We Have Hit the Very Bottom…

Writes Lew:

Well, sportfans, last stop…everyone off the train.  We have finally reached The Bottom.  It can’t get any worse than this in our vague and utterly feeble attempts to stave off The “Minor” Chastisement Mary has warned us about from the 1600s right through Fatima and Akita.  We simply HAVE to be already in the aforementioned Chastisement; the appended acticle – all by itself! – provides evidence that, if the fun is not already underway, then it will begin in 3…2…1…

A dean at Trinity College, Cambridge University has declared that a student’s practice sermon there, where he argues that Jesus Christ had a “trans body,” is a perfectly sound and legitimate observation.  The student’s evidence for this?  Well, the spear wound in Jesus’ side resembles – in 3 dimensions – a vagina, so, ergo! – He was a transexual.  This simply can’t be topped for the Outrageous Blasphemy and Sacrilege Award.  Tied, perhaps.  But not topped. 

Go ahead: change my mind… See this.