The Age of the Snitch A nurse suspended for praying. Carol Thatcher sacked for a private remark. How public sector informers are creating Stasi Britain...

Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to remember that Britain has historically always been the cradle of liberty. For today we seem to be sliding inexorably into a culture of control which would have been very familiar to the Stasi or the KGB.

Carol Thatcher, the daughter of former Prime Minister Lady Thatcher, now faces being banned from the BBC after reportedly referring to an unnamed tennis player as reminding her of a "golliwog."

Carol, who was crowned Queen of the Jungle in the 2005 reality series I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, has been a regular presenter on The One Show – a daily magazine programme on BBC One – for three years and is described as part of the family on the BBC website.

But yesterday the BBC threw her out by announcing in the wake of the "golliwog" row that it now had "no plans" to use her again in her regular presenting slot.

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February 6, 2009

Melanie Phillips writes for the Daily Mail (UK).