Dismantle the Totalitarian Monster and Take Control Over Your Own Lives

by Scott Lazarowitz Reason and Jest

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In recent months some people have said that my writing has seemed "depressing," "angry," "sarcastic," "vitriolic," etc. I know. But I'm a realist, and it's not easy for me to just look the other way when I see trouble, sense danger, or smell a rat.

Unfortunately in today's modern, supposedly advanced society, there are just too many rats to keep track of.

But mostly, a lot of my writing is out of fear, and that's because of the direction our society has taken in recent decades.

Each day the police state, the surveillance state, and the bankrupting trough-gorging and selfishness among government bureaucrats escalates. How can you look the other way?

Actually, a lot of people are in denial of the gradual breakdown and collapse of society, because it really is horrifying, and I don't blame them.

We have the selfish private-wealth coveters in Washington – Republican and Democrat, conservatives and liberals, socialists and libertarians – conjuring up schemes on a daily basis on how to steal more from the people, how to further benefit from the public trough. The most selfish, covetous people in our society are located in Washington, D.C. and surrounding suburbs, in my opinion.

Many people are in denial of this, of what kinds of people those with government-tentacles really are.

And the people are also in denial of the inherent recklessness and ruination of government-monopoly, centralization and central planning.

It doesn't work. That is, our current system of central planning was doomed to failure from the get-go.

I have tried in many past articles to explain this, but it seems that the only response is … crickets.

The system of government centralization and monopoly can't and won't work. When you give bureaucrats the power to order you to only use the one government-issued currency (legal tender laws), and give monetary central planners control over a centralized monetary system and banking cartel, you are giving these people the message: "Please, please cause inflation and unemployment, please put people out of work, please take my hard-earned money and my savings, please enslave me, I beg of you!"

Okay, enough of that.

But we did have Ron Paul, who tried to get the word out, and I know he continues to do so. Unfortunately his suggestions to abolish the Fed, the SEC, DEA, the FBI and CIA, DHS and TSA, the Departments of Education and Energy (and, one hopes, the FDA and HHS as well) and others, fell on deaf ears. More crickets.

Most people just do not want to know the truth about those central planning revolving-door crony schemers and shysters, and the agencies and bureaus they have been given with which to trespass into the lives, homes, businesses and bodies of innocent people.

And the gullible population really believes these fiefdoms-for-non-productive-busybodies are necessary – or, a "necessary evil."

Barf. Me. Out.

Sorry. And now we see that in the U.K. doctors are being forced to report to the government their patients' private information such as drinking habits, waist size, weight, cholesterol, and other data that are none of the government's damn business. Obviously, this is yet another overreach that will probably be adopted by the U.S. government, and for the purposes of more intrusions, more police S.W.A.T. team raids of innocents.

And it will not end with "waist sizes, weight, and drinking habits," in the U.K. or in Amerika. With the DHS "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign, and the prospects that the further-dumbed down population combined with ObamaCare/Soviet medicine and the decline in quality of doctors, Dr. Brownshirt will be glad to report your political beliefs to government bureaucrats, especially if you express "anti-government" views.

Yes, it will come to that, especially given how the whole government-controlled education system indoctrinates the youngins to be obedient to government and to view with suspicion those who dare express independent thoughts.

If we really lived in a land of freedom, the doctors would refuse to be doctorcrats, and would most assuredly declare to those government bureaucrats: "No, I will NOT report my patients' private matters, their weight, their habits, or anything else that is none of your business!"

In a truly free and civilized society, the doctors would protect their patients' privacy and security from bureaucratic intruders, pure and simple.

From the medical police state to national security nonsense:

I'm hearing on the radio these auditions for the part of Secretary of Defense. All those spineless weasels on both sides, the questioners from the Senate Foreign Belligerence Committee, and the applicant.

So we have the one trying out for the part, Chuck Hagel, totally backing down from defending his earlier statements and positions previous to these auditions, those statements and positions which he was just recently defending. Talk about a gutless wonder.

That means he is perfect for the role! (Perfectly mealy-mouthed, that is.)

And his auditioners, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and the rest of them. Are they really, sincerely concerned for Israel and the Israelis? Please. They are concerned for themselves and their own reelections, getting the campaign donations from AIPAC and other lobbying organizations, and maintaining their grasp on power in the senate, and accumulating as much of a government pension for whenever they are finally dragged into retirement.

Oooh, anyone who dares to criticize Israel and the Israeli government is run out of town these days in modern "advanced" America. But I won't go there. Not here. It's very upsetting to see how in 21st Century America the most presumably intelligent and open-minded people become the most intolerant when it comes to Israel and any criticisms of it. Even Alan Dershowitz – the supposed defender of the First Amendment – has become part of that crowd of intolerance. But I digress.

Obviously, especially since the end of the Cold War, the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington have not been concerned for the defense of the United States as much as they have been concerned for expanding the size and powers of the U.S. government, and the size and powers of their own fiefdoms, and that's it.

So, unless this huge population of over 300 million – spanning over 3 million square miles – finally understands the inevitably disastrous results of centralizing government power into the hands of a few, and the impossibility of central planners in Washington to administer any service or function for such a vast territory and a huge population, then yes, the whole system is doomed to finally collapse on its own weight, and chaos will result.

Statism is a sickness, and Americans have some healing to do, that's for sure.

(See Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Democracy: The God That Failed for more info.)

So, I admit that some of my recent articles have contained some "vitriol" and may have sounded "depressing" or "bitter." But each day there is one new frightening news item after another, one new "Oy vey" moment. Oh, well.

Do I still hear those crickets?