Illinois’ $200 Lemonade Stands

Entrepreneurship is out of control in Illinois. Kids are setting up lemonade stands.

Worse, some of them are setting up cupcake stands.

They do this on their own, you understand. They have not cleared this with any state or local official. Something has to be done.

Donne Trotter (D-Chicago) has done something about it. Trotter added an amendment to a bill that would have exempted businesses making under $1,000 in sales.

Trotter amended the bill to require anyone selling food products to take an 8 hour food service sanitation course costing $145, obtain a county health department permit costing $25, label the food products to indicate ingredients and the fact that they are homemade, plus another $35 fee.

Another senator decided to surrender a bit. How about $250 a month? No deal.The Public Health Committee rejected this.

It’s going to get worse. Lots worse. They never retreat. They only move forward.

What Illinois needs is a good, old-fashioned state bankruptcy. They’re working on it.

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