Just Give It To Me Straight

I wish the electric company would just tell me what I owe for the electricity that I used last month. I wish they would do what businesses have done for years — figure the costs of doing business then set the price for the commodity or service.

Instead, I get bills that read like this:

ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLY CHARGES Energy Charge First 300 KWH @ 0.053718 $16.12 Energy Charge Next 157 KWH @ 0.039718 $6.24 Power Supply Cost Recovery 457KWH@ $3.79 ELECTRIC DELIVERY CHARGES Elec Distribution Charge 457 KWH $12.15 Delivery Surcharges 457… $2.08 Securitization Charge 457… $0.60 Securitization Tax Charge 457… $0.20 TOTAL ELECTRIC $41.18 SALES TAX $1.65 TOTAL CURRENT BILL $42.83

(Why am I being charged for things that spell check does not even recognize?…securitization??)

It is not that I bear some grudge against this specific company. My father worked for them for over thirty years to support our family. I am not upset about the quantity of the bill for I believe that the company charges fairly.

Our February bill at our Michigan home with the huge freezer; multiple appliances; power tools to die for; three-stall garage; numerous furnace cycles in bitterly cold weather; with three adult-sized people home with lights blazing at all hours — was $39.

Meanwhile, my February electric bill in Auburn, AL; where I lived alone in a much milder climate (I never even got out my winter coat this year); house empty all day; evening lights on in one room at a time; no power tools or garage of any kind…was $59. For the same month!

I am not complaining about the price of electricity in Michigan.

I am just not interested in all the business dealings, or any dirty laundry, experienced by any company. I just want to read my bill and find the bottom line in one line!! Actually, three simple lines would be acceptable for I do want to note exactly how much in taxes the feds and state are confiscating from me.

Tell me the cost of the electricity ($41.18) and the taxes that I, personally, am being charged ($1.65) for a Total of $42.83.

We all know that there are taxes, both obvious and hidden, in every aspect of life, as well as a multitude of other costs involved in doing business. “…according to a study by the Americans for Tax Reform, that comes to $3.80 on a $10 pizza for the omnipresent taxman.” (Ralph Reiland)

But I do not want the costs broken down for me! I do not want them to show up on my bill at Pizza Hut, nor on my electric bill.

Please, tell me what I owe! Just give it to me straight!