is because they will go along with the U.S. government so long as the U.S. government’s aims coincide with their own in regards to, usually, self-defense. However, in the end, their loyalty lies to their sheikh and their tribe and/or clan. If the U.S. government wants them to do something that isn’t in their interest to do, they won’t go along with it. The U.S. government misinterprets this as “cowardice” or “unreliability” when it’s not. They just don’t see the point to risking their lives for some vague political objective that does not benefit them as a tribe or involve self-defense. Defending your livelihood is self-defense, for reasons I made clear earlier. That’s where your food and shelter comes from. So, tribal militias will defend a city and that might just happen to mesh with a U.S. objective. But once that’s accomplished, they don’t see any value in furthering some ridiculous objective such as pursuing a defeated enemy now hundreds of miles away just to bolster a puppet state of the U.S. government. They defend their lives, homes, businesses, and property. That’s it. What’s more, this is an idea that has now come home to America. America, meet Iraq.

After the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the Iraqi people quickly learned that the U.S. government and it’s Iraqi puppet government could not protect them against lawless masses set into motion by those very governments. Thus, some Iraqis saw they needed to return to a more basic form of government, one that existed before organized governments usurped the law to further themselves. That is the government of the community; peoples united to defend themselves and their property. Tribal militias formed to defend themselves when the government proved it could not. Why could the Iraqi government not defend them? Because it was created by the U.S. government which cannot even defend property and lives in its own country. Instead, it feeds off taxes like a parasite and only selectively enforces the law, but only when it feels like it. We saw this in Ferguson and people quickly learned the lessons the Iraqis learned: The government not only can’t protect you, but actually won’t even when it has the resources in place to do so. Why? To further some hidden agenda it has, usually centered around some aspect of power it seeks to gain. Thus, the government should not at all be surprised that citizens militias spring up to defend lives and property. The Oath Keepers are only a sign of what’s to come. And, truth be told, that might not be such a bad thing at all.

The Oath Keepers guard Ferguson businesses as unpaid volunteers. This is a model by which all communities can create their own self-defense forces. Critics of the Oath Keepers cry aloud that the Oath Keepers are a “right wing Christian militia”. Yeah, so, what if they are? A strong religious belief provides cohesiveness that cements a militia together firmly and the most effective militias are based around such beliefs. God’s authority supersedes that of the government. God outranks all governments. A government has control over a person for a given number of years that person is alive, but afterwards, that person belongs to God alone for eternity. In other words, a religious-based militia cares about what God says, not what the government says. If a person’s daily bread is a gift from God, but the person also earned by the sweat of their brow as God directed, that person has direct authority from God to defend it no matter what a government says. Defending that daily bread is, in fact, part of the earning of it. A religious-based militia is a very potent force because they’re operating on a principle that goes beyond the authority of the government to control. I am not talking about “martyrdom operations” and so forth. I am talking about the fact that, regardless of what the government says, self-defense and protecting one’s means of earning their bread is a God-given right in the eyes of such a militia. Therefore, they don’t need government permission to do so. God already gave it to them.

The government would do well to wake up to these facts. Especially now that a Bosnian man has been murdered near Ferguson in a race-based hate crime the government claims is not a hate crime. The man was murdered as racial epithets were hurled at him. Yet the government wants to claim it wasn’t a hate crime. The Bosnian community is not at all happy with the government’s obvious favoritism and selective enforcement of the law regarding so-called “hate crimes”. The police laughably said, “We don’t believe he was targeted because he was Bosnian…”, when asked if this was a hate crime. Right, because the murderers didn’t know him. They targeted him because of the color of his skin. Hel-LO police! That’s what a hate crime is by your own definition! The Bosnian community is predominantly Muslim and thus, were they to create their own militia, religion could certainly provide a factor of cohesiveness that transcends anything else. Truth be told, they would be a much more effective force to police their own community than the government’s police. They understand what the police are not allowed to admit to them even for their own safety: They might be targeted because of their skin color.

But won’t citizen militias lead to chaos and street warfare? No. I am talking about a citizen militia composed of the people who live, work, and own businesses in the community. They have a vested interest in peace being kept. People want peaceful, safe places to live and shop. People from outside your community want safe places to shop. The police have demonstrated that they’re unable to provide that equally to everyone, thanks to both themselves and the government that tells them what to do regardless of what the law actually says. Just like the police and the government selectively enforce hate crime laws, they also selectively protect the communities they allegedly serve.

But didn’t the Iraqi tribal militias create chaos? No. The chaos was created by failed government policies and the militias were an understandable reaction to that. You don’t want militias? Then provide a proper government with laws that apply equally to everyone and protect private property and lives. And stop taxing us for crap we don’t need or things you say you provide but then don’t. Otherwise, get out of the way and let people do it themselves, since you won’t.

The government needs to come to a decision here. But they won’t. The proverbial handwriting is on the wall, and it is written in the blood of a murdered Bosnian man whose blood cries out for justice. His story was buried on Page 12 while the death of Michael Brown still garners headlines, several weeks later. The handwriting on the wall is also written with the ashes of burned-out businesses. But the government refuses to read it. But everyone else reads it perfectly. I have seen the future. And that future is the Oath Keepers.