How Would Child Abuse Be Handled in an Anarchist Society?

How Would An Anarchist Society Handle Child Abuse?

A correspondence between Walter Block and Michael Fleischer

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Here is a series of letters between me and Michael Fleischer, concerning the propriety, viability, justice of the anarchist system, mainly as put forth by Murray N. Rothbard. I have slightly edited both his and my own contributions to this correspondence. If you are too busy to view the YouTube video he mentions in his first letter to me, or, have civilized sensibilities and do not want to view a cruel case of child abuse, do not look at it. I myself only viewed it for a few seconds, and then stopped in disgust. But, this description ought to put you into the picture as to what the two of us are talking about.


Subject: a question from someone struggling with the alternatives of minarchy versus anarchy….

I have spent several years reading deeply and broadly in the Austrian literature. I am a physician and father and husband and business owner. I am an investor with Peter Schiff and a supporter of Rand Paul. I am torn between the ideas of a minimal state versus what you and Murray Rothbard advocate: anarchy. And while there are many advantages I can see some pitfalls.

For instance watch this YouTube video and please tell me how this issue would be dealt with in a society with no central monopoly coercive body like a government.

How would a crime like the one shown here be prosecuted?