Who’s Picking My Berries

Writes Brian Dunaway:

It’s a great time to be alive in America. I just wish I had a say in it:

“Yes, Typhoid Mary is back, in a sense, living on the streets and wreaking havoc on unsuspecting people in the Golden State. These diseases, along with an uptick in tuberculosis, hepatitis A, and staph, are easily and rapidly spread and have wide-reaching consequences. They’re highly contagious and can infect anyone through casual contact.”

“Hep-A” caught my attention after reading the following:

“Heads up, consumers: Kroger has issued a recall of some of its frozen berries over a possible Hepatitis A contamination. In a statement Friday, Kroger announced it was recalling potentially contaminated items from its ‘Private Selection’ brand.”

That’s not very reassuring – I have about eight pounds of these berries in my freezer. I have eaten many pounds formerly.

Well, there is one solution:

Each robot will be able to pick more than 25,000 raspberries a day, outpacing human workers who manage about 15,000 in an eight-hour shift, according to Fieldwork Robotics, a spinout from the University of Plymouth.”