Clearing the Deck For Jeb?

43rd President George W. Bush’s biography of his father George Herbert Walker Bush is a whitewash of history and a warm-up act for the latest White House contender from the House of Bush, Jeb.

Missing is the entire Bush back-story: the family providing financing to the Nazis to buy arms; the support for eugenics; 41’s involvement with the CIA in the Bay of Pigs; his evasions about November 22, 1963; his name appearing in the address book of Lee Harvey Oswald’s handler George de Mohrenschildt; his involvement in the CIA drug running; the murder of drug runner Barry Seal; the real reason Bush fell out with Ross Perot and the real Bush role in both the attempted assassination of Reagan and the attempt to set Reagan up in Iran-Contra. These have all been air-brushed out of 41- A Portrait of My Father. All are missing in this book which is a sanitized campaign biography. The Man Who Killed Ken... Roger Stone Best Price: $4.24 Buy New $5.41 (as of 07:15 UTC - Details)

New research on the Reagan Assassination attempt includes Hinkley’s ties to the CIA and more.

I first encountered “Ambassador Bush” as he was then called in 1980 when working as a senior campaign aide for Governor Ronald Reagan. The Bush campaign was a curious collection of current spooks, “retired” spooks and rich old WASPs from the right families. There was an endless stream of dirty tricks, whining and a sense of entitlement from the Bushites.

Bush would go to great lengths to become vice president in 1968, 1972, 1976 and 1980. The efforts to smear his rivals when he maneuvered for the nomination under Reagan in 1980 have never been revealed. Bush’s role in making a deal with the Iranians to insure the defeat of Jimmy Carter is something I have first hand knowledge of.

The Bushes also financed a ‘honey trap” in which Delaware congressman Tom Evans, an influential Reagan adviser who was actively opposing Bush being on the Reagan ticket, was set up to get caught with ex-Penthouse pet Paula Parkinson.

Behind his rather goofy demeanor and colorful socks lies a vicious, unprincipled ,ruthless, ambitious, power-hungry crony capitalist prepared to do and say anything to become president and pass it on to his sons.

I will produce the definitive book on the real George H. W. Bush– a book about money, power, class, political intrigue, drug dealing and murder–from Skyhorse Publishing in January 2016.

Just because Freddo became President doesn’t mean we now have to give it to Michael. We need another Bush like we need another Clinton.

Reprinted with permission from Roger Stone.

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