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Walter Block: Take That Feminists!

By Luis Rivera III

Ludwig von Mises saw Feminism as a revolt against nature. He thought that feminism was a facet of Marxism. Walter Block annihilates the view that many feminists hold today, the gender productivity pay gap. He does this by using logic, his weapon of choice, socio-biology and imperical analysis. He speaks of contemporary taboos such as the glass ceiling, differences in IQ by races and more. Listen in to this long but substantially dense lecture given by Dr. Block.

Walter Block Destroys The Myth of The Productivity Pay Gap

5:56 pm on July 27, 2014

Love Rejected

Bible Baptist Church in Carthage, Missouri, is “a very patriotic church,” says Pastor Kent Hogan. The church has an American flag in the building, and every morning at summer youth camp, the teenagers pledge allegiance and sing the national anthem. Patriotic holidays are big doings: veterans wear their uniforms and the preacher salutes them during the morning worship service. The church loves the military. Thus, it was a tremendous shock to find out that the National Guard from the nearby armory would not attend the church’s annual Vacation Bible School to be honored by the church. After all, the theme was “God’s Rescue Squad,” and the paramedics, fire department, and sheriff’s department all showed up earlier in the week. “We were going to thank them for protecting our religious liberty,” said Pastor Hogan. “It was more of a promotion for the military – to show the kids what the military does.”

To show the kids what the military does? Was the church going to show the kids dead bodies, pools of blood, body parts, widows, orphans, refugees, and bombed out villages? Or just U.S. soldiers with no arms, legs, or genitals as a result of participating in an immoral foreign war?

3:21 pm on July 27, 2014

North America’s Tallest Symbol of Militarism and Empire

The 400-foot Acuity Insurance Flagpole. What a waste of concrete, metal, and paint.

12:24 pm on July 27, 2014

Do Americans Regard Russia as a Serious Threat?

A CNN poll in March, 2014 asked that kind of question to 801 adult Americans.

The results show a big jump in the numbers of Americans who think Russia is a serious threat.

In June 2009, 31% saw no threat at all. That fell to 12% in 2014, as people changed their minds. In June 2009, 39% thought Russia was a moderately or very serious threat. That’s jumped to 69%.


6:03 pm on July 26, 2014

White House Propaganda Blames Putin for Downing MH17

White House spokesman Josh Ernest said

“What we also know is that the Malaysia Airlines jet was brought down by a missile that was fired from the ground. It was fired from the ground in an area that was controlled by separatists, and in an area where the Ukrainians themselves were not actually operating anti-aircraft weapons at that time. So that is why we have concluded that Vladimir Putin and the Russians are culpable to this tragedy.”

This statement has not been retracted or clarified. The White House has let it stand. We have to assume they said what they intended to say.


2:23 pm on July 26, 2014

Putting the War on Gaza in Context

An Amy Goodman interview with Norman Finkelstein and Mouin Rabbani.

12:57 pm on July 26, 2014

Non-Crony Americans Are Getting Poorer

As the State and its pals prosper. As if we needed the regime’s house organ to tell us.

12:50 pm on July 26, 2014

Some Hot News for the Media

Ron Paul does not speak for his son, Rand. Rand does not speak for his dad. They are two separate and distinct individuals. Neocons ignore this obvious point to try to make trouble, which is, after all, their role in life. Here is a typical piece on Buzzfeed, rewritten for the Free Beacon. My favorite line in the original article, which has caused great distress among the professional warmongers, is that Ron’s new Voices of Liberty will have no place for the likes of Michael Ledeen. See this brilliant and prescient speech of Ron’s, We’ve Been Neoconned, which still causes Ledeen and other big-government conservatives heartburn. As well it should! (Thanks to Daniel McAdams)

10:01 am on July 26, 2014

The NSA’s New Partner in Spying: Saudi Arabia’s Brutal State Police

Check out Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain on The NSA’s New Partner in Spying: Saudi Arabia’s Brutal State Police.








11:47 pm on July 25, 2014

The Boy Scouts: Pipeline to the Military

Here is another reason not to join the Boy Scouts: It is a pipeline to the military.

36.4 percent of the United States Military Academy (West Point) cadets were involved in Scouting as youth. 16.3 percent of cadets are Eagle Scouts. 22.5 percent of United States Air Force Academy cadets were involved in Scouting as youth. 11.9 percent of cadets are Eagle Scouts. 25 percent of United States Naval Academy (Annapolis) midshipmen were involved in Scouting as youth. 11 percent of midshipmen are Eagle Scouts.

Thanks to recovering veteran T.M.

7:20 pm on July 25, 2014

Dan Coats Wants War on Russia

The last time I criticized Senator Coats was on March 24, 2014, when I argued that he was senseless on Russia. He has a new op-ed confirming his senselessness on Russia. He now threatens to “bring Russia’s economy to its knees”. A fan of westerns might say “Them’s fightin’ words”. Sanctions like that invite counter-action, escalation and war. What has gotten Coats so upset? It’s the downing of MH17. Coats accuses Russia of shooting down that airplane:

“Some argue that the Soviet downing of Korean flight 007 in 1983 was an event that exposed the true nature of the Soviet regime, and hastened its decay. Similarly, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 reveals to any remaining doubters the nature of Putin and his brutal ambitions and ruthlessness.”

Coats is reckless on several counts. He is reckless to make such charges when there is no clear factual basis for doing so, reckless to propose a dangerous remedy, and reckless to think that such a remedy would achieve anything useful. He is filled with a hyper-righteousness that knows no geographical bounds. Apparently in his megalomania he thinks that he and the U.S. Senate have a warrant to punish the presumed perpetrators of every ill that they perceive.

Coats believes that Russia is on a totalitarian warpath seeking to conquer Eastern Europe and its former republics. Coats, forgetting the overthrow of the government of Ukraine and its replacement by unelected officials, claims that “Eastern Ukraine’s lawlessness is a direct result of Putin’s outrageous territorial aggression that has already severed an arm of Ukraine and threatens the entire country’s disintegration.” At least as much blame rests upon a central government that was unfriendly to its Eastern people and now is making war on this population by shelling population centers and using jet aircraft and rockets. Coats neglects to mention the Odessa massacre.

Coats continues to base his recommendations on myth: “Russia’s invasion of a neighbor and violation of sovereign borders…” Russia never invaded Crimea.

6:19 pm on July 25, 2014

Forget the Sopranos — In New Jersey, the Cops are Making Out Like Bandits

Bayonne, New Jersey is a city of about 65,000 people where the median household income is roughly $55,000 a year and the crime rate is much less than half the national average. Outgoing Bayonne Police Chief Ralph Scianni has just retired following a largely uneventful 34-year career.

Scianni took over as Chief in 2012, earning a salary of $234,000 a year. His retirement package — which includes unused sick, vacation, and personal time, as well as “terminal pay” for his decades of “service” – amounts to $444,450.40, to be paid out in three annual installments.

As in most cities, Bayonne’s “public safety” sector is an exceptionally well-compensated Nomenklatura. Former Chief Robert Kubert, whom Scianni replaced, was given a $319,000 retirement payout. He has since become the city’s public safety director, a glorified sinecure that will eventually yield another pension. Robert Oches, the retiring chief in nearby Middletown, was given a $249,333 going-away present.

Not unexpectedly, Scianni’s son has followed in his father’s jack-booted footsteps, rather than seeking to build a career in the productive sector.

2:14 pm on July 25, 2014

For The Children–NOT

The lying kidnappers at another Department of Children and Family Services, this time in Illinois, are at it again; apparently, Masachusetts’ success in destroying the Pelletier family in general and their daughter Justina in particular has provoked envy among petty tyrants nationwide. So now they’ve snatched a 16-year-old suffering from a rare genetic condition from his mother who, like Justina’s parents, wanted her child removed from a hospital that couldn’t help him.

Infuriating, isn’t it, how Leviathan first declares that “children” are incompetent to make their own decisions — because both Justina and Isaiah Rider, Illinois’ victim, have vociferously and repeatedly insisted they want to remain with their families — and then steps in to decide for them. No doubt the courts’ decreeing exactly the opposite of what they and their families desire is mere coincidence.

Nor does the State persecute only sick teens. It also expects mothers giving birth to do so at a time convenient for Our Rulers: cops and Secret Service in Los Angeles kept one such woman waiting across the street from the hospital for “at least 30 minutes” when Obummer’s motorcade was due to roll past. “’I felt bad for her,’ [witness Carrie] Clifford said. ‘It does happen when Obama comes to L.A. or I’m sure anywhere else. It paralyzes the city, it does make it complicated. You can’t do the things you had set out to do because the president is in town.”

I can not only testify to the imperial progress’ bringing us commoners to a halt, I’ve long wondered why we pay to protect these gutless predators. Let them come out among us on their own, if they dare. (Thanks to Bill Martin for alerting me to both stories.)

1:17 pm on July 25, 2014

Further Discussion of S.2277 (“to prevent further Russian aggression, etc.”

The Russians are well aware of this bill. There is an article on The Voice of Russia, dated June 5, that discusses this bill in detail. (UPDATE: I completely forgot that I wrote a lengthy blog on this bill on May 5.)

Further detailed discussion appears in a May 26 article by Global Research. Each of the many alarming sections of this monstrous bill are examined in this article.

This web site is very good at ferreting out imperialist connections. In the case of this bill, there are clear connections among its main sponsors (Corker and McCain) and Ukrainian oligarchs. Without discussing these here, I’ll only mention that the imperialism of this bill shows through even in the bill itself which has a number of explicit crony capitalist sections on gas and oil development in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. The bill directs the U.S. Agency for International Development to guarantee loans for every phase of the development of oil and gas in these regions:

“…direct assistance to expand efforts in Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova to help exploit existing natural gas reserves, to conduct additional exploration for oil and gas, and to develop alternative sources of energy, including oil and gas, and to encourage energy efficiency, for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, including the development of associated transportation, storage, and refinement facilities.”

There is nothing like installing your own puppets in a foreign government, then underwriting loans to the local oligarchs and American favorites to develop the oil and gas business, while trying to freeze out Russian companies, and then sitting back and raking in the payoffs and profits. Domestically, similar methods are a proven way of doing business within America.

1:05 pm on July 25, 2014

Tunnel Vision Rhetoric of Strength and Leadership

The thinking of Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and many others is restricted and narrow. It’s tunnel vision. It sees people and their many interactions from one perspective only: military power. McCarthy says

“I see what’s happening in the world. Do not think if you’re an isolationist…I do not think that’s a strength for America. I think there’s a reason why America should lead. I think it makes the world safer. It makes America safer. I think being president of the United States, you should be strong.”

McCarthy equates leadership with strength (and safety). His equation doesn’t check because it’s way too narrow. The leadership he has in mind consists of policies of government-applied power and influence backed up by America’s military might. Not only has such leadership proven to be costly and fruitless, but it ignores a much richer reality. Here in America and in other countries, leadership can occur in any number of fields of endeavor. Think medicine, technology, invention, building, discovery, art, architecture, sanitation, the sciences, ethics, education, communications, philosophy, organization, entertainment, research, peace-making, exploration, writing, law, philanthropy, business, industry, agriculture, trade, and production. Humanity’s strengths arise within these fields of endeavor and spread worldwide. Being strong militarily has its function in securing rights, but this function and its projection to foreign countries by the U.S. government should not be allowed to become the sole idea of strength. Americans can lead in many fields and be strong in many fields. Americans do not have to think of strength as being in the office of a President who projects his agenda across the world with U.S. battleships, jets, missiles, drones and special forces awaiting his orders of enforcement. This is far too narrow a view of what life is about and how humanity faces and overcomes its many challenges and problems.

McCarthy’s belief that a militaristic America makes America and the world safer is wrong. This belief is rooted in the American entry into the two world wars of the last century and the defeat of the opposing powers. This is why it is so critical to understand that the American entry into World War I did not make the world safer. See, for example, Ralph Raico’s “Great Wars and Great Leaders: A Libertarian Rebuttal”.

Certainly the latest spate of wars and regional conflicts that the U.S. has initiated or participated in has not produced this vaunted safety for America or the world.

There is an alternative to the U.S. government’s reliance upon military and political meddling, leadership, and strength applied to other countries as a supposed engine of security and safety. That alternative is peaceful cooperation in all those fields of endeavor noted earlier.

The notion of defense has been pushed out of all bounds and into greatly diminished returns. Defense is a subsidiary good needed to prevent crime and ward off wars so that markets can flourish. Instead, what is called defense is now regarded as its own engine of progress and it is thought that the U.S. can and should push it abroad as far as possible. What matters far more than this excessive military strength, which in any event fails in reaching its objective, is building strengths in those fields of human aspiration mentioned above and others. This is done, not through government control and direction, not through military ventures, not through government meddling in foreign politics, but far more in freedom, at the individual level, through voluntary agreements, through voluntary organizations and through free markets.

10:49 am on July 25, 2014

Do You Love the Government of China?

How about Syria, Iran, or Saudi Arabia?

I ask this question because of a rant by neocon radio blabbermouth Marc Levin (“The Grate One”) that was recently brought to my attention.  In yet another temper tantrum aimed primarily at Ron Paul and all of us who do not want to see the U.S government start a war with nuclear-armed Russia, The Grate One screeched that we “hate Lincoln but love Putin.”

So there you have it.  If you don’t want another one of the neocons’ useless and barbaric wars, you must necessarily “love” the head of the government of the country they would like to nuke.

As for Lincoln, well, what’s not to hate about a monster who threatens “invasion and bloodshed” in his own country over tax collection in his first inaugural address; follows through with his threat; and micromanages a war that kills as many as 850,000 Americans while maiming for life more than double that amount, according to the latest research?  Not to mention his abolition of civil liberty in the North, mass imprisonment of war dissenters, his military conscription, shutting down hundreds of opposition newspapers, daily shooting of deserters from his army, recruitment of European criminals to murder fellow Americans, spying, censorship of the telegraph and mails, gigantic debt, record taxes, creation of an internal revenue service, waging war on civilians, murdering them by the tens of thousands, and much worse.  All of this is of course why neocons like Levin love and worship their “Father Abraham.”  All of this is what constitutes “leadership” and “statesmanship,” they say.


9:55 am on July 25, 2014

Live Stream, Friday at Mises U: Morning Lectures

Friday July 25 (Central Daylight Time)
9:00 - 10:00 a.m.—Common Objections to Capitalism | Terrell
10:15 - 11:15 a.m.—Hayek and Friedman: Head to Head | Garrison
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.—Gold Standards: True and False | Salerno

9:25 am on July 25, 2014

What Does the U.S. Support When It Supports Israel?

According to the Congressional Budget Office, “Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II. To date, the United States has provided Israel $121 billion (current, or non-inflation-adjusted, dollars) in bilateral assistance. Almost all U.S. bilateral aid to Israel is in the form of military assistance, although in the past Israel also received significant economic assistance.” Other special benefits also flow to the Israeli military. Each year, the U.S. pays for about 20 percent of Israel’s overall military spending, and the total places Israel as the 16th largest military spender in the world. “In 2007, the Bush Administration and the Israeli government agreed to a 10-year, $30 billion military aid package for the period from FY2009 to FY2018.” Obama has renewed that pledge.

The U.S. routinely supports Israel’s policies and avoids condemning Israel for its rights violations against Palestinians. It may never have done so. This week, for example, the U.S. cast the sole vote against the U.N. Human Rights Council Resolution concerning the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The vote was 29-1. A link to the full text of the resolution is here. (The texts vary slightly in different reports.)

Because the U.S. government has made itself virtually one with Israel, we must ask the question: What exactly is the U.S. supporting when it supports Israel? One cannot arrive at answers to this question without examining Israel’s history. One may make a start by reading Theodor Herzl’s 1896 pamphlet “The Jewish State”, a visionary tract. This provides insight into the goals of Herzl and his assumptions behind colonizing Palestine. How the colonization actually worked out has not been as he planned. Israel continues to be a problematic state, an expansionary state, and what is worse, a dangerous nuclear power state. Wikipedia has a number of articles on the history. This one provides a start. One thing the U.S. supports when it supports Israel is what Israel is doing in Gaza at this moment.

Murray Rothbard has a highly readable and valuable account of the history up to 1967.

Although America has stood in theory as a melting pot and a country that favored the assimilation of many peoples from all over the world, and in practice was against Black Nationalism, the U.S. government has supported Jewish Nationalism in Israel. It has supported a society that could only support such a state by being exclusionary and segregated, or even ethnically cleansed. The philosophy behind that state rested on Herzl’s assumptions, which in my view were deeply flawed. He simply ignored the native population of Palestine. He simply asserted that Jews were a people one people, that assimilation was out of the question and that a Jewish State was a solution to anti-Semitism. All of these assertions are questionable. He declared that “Palestine is our ever-memorable historic home.” Can any people or ethnic group of today return to the place where their ancestors originated with the idea of displacing its current residents and making their own State? No one would approve of such an idea. Anyway, this “historic home” idea was really not true of all Jews after 1,800 years had passed and Jews had had many, many homes in many lands. It was an appeal to a subset of Jews who wanted to emigrate and maintain their culture with others of their kind. Nor could this idea justify a Jewish State governing Palestine and its then current Arab inhabitants. But in addition Herzl’s philosophy in practice assumed a much more militant and exclusionary form as new generations appeared after him. In particular, David Ben-Gurion was an exponent of power and force.

Israel is a brutal state as the latest excesses of destruction and killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza show. That’s what the U.S. supports.

7:15 pm on July 24, 2014

Video: Robert Higgs on the FDA and Consumer Welfare

Archived from the live broadcast, this Mises University lecture was presented at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 23 July 2014.

3:17 pm on July 24, 2014

Live Stream, Thursday at Mises U: Afternoon Lectures

Thursday, July 24 (Central Daylight Time)
1:30 - 2:30 p.m.—The Corrupt Origins of Central Banking in America | DiLorenzo
2:45 - 3:45 p.m.—Energy Policy | Murphy
4:00 - 5:00 p.m.—Four Things the State is Not | Woods

3:12 pm on July 24, 2014

Uncovering the Truth Concerning the Middle East

1:12 pm on July 24, 2014

Was Barack Obama Channeling Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams Here?

12:59 pm on July 24, 2014

How Dare Ron Paul!

He speaks the truth about the neocons, whose wars have killed millions, this time after being attacked by regime libertarians, who aren’t much different. (Thanks to Travis Holte)

12:34 pm on July 24, 2014

Are You a Terrorist?

Check out this very disturbing yet authoritative article, The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You A Terrorist.

The Obama administration has quietly approved a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system, authorizing a secret process that requires neither “concrete facts” nor “irrefutable evidence” to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist, according to a key government document obtained by The Intercept.

The “March 2013 Watchlisting Guidance,” a 166-page document issued last year by the National Counterterrorism Center, spells out the government’s secret rules for putting individuals on its main terrorist database, as well as the no fly list and the selectee list, which triggers enhanced screening at airports and border crossings. The new guidelines allow individuals to be designated as representatives of terror organizations without any evidence they are actually connected to such organizations, and it gives a single White House official the unilateral authority to place “entire categories” of people the government is tracking onto the no fly and selectee lists. It broadens the authority of government officials to “nominate” people to the watchlists based on what is vaguely described as “fragmentary information.” It also allows for dead people to be watchlisted.

11:57 am on July 24, 2014

Washington Deepens Its Military Ties to Ukraine

Washington is sending more Pentagon military advisers and aid into Ukraine. On March 19, 2014, Obama promised no U.S. “military excursion” in Ukraine. Indeed, this is no mere brief outing or trip. It’s advertised as a long-term connection. At this rate, Ukraine doesn’t have to join NATO de jure. It will become a U.S. satellite de facto.

The U.S. claims it has an interest in Ukraine. Representative Duncan Miller explains “Clearly, we have an interest in what happens in Ukraine and it’s far better to have an idea of where we can maximize any support we are willing to provide.” Such support already includes the U.S. role in stimulating a coup d’etat, influencing who its new leaders are, sending in CIA and FBI agents, providing aid, demonizing Putin, and launching a propaganda campaign against Russia.


11:27 am on July 24, 2014

Yo, Hillary: I’ll Be Sitting Almost As Pretty As You, Once TSA Pays Up

TSA is offering a reward of $15,000 to anyone “who can figure out how to lessen the wait for pre-registered passengers at the country’s airports.”

Well, Pervs, this is your — and my — lucky day, because I know how to not only lessen but eliminate the wait for everyone, not just “pre-registered passengers.” Ready? Listen up: ABOLISH THE TSA. Presto: no more lines. No more crying victims of gate-rape, either. No more disappearing Ipods, Ipads, money, jewelry, etc. No more traumatized toddlers in wheelchairs renouncing trips to Disney World in the hope of escaping your pedophilia. No more 124% increases in the taxes that fund your nonsense, either. Indeed, the list of benefits from my idea is endless.

I await my fifteen thou, though of course it’s nothing more than some of my taxes coming back to me. And hey, if any of you other bureaucrats out there want advice on streamlining your scams, gimme a call.

I’ll be sitting by the phone…

9:31 am on July 24, 2014

CIA Torture Camps in Poland

Writes Peter S Rieth:

The human rights tribunal in Strasburg has just announced that Poland is guilty of having secret CIA torture prisons on Polish territory and must pay money to various injured parties. The Strasburg Tribunal has also officially announced that the Polish government conspired illegally with the CIA to build these prisons.

The Polish Ministry of Foriegn Affairs says it will pay the injured parties after appealing the ruling, if the appeal doesn’t work – it is not a lot of money, a couple hundred thousand euro.

This is horrible. In all of Polish history, the only times when there were torture camps in the country was under foreign occupation – no Polish patriot would ever build such things in Poland. So – given that – is it accurate to say that Poland is now actually under foreign occupation? Or, is this the first government in Polish history to build what are effectively mini-concentration camps? Polish honor demands that the people answer that it is the former, not the latter.

Terrible terrible news – it has been known – but official confirmation of it just makes it sink in all the more.

8:44 am on July 24, 2014

The Child Predator With a Plunder-Provided Pension

Officer Pervy

Waltham, Massachusetts resident Paul Manganelli is a confessed child pornography collector. Investigators claimed that he was part of “an international web of people trading child pornography over the internet” for a fifteen-month period beginning in late 2011. He was arrested without being the target of a multi-agency military-style raid of the kind recently mounted to bring in a child porn suspect in Livingston, Illinois.

In online conversations Manganelli “discussed his sexual interest in children and asked others how to groom a child to engage in sexual activity with him”; one of his specific targets was an 11-year-old girl with whom he carried out a lengthy cyber-correspondence. It’s quite likely that young girl was not the unique object of his interests, given that Manganelli’s occupation routinely brought him into contact with children who were taught to regard him as trustworthy: For twenty years he was a patrol officer with the Waltham Police Department. He also ran a side business as a DJ for birthday parties and similar events for youngsters.

In 2013, Manganelli was paid $92,435. After being arrested in March of that year, he remained on the force until October. Because he finished twenty years on the force, Manganelli is entitled to his full pension.

Ordinarily, a Massachusetts resident convicted of possessing child pornography would face sentence of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The prosecution treated this offender with unwonted leniency, asking for 70 months; Judge F. Dennis Saylor regarded that sentence as too harsh, imposing a five-year term and waiving the fine outright. Manganelli has ample resources to pay the fine: In 2011, he won $1 million in the state lottery, and at present there is no statute that would prevent him from receiving his annual $100,000 payout.

1:00 am on July 24, 2014

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17: Confession of an Agnostic Sceptic

Award-winning investigative journalist Robert Parry’s article, The Mystery of a Ukrainian Army ‘Defector,’ unpeels yet another layer of the mystery surrounding Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. While this is sounding more and more like a “false flag” operation, I remain skeptical of mainstream media reports with a vested interest to twist and fabricate accounts to serve the interests of the Obama regime and other enemies of the “Ukrainian separatists” and Russia. As a Rothbardian anarcho-capitalist for over 40 years, I am certainly no enthusiast of the authoritarian Putin regime or of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi coup that took place earlier this year in Ukraine. My only interest, as always, is in discovering the truth.

The speculative narrative below was forwarded to me by a colleague. I’m not saying I believe any of it (an agnostic sceptic on this particular “conspiracy theory” issue) but it certainly is an intriguing hypothesis relating the Malaysian airliner and events transpiring in Gaza:      (more…)

12:44 am on July 24, 2014

Dangerous Fools in Charge

Where it counts, in the higher levels of the U.S. government, the most powerful positions are filled by fools. What other conclusion can be drawn when every major policy move is foolish, destructive and dangerous? Are we supposed to believe that American meddling and aggressions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria accomplished something desired by these men and women and something beneficial to Americans? Are we supposed to believe that the management of the American economy has benefited this country, or that the surveillance state is a big plus? Are we supposed to believe that the huge spending financed by a huge national debt is producing dividends for America?

And now, are we supposed to believe that confronting Russia over Ukraine, seeking to bring down Putin, and stirring up trouble inside Russia is going to produce a new set of institutions and leaders in Russia that is more beneficial to us? Are we supposed to believe that confronting China will do the same? Or that spreading American forces throughout Africa will bring us peace?

Why should we expect anything but bad results from American meddling and confrontations when that is all that they have produced for many years now? Why should we not conclude that the country is being run by ignorant and naive fools or jackasses, who keep beating their heads and ours against one wall after another? How stupid are they to be imbued with confused ideas about remaking the world and whose methods for doing so cluelessly produce one debacle after another?

6:00 pm on July 23, 2014
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