‘Woefully high opinion of themselves’: Douglas Murray slams the Anti-Defamation League

Writes Gail Appel:

Another smackdown of the ADL by analyst Doug Murray, not an antisemite by any stretch of the imagination… unless a leftist-globalist WEF sponsored propagandist.

The more people who are willing to call out this disgusting, fallacious exploitation the better. Especially when called out by Jewish Americans who refuse to fall in line. Ditto Black Americans vs the NAACP, Muslim Americans vs. CAIR, Civil Libertarians vs. ACLU, Catholics vs. Catholic Charities , Hispanics vs La Raza, Climate Scientists vs Climate Crisis ,top tier  Medical /Research/Pharma professionals vs. Faustus/WHO Covid Criminals, LGBT activists vs GLAAD and anybody who will call out the WEF, UN, NATO, Great Reset, WHO, DNC, EU, UniParty and who is really running the show.

These organizations are in no way the advocacy institutes once sincere in their missions. Matter of fact, nothing is.