We Must Stop TSA Tyranny Now

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Airline security
has always been dysfunctional from the day the FAA took over that
responsibility. They began by getting a poorly thought out mandate
that all passengers be screened by people we would not trust to
walk our dogs.

The FAA disarmed
any pilots that were permitted by local laws to carry guns. Likewise
they disarmed vetted, trained cops flying on our airplanes. That
was because of the personal gun rights hating philosophy of these
political patronage appointees.

illegal aliens and those with minimal mental capacity were hired
to inspect the personal property and possessions of travelers. It
was never intended to be real security but a pretend effort to fool
passengers into thinking they were somehow safe.

That unforgettable
attack of September 11, 2001 and the FAA policies enabled the murders
of nearly 3,000 and damages in the hundreds of billions. The pilots
were unarmed and defenseless and two off duty cops on two of the
four planes were also disarmed and helpless. Had the pilots and
off-duty cops been armed, 9/11 would have been just another day.

Not one FAA
official or government bureaucrat was even criticized for creating
the perfect conditions for the Muslim terrorists.

The TSA was
created as a new ways to waste billions on government contractor
fraud as thousands of hard corps unemployable people were given
jobs and the power to abuse and steal the belongings of passengers.

The cargo side
of airline security is not seen by passengers and accordingly is
largely ignored. The TSA administration has equated the public perception
of their job performance by how much aggravation passengers can
be put through.

To date the
TSA or their predecessors have not stopped a single terrorist incident.

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12, 2010

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