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At Last! A Use for the TSA!

A guy tried to dispose of some trash, only to find that in totalitarian Amerika, “the dump buries you in dump rules. … [It] refuses to take my cans of old paint unless I buy $45 of cat litter and over a period of several weeks suffer the hassle of drying the paint into a solid form by constantly mixing the cat litter into the liquid paint until it is transformed from a liquid to a rock solid form.”

Ah, but then he recalls “another frustrating place, the Transportation Security Administration,” which confiscated his “Starbucks grande’ mocha in a brand new paper cup with 2% milk, a complimentary cap, no straw, stirred with light whip” before allowing this allegedly free man to board his flight.

How to connect the two? Well, Mr. Genius, on his “very next trip to the airport, … brought two old nasty half full one gallon cans of paint…” And the TSA duly stole and presumably disposed of them. Nice going all the way around! What a pity those brown-sorry, blue-shirted criminals do anything more than relieve us of garbage the unionized, tax-supported “sanitation  workers” won’t. Enterprising passengers ought to set up a system in which, for a small fee, they will transport such contraband as old paint or turpentine cans, Styrofoam, mercury thermometers, etc., to the airport and let the TSA deal with them.

On a related note, “For TSA[,] Cleveland, Ohio is now the center of Ebola attention.” One of the agency’s goons there pawed poor Amber Vinson, the nurse with Ebola who flew home to Texas, in “a routine pat-down,” according to the TSA. Contemplate, if you will, the tyranny inherent in those three little words. At any rate, Ms. Vinson’s sexual assailant “has been placed on paid administrative leave as a precautionary measure,” (emphasis added: aren’t you cheered to know your hard-earned money is subsidizing this gate-rapist’s vacation?) and “was instructed by CDC to self-monitor over the next few days…”

Here’s hoping that “self-monitoring” yields some poetic justice. Heh, heh…

12:51 pm on October 21, 2014

Keynesian Hitman Outraged

Paul Krugman encounters Ron Paul and his ideas on an airplane, and reaches for his slime machine. (Thanks to Norm Singleton)

11:43 am on October 21, 2014

Would ‘President Rothbard’ Shut Down Flights to West Africa?

1280px-HFX_Airport_4Last week in The American Spectator, Emily Zanotti noted that the Obama administration refuses to intervene and shut down flights between West Africa and the US: “Yesterday, the White House reiterated that a ban on flights originating in outbreak countries is not on the table.” According to Zanotti, the rationale is that any disturbance of air travel would negatively impact West African economies.

Zanotti is skeptical of this rationale, saying:

…from a libertarian perspective: free markets are better able to pull people out of poverty than free money, and where we don’t allow capitalism to flourish we end up subsidizing with foreign aid. But if we were talking about President Murray Rothbard, I might consider that awfully practical and economically-focused excuse a real thing. But since this might officially be the first time the Obama Administration has talked their way out of something using unfettered capitalism as an excuse, I consider it suspect.

The larger political point is fair enough, but really, would Rothbard ever make such a simple-minded argument as Zanotti suggests? I recognize that she’s just using Rothbard here as a stand-in for any hard-core free-market libertarian, but it’s highly unlikely that Rothbard would argue, “gee, let’s just let any diseased person fly into any airport anywhere because it would be good for the global economy.”

Key to understanding Rothbard on matters like this is that he identified himself as a “radical decentralist.” He did not make simplistic arguments like “free markets will solve all our problems” and leave it at that. Nor did he think that — like some sort of Marxist — that only a full-blown version of his vision could better achieve the ends he proposed. On the contrary, Rothbard knew that even a move in the direction of truly free markets, through radical decentralization, was better than the centralized state that dictates to all local governments and private owners everywhere. Centralization cuts off every possible solution except the few accepted by the “experts” of the centralized state, and thus ensures that , if the one “official” plan fails, that there is no plan B, or way to prevent the problem from spreading throughout the one, giant national jurisdiction.

In other words, the current lack of decentralization prevents local governments, airlines, airports, or even individual states from having any control over movements between states or into airports. Such matters are all dictated by a single source: the federal government. Were a decentralized approach allowed, however, individual states, cities, airlines, and airports would be responsible for their own safety precautions. Moreover, those making the decisions, i.e.,  those in charge of safety in Atlanta and the Atlanta airport (as just an example), would also be personally affected were the precautions to fail.


11:38 am on October 21, 2014

The Evil of the US Corporate State on a Cardboard Box


A war criminal who reveled in the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children and old people on bad-for-you crony cereal. The Breakfast of Vampires. (Thanks to Eli Crydermsn)

UPDATE from Paul Farah: “Free darts in every specially marked box.”

UPDATE from Dave Paradise: “Well, there goes my appetite. Not that I ever really ate Wheaties to begin with, especially after NaturalNews broke the story that Wheaties contains to many heavy metals that flakes can be lifted by magnets.”

10:45 am on October 21, 2014

Sarah Palin Compares ISIS to Hitler

Where else would she make such an idiotic statement but on the Sean Hannity show. It still boggles my mind that some “libertarians” were/are enamored with Palin.

10:01 am on October 21, 2014

French Oil CEO Hated by US

He is killed in a useful air accident in Moscow.

9:31 am on October 21, 2014

Obama Is a Deadbeat

He laughs about it, as the WH censors the transcript.

8:58 am on October 21, 2014

How Much Do Federal Regulations Cost the Economy?

According to a study by the National Association of Manufacturers, federal regulations cost the economy more than $2 trillion every year. And that is only through the year 2012. The cost is certainly higher now. Don’t make the mistake of blaming all of this on Obama. When the Republicans had absolute control of the government for over four years under George W. Bush, did they repeal a single federal regulation? Can you name even one? Of course not. They did the opposite–they added more regulations. Voting Republican next month will not change anything.

7:24 pm on October 20, 2014

Progressives Wish, Rather Than Think or Analyze

Greta Christina is a progressive who opens an article of hers with these words: “I don’t approve of threats of physical violence”. Yet she approves of the state and government. She doesn’t recognize its threats of physical violence or its actual acts of physical violence. How is she thinking? I’ll get to that.

She writes “Nobody should be dehumanizing people — and progressives especially are supposed to be fighting for the dignity, equality, and humanity of everyone. It is hypocritical for us to claim to be doing that, while treating hundreds of millions of people as placeholders.” Yet she approves of a government that dehumanizes people and treats hundreds of millions of people as placeholders. Again, how does she hold to such an ideal and then go ahead and approve of a government that violates it? How is she thinking?


5:53 pm on October 20, 2014

The Right Way to Implement Wi-Fi Filtering

There is a campaign supported by Southern Baptists requesting that McDonald’s and Starbucks implement pornography filters in conjunction with their free Wi-Fi service at U.S. locations. This is the right way to influence a company to do something. The wrong way is to get the government to pass a law or make a regulation. Unfortunately, many of those who support this campaign would probably also support the government taking action. But at least that is not the case now.

4:41 pm on October 20, 2014

“The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same”

The old cliché still remains true as these two brief videos below of education reformer John Holt demonstrate. While decades old they still forcefully address concerns educators such as myself face every day with our administrators and students. I met Holt about 1973 when he gave a lecture at the University of Tulsa. After his presentation I had the opportunity to discuss with him for some time many of his ideas and concepts regarding schooling and education (not at all synonymous) and to sign my copy of his latest book, Freedom and Beyond.

Over the years I’ve met and discussed these matters with other educational critics such as:

Samuel L. Blumenfeld, author of Is Public Education Necessary?

Sheldon Richman, author of Separating School & State: How to Liberate America’s Families;

and the late Marshall Fritz, chairman, founder, and former president of the Alliance for the Separation of School and State.

The one important person I have not had the opportunity to chat with is the great John Taylor Gatto. 

Here is raw footage of a John Holt interview on the ideas and origins of universal, compulsory government schooling (specifically in Prussia and New England).

Remember the Old Deluder Satan Act of 1647 in the Massachusetts Bay colony was enacted to combat the Puritan notion that “an idle mind is the Devil’s workshop.” Holt’s discussion of how teaching the subject of “English” is a rather new thing is confirmed in Albert Jay Nock’s delicious autobiography, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, one of the most fortifying books I have ever read. For over forty years Albert Jay Nock has been a decisive and seminal influence in my life and intellectual world-view.

Nock was one of the great critics of Progressive education. His timeless volume, The Theory of Education in the United States, continues to be ever more relevant by each passing day. Nock was a profound champion of the classic Liberal Arts education which served Western Christendom for centuries. Such “education”  as distinct from “training,” is for a very small select elite, and runs counter to conventional educational dogma, from John Dewey to No Child Left Behind, where egalitarian ideology masks as pedagogy.

Here is one of the last interviews with Holt before his death in 1985. Disillusioned with attempts to reform compulsory government schools, Holt was one of the pioneers behind the early Home School movement. He dispels many of the myths concerning homeschooling and the manner children learn in an unregimented, non-compulsory setting.

12:33 pm on October 20, 2014

Germany Knows Who Shot Down Flight MH-17?

Supposedly a secret investigation by German intelligence reached conclusions about the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 over eastern Ukraine. After head of the BND held a secret briefing to inform the parliamentary control committee of the German Bundestag of his agency’s supposed findings, German magazine Der Spiegel got the leak and reported on it over the weekend.

The reported German findings were in sharp contrast to the preliminary report released by the official investigative group recently, which drew few conclusions. Perhaps the Germans got it right? It is certainly possible. But as I tell RT, I am pretty skeptical considering the excessive secrecy and total lack of transparency which has characterized the entire investigation:

12:00 pm on October 20, 2014

Pulling the Plug on Obummercare

Given the Feds’ efforts to contain Ebola, which look an awful lot like efforts to spread it, we skeptics wonder whether this ineffably evil administration is hoping to scare up business for Obummercare. After all, “Open Enrollment” for 2015 is just around the corner, and last year only “About 8 million Americans signed up,” though an estimated 44 million carry no medical insurance.

I’m one of those 44 million. Nor do I want a policy. And I’m adamant that I will not hand Our Rulers more of my money to purchase from them what my Creator has already endowed on me: my right to remain free from the insurance cartel. So when a friend sent me this article with its list of 30 “exemptions” to Obummercare’s “individual mandate,” I found it highly educational. For example, if “You received a notice for shut-off from a utility company,” Our Rulers won’t fine you for refusing to patronize their cronies hawking insurance. Yep, it’s worth it, going without electricity for a bit…

11:00 am on October 20, 2014

FLASH: Washington Post Lies (Again)!

Award-winning journalist Robert Parry courageously calls out Jeff Leen, the Washington Post’s assistant managing editor for investigations, on the latest egregious lie by the CIA’s favorite dead tree rag. One wonders if this means that Janet Cooke will soon be back on staff cranking out one whooper after another.

1:40 am on October 20, 2014

Protests at the Met on Monday

Tomorrow night the Metropolitan Opera will begin the New York premier of the new production of John Adams’s 1991 opera, The Death of Klinghoffer. I have written about this previously. The opera is based on the true story of the 1985 hijacking of cruise ship Achille Lauro by Palestinian terrorists and the murder of an elderly American passenger Leon Klinghoffer. Some people have ignorantly labeled the opera “anti-Semitic” and “racist,” which it is not. Sadly, there has been a push not only to protest the performances but to have them shut down completely. The anti-free speech crowd, however, did succeed in getting the HD simulcasts canceled so that those people who can’t travel to New York or afford to attend such performances could nevertheless view it on HD. Now they can’t, because of the selfishness and intolerance of political activists who apparently don’ t have the time to think things through. Only an ignoramus could possibly claim that this opera “glorifies terrorism,” as some people have suggested.

“Insiders” have informed Norman Lebrecht of that “trouble is expected Monday night. Police will be on standby. Big demonstration expected on Amsterdam Ave. . . . If there is an interruption in the audience the cause will be found and removed. If necessary the music will be stopped and resumed after disturbance removed. High security in house.”

The “trouble” is not going to be caused by Islamists or Palestinian activists, but by intolerant people who allegedly “support” Israel. Among the protesters who probably won’t cause any trouble will be former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Now there’s someone who has been well-liked here at LRC, that’s for sure. We will see protesters with signs saying what a “racist” and “anti-Semitic” opera Klinghoffer is.

The critics cite speech within the opera in which some of the characters make anti-Jewish remarks, so they conclude that the entire opera is “anti-Semitic” and “racist,” and this is the main reason why they want the entire production shut down. Should we then ban To Kill a Mockingbird and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from libraries because those books use the word “n**ger,” a.k.a the “n-word”? Should we take Blazing Saddles DVDs out of stores and off And by the way, do these protesters ever want to ban the operas by viciously anti-Semitic composer Richard Wagner? Hmmm?

Of course they don’t want to censor those things, because this isn’t about “racism” or “anti-Semitism.” It’s about Israel. “How dare you criticize or question Israel, or challenge the official narrative regarding Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!” God forbid these people so offended might ever protest Israel’s slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza, or the settlers taking Palestinian lands and homes, or would ever discuss how institutionalized racism is in Israel. Oh, but for some reason, the topic of Israel is so sensitive and delicate, we dare not discuss it, or present a musical drama associated with it that’s not in line with the politically correct mainstream mythology of the Land of Israel.

The offended ones who not only protest but want to censor and shut down a performance of a musical work remind me of the Islamic crazies who go after artists for drawing “Allah” in unflattering ways. C’mon, folks, it’s only an opera. These people really confirm for me that our culture’s decline can be seen not in some work of music depicting a terrorist hijacking but in the fact that political correctness and intolerance is definitely on the rise.

1:47 pm on October 19, 2014

The Crucial Importance of Power Elite Analysis

This Sybil Edmonds interview on the crucial importance of Power Elite Analysis is an excellent complement to Lew Rockwell’s superb LRC interview today of Peter Dale Scott discussing his forthcoming book, The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U. S. Democracy. As I pointed out in my LRC article, Hidden History: Where Organized Crime and Government Meet:

An understanding of Libertarian Class Analysis is the “litmus test” separating real libertarians from alternative lifestyle dilettantes dabbling in free market theory. Sometimes labeled “Power Elite Analysis” or “Establishment Studies,” this examination of causal relationships regarding the nature and scope of political power, who has it and how it is exercised, is crucial to understanding the nexus between the State and organized crime. We will show the similarity between this analysis and what researcher Peter Dale Scott calls “Deep Politics,” the critical examination of the sub-rosa reality behind surface events, an attempt to unmask the true face of power, exposing the elite social, economic, and financial groups and individuals who benefit from the exercise of State coercion.


11:09 am on October 18, 2014

Sibel Edmonds

Earlier in a fascinating and probing LRC interview, Lew Rockwell talked with Sibel Edmonds, FBI whistleblower, founder and author of the new spy mystery novel The Lone Gladio. In this intriguing follow-up Edmonds sits down with James Corbett to discuss her book, how it was written, and how its fictional events and characters intersect with reality. From the power of self-publishing to subvert the traditional corporate media gatekeeper system to Operation Gladio and staged terror, these conversations cover it all.

10:16 am on October 18, 2014

Yikes! They’re Starting to Take Dr. Emanuel’s Advice!

Well, the State-stenographers are already beginning to discuss the idea of selective treatment for Ebola patients. Last night on the CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley interviewed his chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook, a gastroenterologist. Pelley said that several hospital administrators told him that “if they had a critically ill Ebola patient, they might withhold heroic, life-saving measures in order to protect their own staff.” First of all, who the hell are these “administrators”? I can see how medical bureaucrats do not seem to understand that physicians and other medical staff are trained to treat seriously ill and contagious patients, and are supposed to understand the risks involved in being around diseased people, even with something as serious as Ebola. If they aren’t willing to accept those risks, then they probably should not be in that line of work, period.

But thanks to the decline in ethics these days, now they’re saying that they will withhold treatment altogether because of the risks involved. The “doctor” on stage, Dr. LaSpook, I mean, LaPook, then responded to Pelley’s points by saying that medical ethicists are now discussing whether or not to administer dialysis on such patients, discussing “end of life” issues, etc. Hmmm. Even without reference to ObamaCare they are talking “death panels,” and so on. So, for all you diehard sheeple out there, you might want to reconsider making fun of those who have referred to “death panels.” And these will not be families discussing “end of life issues” with their sick loved ones — no, these will be government doctors, because with Amerika’s own version of SovietCare, all doctors (except for the underground, i.e. ethical ones) will be government doctors.

The current Rulers’ views on “end of life” discussions can be seen in former Obama Special Advisor for Health Policy, Ezekiel Emanuel, who believes in “allocating and rationing” of medical care. But these guys want the government to be in full control of the goods and services being “allocated and rationed.” (Yeah, that sure worked out in the Soviet Union, don’t you know!) And former Obama Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Donald Berwick also believes in government-rationing of health care services. Most LaSpooky of them all, the current Obama “Science Czar,” John Holdren, who believes that trees should have the same legal rights as humans, and who believes that a born baby will “ultimately develop into a human being,” had written a book endorsing various government-imposed measures for population control. Yes, these are our Rulers, folks.

Now, I’m sure the diehard sheeple out there will not think it too absurd that such government doctors at these government-funded medical facilities might actually base their imposed “end of life” decisions on a patient’s age, disability, or usefulness to the community as Dr. Emanuel has proposed. But we are talking about government doctors and bureaucrats but I repeat myself. Members of the political class, in other words. And the political class is an entirely State apparatus, in which those who believe in independence, who dissent from the Regime are to be weeded out. We’re seeing this every day now in the news, from Obama’s tyrannical IRS, his war on the Press and whistleblowers, and the intolerance from MSM propagandists, etc. So with Ebola, just which patients who are in need of treatment will be saved by government doctors? Tea Party conservatives? Gun owners? Homeschoolers? (Yeah, right.)

8:42 am on October 18, 2014

The CIA and Drug-Trafficking: Affidavit by Peter Dale Scott


Affidavit by Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D.

My name is Peter Dale Scott. I am an author with a doctorate in Political Science from McGill University. After four years as a diplomat in the Canadian Foreign Service I taught for thirty-three years at the University of California, Berkeley.

Four of my books have dealt with the problem of drug-traffickers who owe their prominence and protection to their involvement with CIA-backed covert operations. The most relevant of these books is Cocaine Politics, co-authored with Jonathan Marshall and published in 1991 by the University of California Press.  (Four of the chapters dealt with the subject of Contras and drug-trafficking, including the California network of Norwin Meneses.) (1)

At various times I have taken leave from teaching to conduct full-time research into covert politics. In 1970 I was a Guggenheim Fellow for a year. In 1973 I took leave again for six months, for part of which I was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for International Studies at M.I.T. In 1987 I served in Washington for six months as a Senior Fellow at, and drug consultant to, the Center for International Development Policy, gathering information in support of the investigation into Drugs and Foreign Policy conducted at that time by Senator John Kerry.  In that capacity I consulted with a number of experts in Washington inside and outside government. I was also a personal eyewitness to the falsity of a story published in the Washington Post (and subsequently retracted) which exonerated the Contras from involvement in drug-trafficking (2).

My researches into U.S. government involvement with drug-traffickers date back to 1970, when I wrote a book, The War Conspiracy, about the origins of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.  I returned to this topic yet again in 1986, when I noticed that certain Cuban exiles I had already written about, some of them indicted or convicted drug-traffickers were involved in the Contra support movement in Costa Rica. (3)

After twenty-five years of research, I have come to believe, as I wrote in 1992, that “governments themselves, and the links they develop with major traffickers, are the key both to the drug-trafficking problem and to its solution.” (4)

The United States Government is by no means the only example of such involvement, but it is the one with the most deleterious impact on its own citizens.

One can see this impact in the efforts in the 1980s by the CIA, and later Oliver North, to arrange for extra-governmental support for the Contras. These arrangements led to documented U.S. government involvement with, and often support to, top-level drug-traffickers in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama, as well as with domestic traffickers in the states of Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and California. This recurring pattern of involvement with those who dominated the drug traffic cannot be dismissed as an accidental or coincidental aberration.  (more…)

8:02 pm on October 17, 2014

Ron Paul Blasts ‘Deeply Flawed’ US Foreign Policy — Interview With Larry King

Ron Paul appeared on Larry King’s “Politiking” program this week to discuss Ebola, Obama, foreign policy and so much more. Dr. Paul and the always amiable and respectful Mr. King hit on a wide variety of issues. 

For example, Dr. Paul says that President Obama’s plan to send in 3,000 US troops to battle Ebola in Liberia is “really weird,” warning that the move could cause the virus to spread even further.

Watch this great interview here:

4:56 pm on October 17, 2014

More Slaves to Liberia

US soldiers, having unfortunately enlisted in the military, are temporary slaves. If they do not do what their bosses say, they can be jailed or even shot. So far, Obama has ordered 4,000 soldiers to Liberia as armed social workers. Only 500 are there now, government being slo-mo, with 4 hours of training in Ebola. Obama has now signed an imperial edict giving himself power to ship members of the reserves and national guard against their will to Liberia. These guys have families and jobs. They are not part of the regular military. If some of the Ebola expeditionary force get sick, will others say, as some of us used to, Hell no, we won’t go?

3:14 pm on October 17, 2014

Biden Family Values: Leniency for us, stern prohibition for the mundanes

Asked by Time magazine last February about the possibility of decriminalizing marijuana nation-wide, Vice President Joe Biden insisted that “smarter enforcement” of federal drug statutes was a better idea.

For “smarter” he apparently means “selective and self-serving.” If this weren’t the case, Biden’s pampered and dim-witted son Hunter would be facing the prospect of prison time.

In 2012, Hunter Biden decided he wanted to join the US Naval Reserve as a direct-commission public affairs officer. Because of a drug-related incident in his background, he was given a special waiver. Last year his dilettante military career was ended when he was discharged after a drug test turned up evidence of cocaine use. A few months later, perhaps as a consolation prize, Hunter was made a board member of Ukraine’s largest oil company, an appointment that doubtless had a great deal to do with the fact that the company is owned by the U.S.-installed regime in Kiev.

Biden, who does not face prosecution, told Fox News that he was “moving forward” with the support of his family. That includes his sister Ashley, who was arrested on drug charges in 1999 but never prosecuted – and is now employed as a “child welfare” bureaucrat in Delaware, where she is probably involved in stealing children from parents who occasionally use proscribed substances but aren’t part of a politically protected clan.

During his decades in the U.S. Senate, including a long stint as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Vice President Joe Biden distinguished himself as among the most militant drug warriors in Washington. He proudly recalled to Time that he is “the guy who did the crime bill and the drug czar.” He also promoted the widespread practice of asset forfeiture, the use of the RICO law to turn petty drug offenses into federal conspiracy prosecutions, and supported military aid to wage the drug war overseas.

Biden obviously does support decriminalization of drugs, but only on a case-by-case basis. He has done more than his share to ruin countless lives in the name of drug prohibition. Thanks in no small measure to Joe Biden’s efforts, millions of people who have done no harm to anyone but themselves have been fed into the prison and parole system. Hunter and Ashley Biden would be among them, were they not the glorious outpouring of privileged loins.

12:41 pm on October 17, 2014

Gamers vs. PC Bullies

Writes Adam:

The #Gamergate controversy is a consumer revolt of fans of video games who are demanding ethical and ideology-free journalism in their hobby and has been going on since about mid-August. This goes back a few years, since roughly 2009 or so. In that time, there’s been an increase in radical feminist and social justice-laced opinion pieces and outrage/clickbait articles on major game journalism websites (eg Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, Polygon, etc), mostly focusing on the supposed misogyny and “boys club” mentality of gaming culture, at the expense of actual reporting on video games.

During these years, gamers, some of the most inclusive folks in the world, grinned and bore it as the hysterical shouts of misogyny grew louder, culminating this past August in mass censorship on social media sites like Reddit in the wake of a sex scandal between an indie game developer and various game journalists, with her exchanging sex for favorable coverage of her game at the expense of more deserving ones, as well as her sabotage of a charity drive specifically set up to help women break into the game development industry. When the discussion began, she hid behind the claims of sexism and played victim, and most of these journalists shielded her, outright insulting the gaming population as “privileged straight white male virgin neckbeard misogynists,” and insisting they as an identity were “dead,” posting this vitriol in the form of 10 articles around major outlets on the net all in a 24-hour period.

The progressive busybodies are scared, because this is one of the first major pushbacks against their social justice agenda that has weaseled its way into many other subcultures, so they’re pulling out all the stops, painting this as a hate movement full of misogynists and serial harassers, comparing gamers to terrorists, and saying they’re worse than ISIS. All in all, they don’t realize who they’ve gone up against: a subculture of peaceful people who want politics out of their hobby and are programmed to win.


9:21 am on October 17, 2014

Why is That Man Not Wearing a Space Suit?

In one of John Stossel’s old ABC News documentaries entitled “Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death?” he showed film footage of an old consumer report he did back in the day on the chemical spills at Times Beach, Missouri and Love Canal, New York.  The context of this was that Stossel was questioning the veracity of his own former consumer report by asking (paraphrasing):  “Why are those EPA guys walking around in space suits while we reporters were just standing next to them in street clothes?” (Go to minute 17:30 in the video).  Good question.  There turned out to be no evidence of any bad health effects at either place.

I was reminded of this yesterday while viewing this video of CDC guys in space suits transporting an “ebola patient,” also in a space suit, while some guy in a suit and tie hovers around, hands them things, takes things from them, etc.  Hmmmmm.

8:42 am on October 17, 2014

Leonard Liggio, RIP

Writes Ralph Raico:

Leonard Liggio, RIP

Leonard Liggio has died, at the age of 81.

He was my friend for close to sixty years, and I came to know him well. Today my mind is filled with thoughts and memories of him.

Leonard was a Catholic, a scholar, and a libertarian.

His Catholic faith was his lodestar. Leonard was a “birthright Catholic,” and from his childhood through to university and graduate work at Georgetown and Fordham and for the rest of his life, Leonard enriched his understanding of his religion and participated in the sacraments of his Church. Ultimately, he was admitted into the Order of the Knights of Malta.

But he was also a Christian in another sense as well. I never witnessed Leonard treat other people with anything but evident respect, and his life was filled with innumerable kindnesses. A small example: once Leonard took me to a meeting of Dorothy Day’s Catholic Worker group. Day was a left-anarchist with confused views on economics, but he favored her for her opposition to war and because each year she and her associate Ammon Hennacy publicly protested on the anniversary of the atomic incineration of the Japanese cities. I saw Leonard privately slip to Day what was at the time a notable contribution. Here also he was following Jesus’s admonition, “When you do some act of charity, do not announce it with a flourish of trumpets, as the hypocrites do in synagogue and in the streets…when you do some act of charity, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing…”

Leonard Liggio was a humble man. He never stood in judgment of the personal foibles and idiosyncrasies of his friends. I suppose he believed that his job was to see to the perfecting of his own soul. Yet he could act forcefully. Once when we traveling in Europe, in Germany as I recall, I was startled to hear Leonard say, “Your hand is in my pocket!” I saw that he had caught a young woman’s forearm in an iron grip. He cast it disdainfully away, and the little thief scampered off.

Leonard was a man of immense learning, the most learned person I knew of his generation. Yet no one ever wore his learning more lightly. He pioneered the study of the highly significant school of French liberals of the early nineteenth century, introducing them to the English-speaking world. He introduced Murray Rothbard and me to historical revisionism, which has become a standard component of libertarian thought today. I know that Murray very much appreciated Leonard’s many suggestions in regard to his multi-volume work, Conceived in Liberty, on libertarian currents in colonial and revolutionary America.


4:06 pm on October 16, 2014

Has Alexa Become a Corrupt Shill For the Left?

It’s certainly seems so, as this article from Infowars lays out in devastating fashion. Beginning in September, the Amazon-owned web analytics giant made some kind of change to how it ranks the traffic of websites. Notably, conservative and libertarian sites have seen a plunge in popularity since the change, whereas left-wing sites such as ThinkProgress, Media Matters, and Daily Kos have enjoyed a precipitous rise. Most notably for concerned readers here is that LRC is indeed also a victim of this change.

3:02 pm on October 16, 2014

Just When You Think the TSA Can’t Get Any More Ludicrous, Ebola Comes Along

The TSA sprang into action, albeit a few days late, when “the second Texas nurse confirmed with Ebola” flew home to Dallas after visiting her family in Ohio. The agency’s clowns “disinfect[ed] all the security checkpoints at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport as a precaution” yesterday.

Unfortunately, the lady had passed through the airport two days previously—and, according to Our Rulers at the CDC, “Ebola on dried on [sic] surfaces such as doorknobs and countertops can survive for [only] several hours.”

Hmmm. The Keystone Kops go Keystonier.

Mark Howell, one of the Kops’ multitude of tax-gobbling sponges and spokesliars, “noted,” “’It’s nothing official,’ … [because] the precaution wasn’t undertaken at the direction of the Centers for Disease Control. ‘It’s just something that our folks wanted to do, in an overabundance of caution.’”

Whoa! “An overabundance of caution”! I guess that beats the TSA’s usual “abundance of caution,” which level of alarm it gins up for such absurdities as a sock-monkey’s pistol, “a suspicious note…in a seat pocket onboard a … flight,” and confused, oblivious passengers (the Kops shut down “McNamara Terminal, in some capacity, for nearly 2 1/2 hours” in May after “a man who exited the secured gate area through the exit. After crossing the threshold at which you must re-screen through security to return, the suspect turned around, ‘ignored’ a TSA employee’s order to go back through security and walked away into the terminal…” Oh, the horror! The possible carnage without that “abundance of caution”!). It seems the TSA resorts to an “overabundance” of said “caution” when its silliness descends from merely futile to totally useless.

Then, too, this new-found concern for our health is rich, given that the TSA has done all it can to endanger prisoners’—sorry, passengers’ well-being. Whether forcing us to tread filthy, MRSA-infested airport floors in bare feet or sexually assaulting us with gloves that have groped other victims’ most intimate crannies, the Kops actively threaten us with contagion. Indeed, since “Airport pat-downs [sic for ‘molestation’] may raise infection risk,” shouldn’t Our Rulers finally, at long last, prohibit the TSA from pawing us?

Ah, but that would not only destroy their fun, it might slow the spread of Ebola and other diseases. Expect the TSA to continue its crimes—and its “overabundance of caution” after the fact.

11:57 am on October 16, 2014

I Care More about U.S. Troops than the Government Does

I, the author of War, Empire, and the Military, care more about U.S. troops than the government does. I don’t want them to fight any senseless foreign wars. I don’t want them to shed one drop of blood. I don’t want them to invade and occupy foreign countries. I don’t want them stationed on foreign military bases. I want them home with their families. I want them to do nothing more than actually defend the United States. And what is the attitude of the U.S. government toward “the troops”? Not only are they pawns and cannon fodder, but now comes word that the government withheld treatment from its soldiers in Iraq that were exposed to chemical weapons. The troops and their supporters ought to thank me for my service.

11:20 am on October 16, 2014

Walter Block: Anarchic Courts and More!

By Luis Rivera III

Here Dr. Walter Block, host Daniel Rothchild and other guests go over a number of topics including:

-Courts in an anarchic society and how applied moral philosophies such as deontology and utilitarianism can help with libertarian hypothetical constructs.

-Punitive settlements which are non-monetary such a installing fear to your perpetrator.

-The differences in battles that legitimate courts would face

-The intrinsic free market hindrances against bandit courts and the intrinsic incentives for legitimate courts.

“The ruling class in America or any country is about…2 percent of the people yet they bamboozle 98 of percent of the people. If 98 percent of the people got together they could knockout the rulers. But what the rulers do is suborn the intellectuals and the intellectuals say…‘divine right of kings, divine right of democracy – These guys are great and we all have to follow them.’ -Walter Block

Walter Block: Anarchic Courts and More!

10:39 am on October 16, 2014

Ron Paul: Stocks Are in a Bubble and Will Crash

Thanks to Daniel McAdams for this great CNBC Ron interview from from July.

10:37 am on October 16, 2014