Treachery and Conspiracy at Plum Island

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While I enjoyed Jesse Ventura's "Government's Island of Horror" about Plum Island over the weekend on LRC, I know from a close friend that Jesse only covered part of the treachery and conspiracy that is the Plum Island cover-up regarding Lyme disease.

My friend Les Roberts wrote The Poison Plum back in 2007 after partially recovering from a ten-year battle with Lyme disease determined to tell the truth about the disease and what he had discovered in research. He wrote the book in novel form because the truth and potential liabilities as he saw them were so dangerous and threatening to the government, big pharma and the medical establishment that he dared not write the book as a factual expose.

The book isn't about what could happen in America but rather what is happening in our nation today. One heroine in the story is Susan Collins who is trying to save her son from dying of a special form of deadly Lyme disease which started in Lyme, CT, just across from the government laboratories at Plum Island. Shades of both 1984 and Atlas Shrugged are shown in this post 9/11 America are shown true to form with jackbooted government thugs raiding homes, kidnapping physicians and the horrors of trial without jury or due process and incarceration at secret prisons in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The other hero is Congressman Harry McDonald who appears as a modern-day Ron Paul with the courage, strength of character and beliefs in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and individual liberty. Every libertarian, true conservative and constitutionalist should read The Poison Plum by Les Roberts.

In full disclosure, Les Roberts was a close friend and business associate more than 25 years ago and I remember when he got sick and we drifted apart. We talked several times over the period and he mentioned that if he survived the disease he would write a book about his experience and this is what he did.

There is nothing in this for me. This is for my old friend, Les who was sick for so long and for our children and grandchildren that they might have the opportunity to enjoy the blessings of freedom and liberty in a free and just society.

If the premise of the book is correct 100's of billions in government liability are involved as well as the Center for Disease Control as well as the drug, insurance and government special interests that control the top echelons of the medical establishment.

This political and medical thriller had to be written as a novel instead of an indictment against government misdeeds, conspiracy and corruption because of the Patriot Act, our corrupt legal and judicial system, vengeful bureaucrats and powerful government interests which would commit any act of intimidation or violence to hide the mistakes which may have led to the unintentional release of engineered viruses from government cold war research laboratories.

The novel begins in Alabama with the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment where poor African Americans were part of a federally sponsored syphilis study that allowed them to suffer the later stages of this disease without receiving the known treatment an cure possible from penicillin. They were part of a government research project and this allowed even their wives and unborn children to become infected all in the name of national security.

Read his novel; heed his warning both personally with your health and with renewed dedication to turning this nation around before it is too late.

Note Les is not a writer by profession but rather spent his entire career before retirement in the gold business where he wisely only provided low markup bullion instead of expensive numismatics to clients. He knew more about gold than any individual I've ever met. Also since Les is now terminally ill with cancer, I would like to disclose to readers that he was the secret source of my original No Gold At Fort Knox editorial written for LRC back in October of 2010.

Also, my friend Les is not going out with a whimper. With almost 40 years experience in the gold business and a decade of illness to research gold and Lyme disease he hints of a another manuscript set on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the FED. Tentatively named The Gold Quake Memorandum it describes the secret history of gold, central banking and money from ancient times until today. From our discussions, readers will never look at gold, wars, politics, history or central banking the same ever again. I hope he finishes this for all of us.

It has been months since I talked to Les so I called him today. He told me today how many chronic Lyme disease suffers are also finding a dramatic increase in cancer among themselves. The growing spread of Lyme through the US and now Canada may well be just the forerunner for a compromised immune system for millions paying the way for a much higher incidence of cancer in our future.

There is talk of The Poison Plum being made into a movie and I hope this happens and subsequently the full blame and responsibility for this deadly disease falls where it should. In history, governments and politicians have seldom taken the blame for their actions because they and the elites they worked for controlled the press, educational facilities and history. Today with the Internet reformation their ability to be the gatekeepers for information and thereby controlling public opinion is dying. I say this can't happen soon enough and good riddance!

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