The GOP Wins: Now What?

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"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot." ~ Albert Einstein

The GOP and some Tea Party candidates have just won big in the November elections but as always little will actually change on the Washington political scene. The elites only care that the establishment party win and this includes either the Democrat or Republican Parties. America today is a one party state much like the Soviet Union, China or Nazi Germany and both nominal political parties are just faades presented to the public to create the illusion of competition and choice. The establishment leadership in both the GOP and the Democrats represent the goals of the same similar special interests.

Yes, different special interests will benefit to a greater or lesser degree on the controlling party but the growth toward a more powerful Washington continues unabated. Still there is a big difference this year due to the growth of the Tea Party movement and the success of candidates like Rand Paul. There is a growing voice of outrage, anger and disillusionment at all American elites and institutions and this could help prepare the way for real political change in the near future.

Traditional Political Action Will Never Restore Your Liberty

Yes, voting has historically been a waste of time and worse as this act conveys a degree of legitimacy and support for the despotic rule of the Anglo-American Axis of wealthy interests which has manipulated and controlled America using our two-party monopoly system since 1860. Here at the Foundation and with Freedom Matters we intend to actively promote alternative political and educational actions to weaken the legitimacy of those institutions established to advance their agenda and halt the restoration of limited government and free market thinking in the United States and around the world.

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While our freedoms and liberties will never be restored from the top down by Congress, more candidates and elected officials will promote our message after this election because politicians will do anything to get elected and reelected, and even on occasion do what is right. Pro-freedom candidates can use the bully pulpit of leviathan elections to promote our vision for America and there is no better successful example of this than the 2008 Ron Paul candidacy. Second, there may come a day when our votes will count at the state level when freedom forces are able to get a majority in legislatures to use their rights and power to nullify federal laws and even threaten the right of peaceful, legitimate state by state secession. Both actions could help to repudiate the federal debt and maybe return to America’s first legitimate government, the Articles of Confederation where personal and limited state sovereignty could prevail.

The Internet Is Bringing Real Change to the Political Process

Before the internet, the establishment news and opinion propaganda makers did control and manipulate the political process and there was little access to alternative news, opinion and history until the recent advent of the internet. Today the power of the establishment news and all other institutions designed to secure their control is collapsing all around us. Statist institutions ranging from the judiciary, public education, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and even the dollar are increasingly held in low regard along with Congress, the President and all government institutions.

Therefore voting one party in or out of power changed little as we have seen in the last two elections. 2008 was a referendum on the presidency of Bush and the earlier GOP control of Congress and there was total repudiation at the polls resulting in Democrat majorities in Congress and the election of Obama as president. 2010 was a referendum on Obama and the Democrats and again the public has repudiated them although their loathing of Congress and both establishment parties is at record levels. Neither party establishment can continue with business as usual due to the watchdog effect of the internet.

The Tea Party Movement

The growth of the Tea Party does provide an excellent educational and teaching opportunity for the real freedom movement aimed at concerned Americans who have already lost faith in our corrupt institutions and both political parties. They are all mad as Hell and looking for answers. If we seize the opportunity now and combine an educational effort with a national Ron Paul presidential campaign in 2012, then we do have a chance to make real progress toward a free, prosperous and peaceful society.

Many libertarians are rightly concerned about the growth of the Tea Party faction as the original ideas of Ron Paul are being somewhat diluted and watered down by the influx of traditional social conservatives. Yes the GOP is attempting to take over this anti-Washington effort by only presenting part of the message and solutions we face as Americans today.

Yes the Tea Party growth has been fueled by many millions of dollars in advertising and cable programming by Neocons and moderate GOP elites. While all new Tea Party supporters oppose big government, many have at best a limited background in Austrian economics, the free market or the benefits of a non-interventionist foreign policy but I view this as an opportunity rather than a threat to the freedom movement.

At last, we have a real educational opportunity with our domination of the internet and websites like The Daily Bell,, Lew Rockwell and others. Today these new advocates of limited government have access to so much more information and scholarly research than even a decade ago. The real danger to the GOP establishment is a little knowledge on philosophy, economics and history creates a thirst for more answers. Our ability to provide the answers and education is terrifying the GOP leadership who prefer to keep the new Tea Party activists dumbed down, docile and dependent on the Republican leadership to be used when necessary at election time.

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The Real Battle Now Begins After the Election

Both the GOP and the Tea Party Movement have of course claimed victory in the 2010 elections but I believe the real victory is with the real freedom movement. First the caveats, yes the Tea Party movement was born out of the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign with some major help along the way from Rick Santelli during the economic collapse and subsequent bailouts by both political parties. Second, the movement has certainly grown way beyond our original libertarian and Austrian economics components and many fear this is a cause for concern. Today following the 2010 election, polls show that 7% of Republicans support Ron Paul for President and 14% support Sarah Palin while the rest of the GOP establishment support a wide range of GOP presidential hopefuls.

Finally, although Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the Fox News/Neocon GOP establishment have spent a fortune in time and money attempting to co-opt and takeover the movement, we are the real benefactors of their efforts. Millions of social conservatives angry at Washington are joining the Tea Party and looking for answers and we have the answers.

If this had taken place 20 years ago before the advent of the internet and alternative news, history and opinion, then the Tea Party would be just another conservative or populist movement absorbed and rendered ineffective by the GOP establishment. Every election year, they would take the message out of the box, broadcast it to the appropriate targeted audiences and then after the election, forget the rhetoric until the next election cycle.

Our ability to "throw the bums out" every two or four years has been just a release valve built into the political system which guarantees the continued elite control of our political process. Although there are some patriots in national politics in both parties, they never will be permitted to take control of either party or the closed political system.

We believe that even before the summer of 2011 is over, the new Tea Party supporters and others will already become angry and disappointed as the GOP elites will maintain the status quo and there will only be empty rhetoric rather than political action to control spending, curtail the deficits and limit government and this is our opportunity.

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But Times Have Changed!

Of course the GOP establishment has tried to take over the Tea Party but it is so decentralized they have failed so far. Actually I would submit their attempted control and takeover has dramatically speeded up the growth and brought hundreds of thousands more Americans into this decentralized Tea Party effort and this is positive for the freedom movement.

The most frightening aspect of this for the GOP elites is most of the new supporters have lost all confidence in and support for the controlling monopoly two party system. This now threatens the establishment control of the GOP and rather than being taken over, the Tea Party now threatens the GOP Neocon elites far more than the Democrats.

Half the Truth in History Is Better Than None At All

Consider Glenn Beck’s very successful social conservative message which is the first major reeducation of the American public away from the mainstream "fairy tale" propaganda history to take place in our national history and it is on the leading establishment news network, Fox News.

Now critics will very accurately counter that Glenn Beck begins his partial history lesson 50 years too late with the Progressive Era and Woodrow Wilson. Yes, he totally whitewashes the impact of Lincoln’s War and police state excesses in the Union as well as the price of mercantilism in destroying the original American Republic. Also he skips how Lincoln birthed an empire and honed the tools of conquest and wealth confiscation with the first introduction of the income tax. There is of course no mention of how Lincoln by conquering and laying waste to the South, opened the door for a banking elite and 1913 central banking takeover along with the income tax and an all-powerful central government.

My view is what would you expect from Neocon Fox News but we should celebrate Beck’s attempt at presenting at least a partial honest history of the United States and what we lost when we transcended from the republic of our patriot founding fathers to the Washington Empire of the 20th and 21st centuries. Once freedom and truth loving Americans discover we have been lied to and how our real history has been propagandized into an adulterated worship of Washington, do you think these new patriots will stop with only part of the story?

I don’t really care why Beck only tells part of our history. Whether because of coercion from Fox News, contract agreement or personal belief, his efforts and others like him are nailing the coffin shut on 200 plus years of misinformation the media, political and education establishment have used to control the American people.

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Freedom Loving Americans Will Get the Rest of the Story

They have and will continue to discover Ludwig von Mises and the Austrian School of economics, read Tom DiLorenzo and Tom Woods books and articles on our real history. Most will learn about Lincoln’s coup d’tat and how two republics based on the premise of dedication to the liberty and limited government of our founding fathers even if when flawed by slavery etc. were lost when Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox.

They will learn about George Washington’s vision of a neutral, non-interventionist American foreign policy to the dismay of the Neocons. Then many will compare this to the aggressive empire building of the Neocons which have stolen and made Republican foreign policy as alien to our founding fathers as the policies of Stalin and Hitler. Polls show that over 65% of Americans are upset about the direction Washington elites and their special interests are leading our nation domestically and economically. Today because of internet based news and opinion, increasingly our foreign policy of conquest, plunder and occupation are questioned and debated even by traditional conservatives.

Watching the Death Of Old Style Politics & the Establishment Media

I really enjoy watching establishment publications shutting down and selling for a token dollar. The immediacy and growing strength of the alternative freedom press combined with the decline of the old style media which existed only to protect and defend the political and financial establishment will make it impossible for the socialist Democrats or the special interests of the GOP to put the genie back in the bottle. This is so positive for the freedom movement and our ability to educate Americans.

I believe many of the Tea Party people are so angry that they are already rebelling against the false recommendations from the GOP establishment to vote for only Republican candidates. What is needed is more education and true history about our founding fathers and the War Between the States but also more recent history showing how an Anglo-American elite have completely ruled our government since the beginning of the 20th century. Together these wealthy elements have hijacked US foreign policy as well as our financial and economic institutions. All to finance their one world agenda and Wall Street profits at the expense and bankruptcy of our nation and people.

2010 will mean a few more Tea Party members in Congress, some with enough philosophical awareness and courage to stand with Ron Paul and others to show opposition to the elites. But on a sobering note, history also shows us how some GOP winners will quickly shed their Tea Party mantles of fiscal responsibility and dedication to restoring liberty and limited government. For many, it will be politics as usual as they get down to business making friends, contacts and secret alliances and combinations with the special interests which have controlled our nation for decades.

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What they will likely miss is the world has changed. The media establishment will propagandize as usual treating the great unwashed masses of Americans with the same old fare of titillating sexual escapades and side stories with a modern-day Roman Circus like component. But while many Americans might be entertained and maybe even briefly seduced by the same old news and propaganda, they now have other news and opinion options on the internet.

Every American which switches from believing all the establishment cable news propaganda and print garbage to alternative press and freedom websites will likely become new advocates for the freedom movement.

I believe 2010 will be the year of Tea Party victories followed by more principled opposition by some elected officials and a wholesale revulsion by other fair weather tea party patriots in name only who quickly revert as always before back to business and thievery as usual. The internet will be filled with a backlash as the fickle public discovers how establishment Republicans lie just like the Democrats and the people will be ready for a leader of principle with sound policies rather than angry with empty phrases coined by public focus groups.

Maybe Ron Paul Will Again Run for President in 2012?

It will be time for a grandfatherly man with real integrity from Texas who warned all of us during the 2008 campaign about what was to befall America and he was laughed at and taunted by the other GOP candidates. We all saw how he was attacked, reviled and spit upon by the GOP establishment who tried with all their might to destroy this champion of freedom, liberty and free-markets.

May he return to the campaign trail and use the bully pulpit of the GOP designed to control us but we turn the tables using their controlled two [arty monopoly to give the American people the rest of the story. They will educate Americans about the truth and history of our nation, restore the principles of our Founding Fathers and help to educate the public about how today these principles still ring true and can propel our nation back to peace, prosperity and personal liberty in the 21st century.

The Revolution begins the day following the November 2010 elections. I’m ready for the battle are you?

Reprinted with permission from Freedom Matters.

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