Rising Middle East Violence a Precursor for US-Based Internal Combustion

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Recent violence, or blowback if you will, throughout the Middle East is not surprising. Many in the mainstream media are attempting to portray the violent attacks, in particular the one against the US embassy in Benghazi, as the fallout from a recent film titled "Innocence of Muslims" that reflects poorly on Islam, to say the least.

Now, I admittedly haven’t seen the film, nor do I think it matters. To me, the casting of blame on a movie that is highly insulting to Muslims is convenient. The truth of the matter is that the forces behind American politics, and world politics for that matter, desire the chaos that is ensuing throughout the Middle East. The rise of a militant Islamic crescent will create an ongoing platform for the continued good fight of democracy against insurgent Al-Qaeda fighters – who hate us, or so we are told.

When asked about the Libyan and Egyptian Arab Springs during interviews with the Russian television network, RT, I stated that the rise of radical factions like the Muslim Brotherhood would be the result of the misguided protests being instigated by organizations like the Alliance of Youth Movements and the US State Department. But I also stated that was exactly what the West wanted. To see exactly what I had to say and how accurately that played out, take a quick look at these two videos:

Gaddafi Funds Frozen; Why New Dictators Will be as Corrupt as Old Ones

US Intel Agencies’ Involvement in Fomenting the Libyan Uprising and Why Gaddafi will not survive

The problems facing the "civilized" world today are the outgrowth of Western powers’ insistence that it is the right, if not obligation, of the Anglo-Saxon to "tame" and "civilize" the "others." It is this blatant and arrogant premise that has America standing at the forefront of the battle lines around the world. It is America that has built more than 900 military bases in over 145 countries where, at the end of a diplomatic gun barrel, the leaders and industrialist families of others nations are bent to their new "civilizers."

The outgrowth of this arrogant-led foreign invasion/mission to spread democratic dogma, as it befits the powerful international banking cartel that controls the Anglo-American military-industrial complex, is the only reason American embassies are bombed and "civil servants" left for dead. It has nothing at all to do with some obscure film, for if it was the result of such a production, could American shores realistically be penetrated by an angry herd of disgruntled moviegoers?

Think about it for a minute. If America had not "followed the sun" under the fraudulent leadership of folks like Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft but had instead chosen to focus on self-defence of the nation, how could any country possibly threaten America?

Is it likely that a friendly and export-oriented neighbor to the north would invade? No. How about Mexico to the south? Are they likely to head north across the Rio Grande and attack the US military? No. And what about those two great bodies of water that separate America from Europe to the east and Asia to the west? Is it likely that a foreign navy could realistically threaten American shores? Again, the answer is no.

The raging fires that America has started in many countries around the world are escalating. The blowback–inspired "terrorists" want the US and allied troops the heck out of their backyards. Can you blame them?

As the fires of blowback continue to roar, the winds of discontent at home blow harder and harder. As the body bags return, the continued price being paid becomes ever more difficult for families to accept. And today, during what we call the Internet Reformation, the mainstream propaganda utilized during Big-Stick-Teddy’s era to manipulate the public’s perception of what is really happening is failing, and failing miserably. The truth is spreading like wildfire and people are starting to realize that on a global basis there has been a fraud conducted on a level that is simply staggering to conceive of.

The powerful banking dynasties that established the central banking system that insidiously taxes away morality have now left themselves exposed, naked for all to see – or at least those who want to. Those who do realize rather quickly that employing human action to take care of one’s own interests is the only way to protect one’s right to life and that of their families. The governments today are under the complete control of the international money power and are nothing more than puppet organizations aiding and abetting the fraudulent perpetration and desired ethnic cleansing that has yet to come.

Mainstream media, too, has found itself reeling like a punch-drunk prize fighter, hanging onto the memorable ropes of yesteryear while month after month the energy that supported its role in the mind-control battle continues to wane in the face of the cresting Internet Reformation process.

As the faith and confidence of the general public in the mainstay control systems governing, controlling and manipulating their lives begins to fade, the illusion melts and the dumbfounded look of complacency that previously occupied the collective minds of the manipulated becomes replaced with a look that makes the overseers silently shudder – it is called anger, shortly followed by hatred.

It is during such times as we now live that the fiction of how the world really works forces people to seek protection. For my family and me, I have done just that. Thanks to the many great relationships I have made with other free-market thinkers over the past decade or so, I have found solutions that fit for us. I have also found many that did not.

When individuals awaken from the "power elite" slumber party they were in and sees things clearly, the only viable action is to act. But the means through which one does that are uniquely their own – or should be.

When a man goes to a store to buy a suit, for example, there are many different fabrics, styles and colors from which to choose. Why? Because we all have unique wants and desires. And it is because of our uniqueness that we all should seek solutions to the public problems that exist that fit with our unique wants and desires.

Very shortly, the Daily Bell will be unveiling a new and dramatically improved multi-lingual website that includes a premium membership where I will be introducing you, should you wish to join, to a network of leading solutions providers and the various solutions they have created to help people like you and me protect assets, grow wealth and maintain a healthy and free lifestyle.

In essence, when I wrote High Alert back in the early 2000s, the book was subtitled, "How to Prepare for and Profit from the Coming Financial Hurricane." Well, dear reader, that hurricane is approaching and 2008 wasn’t it. As I have written many times before, that was a mere warm-up, a precursor for the real storm that is fast approaching. And when exactly will that be?

The answer is neither I nor anyone else knows. Gold has recently increased in its purchasing power against the paper currencies as the US dollar continues to sink, reflecting unwarranted confidence among people who desperately wish to remain optimistic in spite of reality. But one thing is certain: The major battleground, the one that controls the minds of the masses, is heating up with vigor. The Internet Reformation is a process, not an episode, and the end result of endless foreign conflicts, currency debasement and political and media manipulations will bring forth civil chaos in the streets of Western countries the likes of which mankind has never previously witnessed.

The fraud is global. The meddling reach of the power elite’s agenda seeking global-governance creates an environment in which there are very few places we can turn to protect ourselves and our families. All anyone has to do is take a quick read of the 19th century classic, The Crowd, by Gustav le Bon, to get a sense of the complete irrational behavior that accompanies widespread anger and the accompanying internal combustion.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with cutting edge analysis of the dominant social themes utilized by the powers that be. But now we look forward to sharing more than just our free-market analysis as we begin introducing viable free-market solutions, as well.

Reprinted with permission from The Daily Bell.

Anthony Wile is an author, columnist, media commentator and entrepreneur focused on developing projects that promote the general advancement of free-market thinking concepts. He is the chief editor of the popular free-market oriented news site, TheDailyBell.com. Mr. Wile is the Executive Director of The Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking – a non-profit Liechtenstein-based foundation. His most popular book, High Alert, is now in its third edition and available in several languages. Other notable books written by Mr. Wile include The Liberation of Flockhead (2002) and The Value of Gold (2002).

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