The Secret Media War Against Ron Paul

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“See this room? Two-thirds of us laid off when Ron Paul is president.” ~ A hot microphone picked up a reporter attacking Ron Paul before a Pentagon briefing began

We are currently in the middle of the long war of the Internet Reformation although the press will never mention this. Effectively there has been an ongoing war between the non-controlled alternative media and the establishment media starting with back in 1999.

Since then many quality alternative media websites have been added to the competition while the elite media's credibility, reach and ability to manipulate debate and public opinion has been declining. The Internet Reformation is slowly winning and this has been most clearly shown to date with the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign.

The GOP Neocon puppet masters are terrified especially when Republican crowds at televised debates cheer the Ron Paul non-interventionist foreign policy remarks because this threatens their control over US foreign policy in what was formerly their secure home turf. Try as they might the media has not been able to destroy the Ron Paul Campaign.

Is The Great Establishment Media Purge Beginning?

“They can’t be afraid of me…I'm not going to be President of the United States. They are afraid of the ideas we express because they’re afraid of the people.” ~ Pat Buchanan

Back in the old Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin created the "Great Purge" of political repression and persecution during 1936 to 1938. Stalin was paranoid and very fearful of individuals he considered enemies of the people and counter-revolutionary because these dissenters threatened his dictatorial control and authority over the nation.

It appears the mainstream media elites in the US may also worry about their future ability to control public opinion and elections in America. In the last week we have seen MSNBC on the left purge Pat Buchanan from the network and Fox News on the right eliminate Judge Andrew Napolitano and Freedom Watch for expressing opinions and views that threaten the political institutions, control and goals of the power elite. The first question asked must be why now rather than later as after all both men have expressed their anti-establishment views for years without repercussions?

I believe the answer is the growing power of alternative media and the successful educational effort of the Ron Paul Campaign both of which use the internet to get their freedom message out. The establishment media primarily exists to defend the establishment and the growing readership of alternative news and opinion sites are making their job increasingly difficult. When you add in the growing numbers of Paul campaign supporters that appear to now be effectively immune to the power elite propaganda, the media elites have a real problem.

Today's Media Establishment Is An Anachronism & Relic of the Past

The job of the press was to manipulate and control public opinion as well as voting blocks during the heyday of print media, radio and recently even cable news. The elites bought and controlled most media outlets, developed and promoted a controlled political opposition on the left and the right that allowed them to set the parameters for discussion and debate. America has effectively been a one party state for 100 years with power elites controlling the major political parties using the American style democracy both as their cover and to convey legitimacy on their behind the scenes manipulation.

The real battle today is not the ongoing GOP presidential primary but rather the media elites against the Ron Paul Campaign and the alternative internet based media where growing numbers of Americans are getting news and forming their opinions.

If you watch the run of the mill campaigns by all of the GOP presidential candidates except for Ron Paul and listen to the rhetoric it is the same old story and false paradigm waged every four years for almost 100 years. Our legitimate government and rule by the people was actually overthrown in 1913 by banking interests who created the Federal Reserve and the graduated income tax.

Ron Paul Has Brilliantly Turned the Tables On the Political Establishment

His campaign is using the closed two-party control structure and their media gatekeepers previously utilized to control public opinion and elections against them. For example the state presidential primary and caucus system, televised debates and related campaign news coverage formerly was a GOP establishment monopoly. Today thanks to the Internet, it has become the Trojan horse used by Paul's campaign and liberty supporters to get inside the closed walls of the GOP to educate millions of Americans about freedom and free-market ideas.

The establishment news media has been powerless to stop this infiltration so the real battle in 2012, isn't the visible political campaign but rather the hidden impotence of the media elites to protect the establishment control. This is why the media so hates and fears Ron Paul. His campaign is the new road map for how pro-liberty candidates and forces together with the alternative media can and will eventually defeat the power elites main protectors and gatekeepers, which is the media establishment.

The Wednesday night GOP Presidential debate could well be the last in this campaign cycle. In fact, it could be the last GOP presidential debate in your lifetime if future freedom candidates follow the Ron Paul model of turning a major campaign into an educational effort against the GOP establishment.

The existing closed political system will not survive another GOP presidential nomination campaign in which the truths and views of a major candidate like Ron Paul

are repeated in numerous debates night after night to a voting public armed with Google search and the alternative media. Traditional campaigns and managed elections with predetermined outcomes are over as the media establishment can no longer control the debate, limit information flow and defend the political establishment.

This 2012 GOP presidential nomination campaign ritual that actually began in early 2011 is coming to a close. Historically presidential campaigns and the pre-approved chosen ones battle in the arena of democracy and candidate finally chosen by the false holy sacrament of democracy through a controlled electoral process is designed to convey a measure of legitimacy on those who rule over us and nothing more. It is pure entertainment just like the old Roman circuses, coliseum diversions and free bread during the latter-days of the Roman Empire to calm the public while their empire fell and their wealth and liberties were destroyed.

Contrary to the lies from rightwing radio, leftwing experts and most political party hacks and leaders most elections are fraudulent and a waste of time for voters. I suggest you research campaign promises from Wilson and Roosevelt on keeping us out of war to modern-day presidents like Bush II, Obama etc. and you'll see their campaign promises are literally never kept. Yet after each election, the press almost never mentions this fact of modern-day political life. It is an inside establishment joke and the job of the establishment press is to protect, defend and advance the interests of the establishment.

Voting & Campaigns Have Been An Exercise In Futility Since 1913

What has passed, as majority rule is nothing more than a deception forced on manipulated voters, fraud filled voting, caucuses and primaries and run by insider party elites. This deception has worked historically because the media establishment has always controlled, commented on and manufactured public opinion so the power elite candidates backed financially by big banks, Wall Street and a few extremely wealthy families could maintain the false illusion of government by the people.

Yes the front men and political parties will change places from time to time so we the people can direct our support or disgust in the following elections but policies change little and the real power elite and special interests who determine foreign and domestic polices, bailout their banking friends continue as before.

This is just an every four year ritual and false deception designed to convince the citizens that they somehow govern themselves and their nation. The truth about representative democracy is this form of government at a national level when compared to decentralized confederation government and or direct democracy is the easiest way for elites to fool voters. This allows politicians to act and legislate always in their best interests rather than for the good of the nation or the people.

The 2012 Election Really Is Different

This is not because the defeat of Barack Obama or the election of a Romney, Santorum or Gingrich will change the direction of the nation. The banks will still get bailed out, the federal budget will not be balanced and our national debt will continue to grow. Also the neocons will still determine foreign policy and the Federal Reserve will continue to create money out of nothing for a few special interests and industries.

I believe the 2012 presidential election will be the final death rattle for the American political, financial and media establishment and their ability to control the voting public or the news and opinions used to create public opinion. This is what really makes the 2012 election different.

The growth in alternative media readership as well as independent political and economic thought from the Ron Paul Campaign educational effort have almost reached the tipping point thus making the past public control function of the media establishment a lost cause. Adding up the alternative media readership numbers and Paul's GOP vote percentages primarily from younger voters spells disaster for the establishment.

They may hold back the freedom forces for one more national election but in four more years of Obama or GOP establishment leadership I forecast the flood gates of political and economic change will burst open and the liberty revolution will advance on Washington, Wall Street and the central bank cartel.

The outcome of the 2012 election is difficult to forecast but it is clear eventually the media establishment will lose the war! Not withstanding the results of the 2012 election and how many free-market commentators are repressed, banned, blacklisted or fired, the media elites will lose because of the internet.

Even if those who rule over us use a false flag operation like in the past to create a war or national emergency to control the internet, curtail opposition viewpoints and end our liberties and access to alternative views and news — this will only work for a very short time.

The internet has become a necessity for business and commerce and today's global market means real history and the truth about financial manipulation, central banking cartels, free market solutions and political controls will get through their restraints and continue to challenge the establishment propaganda outlets.

They cannot kill the Internet without destroying the American economy in a very competitive world. The US is the most important economic host to these power elite parasites as they benefit from both confiscating our wealth and enslaving our children as cannon fodder for their wars.

The truth about our history, political system and our own enslavement has been best shown by Judge Andrew Napolitano in his questions every American should demand answers to in his recent editorial What If Democracy Is Bunk?

The search for answers to his 33 questions about American style democracy may well set the stage for the restoration of legitimate government and a free society in the United States. He has given us the questions to ask and all we need to do is to research, discover and publicize the answers.

Yes the establishment will counter-attack and use any means to remain in power and control but their days are numbered. Like Goebbels and the Berlin propaganda in early 1945, they can still issue proclamations, enact decrees and frighten the citizens but soon a large enough percentage of the electorate will know the truth. The emperor has no clothes and the rulers as well as the power elites hiding behind the scenes are frightened.

In 2013, the United States will have been occupied, ruled and looted by an elite that claimed to know what was best for them, the nation and the American people. They weren't evil like the Nazis or violent like the Stalin and the communists but in the end they destroyed our liberties and have looted most of our property and wealth. Personally I think one hundred years is long enough. What do you think?

When a plurality of Americans can understand Judge Napolitano's 33 questions and the answers, then the game is up and the truth just might yet set us free.

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