Irrational America

by Scott Lazarowitz Reason and Jest

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My previous article – on our society's growing fascism – may have had a bit much "vitriolic rhetoric." But sometimes I am extremely frustrated with the irrationality and cognitive dissonance which pervade America.

There are many examples of such irrationality, from the Sandy Hook story and gun control to the Aaron Swartz persecution to foreign policy. It's everywhere.

For instance, the government's stenographers of the news media are mirroring the gun grabbers' zeal to steal innocent people's means of self-defense away, based on the emotionalism surrounding the Sandy Hook school shootings.

But only on non-mainstream outlets or alternative websites do we hear about the prescription drugs that many of these recent mass shooters had been taking leading up to their rampage.

Are so many people now so unthinkingly submissive to their government bureaucrats' disarm-the-public campaign that they refuse to see what really may have caused someone to lose control and shoot innocent people?

Why is no one in the mainstream news media asking whether the Sandy Hook shooter(s) had been taking prescription meds?

I just can't believe that Big Pharma's influence on the general population and the media could be that strong. Is it really that bad?

I really believe that we are living in a very real, modern Twilight Zone.

The late Rod Serling would find a wealth of material just in today's news stories for his scripts.

Unfortunately, tragedies such as Sandy Hook are exploited by those who believe in the two-tier society of armed government police and government military, and a disarmed civilian population.

The more serious irrationality in America is that some of the gun-grabbers' supporters are in denial of the possibility that their own government could turn against them.

But many Americans may finally begin to question their support of the current government monopoly of armed local policing and "national security" when Obama calls for a martial law in the case of economic collapse and civil unrest.

Now in America, it is beyond just denial and irrationality, but pure gullibility, especially since 9/11. The Bush and Obama administrations have started or continued two illegal and counter-productive wars, and domestically have instituted policies which have blatantly violated the rights of innocent Americans.

But why do so many Americans – in a society as advanced and developed as America supposedly is – so gullibly believe and accept what government bureaucrats tell them, no matter how illogical, impractical, far-fetched or implausible?

The government claims to have the legal and moral authority to arrest and detain indefinitelyeven kill – anyone these government bureaucrats assert is an "enemy combatant" or a "terrorist," without showing any evidence against the accused, and the people just trust these government officials with such powers!

Really? You trust Obama to have those powers? Barack Obama? (In a Twilight Zone episode, maybe.)

Removing your right to due process and presumption of innocence – only those who are really loony-tunes could approve of this. Unfortunately, America has many of them now.

And many of the well-fed and well-paid apparatchiks of the courts have been rubber-stamping these crimes committed by our governments, federal, state and local.

There are some exceptions, however, such as Judge Katherine Forrest who struck down Obama's indefinite detention provision of the NDAA. But after the Obama Administration appealed the decision, sure enough a crony three-judge panel – all Obama appointees – came along to reinstate it.

It was really important to Obama to have the power to arrest and indefinitely detain innocent Americans without due process.

And people approve of the current system in which government whistleblowers are persecuted in order to protect the real criminals in power.

The overclassifying of documents is a means of protecting secrecy and an excuse for pursuing the whistleblowers.

And the modern police brotherhood punishes the good cops who defend the victims of the bad cops' violence.

But many people today are still brainwashed to believe that all police are good and right and if there was a search of someone's home then it must be because he did something wrong, or if there was a S.W.A.T. team raid in someone's home then it must be because the residents were criminals.

Radley Balko is featuring a "Raid of the Day" on his blog between now and June, when his book, Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces, will be released. Most of those raids featured were botched or at the wrong house. But some of them went "right" (whatever that means).

Also, Will Grigg's many articles now on and the website CopBlock detail one story after another of government police criminality.

The government police are the one group in America, in my opinion, who now get away with committing many serious crimes against innocent people.

But despite the rise in the ranks of punks and bullies, and the assaults and murders committed on a daily basis by today's police, and despite the thousands and thousands of federal, state and local laws and ordinances that cops loyally and unthinkingly enforce, and the abuse of authority by government police, most people nevertheless support them and hold them in high esteem. That, to me, is very irrational.

Yet whenever I mention the idea of de-monopolizing community policing and security away from the government and toward market or voluntary organizations, people think I'm nuts.

But empowering this one group of people – government police – to have the authority of the law and the State, and for themselves to be above the law, and for only them to be armed but not the rest of the community, is irrational. That's nuts!

The current growing police state is a result of such irrationality.

So it is too bad that so many people don't understand that the 2nd Amendment was written into the U.S. Constitution to protect individuals' and a civilian population's inherent right of defense from the rulers and their armed goons.

The craziness just goes on in America as legislators continue to invent "crimes," and police and prosecutors waste time and public funds to enforce them.

Our crazy society has bred many zealous prosecutors now such as those persecuting the late Aaron Swartz in order to make "an example" of an innocent man whose actions harmed no one.

The Aaron Swartz prosecutor, by the way, is the same one who was attempting to steal the Motel Caswell from its owner because there had been some drug-related arrests there.

But despite the Judge's recent ruling in favor of the owner Russell Caswell, the prosecutor has stated that she may appeal the decision. Can you believe this? She wants to "send a message."

This whole case had to do with the criminal drug war being waged by very stupid or corrupt (or both) people, especially the feds. Yet the hypocrites don't go after drunks or prescription drug addicts – not that they should. (Oh, but they do go after those cold medicine junkies out there, of course!)

According to WBUR,

The idea to go after the Motel Caswell sprung from the Drug Enforcement Administration, the trial revealed. The DEA has an agent who testified his job is to seek out targets for forfeiture by watching television news and reading newspapers. When he finds a property where drug crimes occur he goes to the Registry of Deeds. Finding the Motel Caswell had no mortgage and was worth almost $1.5 million, the DEA teamed up with the Tewksbury Police, who were offered 80 percent of the taking, the agent testified.

I ask you, is this America, or the Twilight Zone? Just the craziness of that one prosecutor's office would also be a good script for Rod Serling. A whole season's worth, in fact.

It is amazing to me how the American people can support this kind of outright criminal activity, and this irrational drug war!

Are Americans just a bunch of unthinking, clueless sheeple who actually believe that the State owns our bodies and should have the power to determine what people may or may not put into their own bodies?

Alas, most Americans do not believe that people have a right to self-ownership, the right to own their own lives and bodies, the right to be the initial owners of their own labor, to establish voluntary contracts with employers or customers and sell their labor as they see fit.

Americans do believe that they have a right to use the armed force of government to covet and take wealth from their neighbors via tax-theft redistribution schemes, unions and labor laws, corporate lobbying, criminal "forfeiture" seizure-theft laws etc.

And Americans do believe in this "exceptionalism" thing, in which we Americans are superior to foreigners and that our government has some divine right to trespass and occupy foreign lands and covet the natural resources of foreigners. But how dare any foreign government attempt to occupy our lands and covet our natural resources!

And despite NATO's history of criminality, many people actually still view NATO with respect (and the awful UN as well).

And I wonder what Rod Serling would think of the many modern Americans who hold in high esteem the opinions of globalist crackpots like Zbignorant Brzezinski and the Council on Foreign Relations. Yech!

Sorry to sound like I'm down on America or Americans, it's just the hypocrisy and irrationality that gets me.

But we're talking about a culture in which a substantial number of people are deeply bothered by someone burning an American flag, yet have no problem with dehumanizing an entire population (such as the Iraqis) to rationalize the slaughter of a million innocents, or have no problem with the aforementioned government police and S.W.A.T. teams getting away with murdering many innocent Americans every day for no good reason.

We now have a police state in which 5-year-old children are being suspended for making harmless toy guns, while other kids in government schools are literally being tortured by the Amerikan Nazis and psychopaths who run these damn schools!

Oh, we're "exceptional," all right.

And ours is a society with a Supreme Court Chief Justice who bends over backwards to rubber stamp a clearly unconstitutional and invasive order by Congress and call it a "tax."

So when Obama completely disarms the population and then declares martial law, I'm sure the Chief Justice will rubber stamp that, too.

And don't forget the phenomenon of the American texting zombies. They're out there. Everywhere.

The texting zombies will bow in submission to Herr Obama and obey his orders, no matter what, that's for sure.

In irrational America, a substantial number of people support the TSA groping and molesting little girls and grandmas, but look the other way while the feds encourage young Muslims to commit jihadi violence just to say "we've thwarted terrorism."

And most Americans will support Congress's continuing to raise the debt ceiling, raise taxes, increase their selfish spending sprees and kick the can farther down the road to bring America down to total impoverishment and chaos.

I could go on, of course.

So, can you see why I'm frustrated with all this?

(With apologies to the late Rod Serling.)