Vote fraud and stealing elections

Writes Greg Privette:

Hi Lew,

With all the articles and comments about vote fraud, and now the mail in ballots, I thought I would mention something I noticed in the run up to the last mid-term elections. As most LRC readers know, the propaganda method is normally for the mainstream media along with various celebrities and government officials to create a narrative ahead of time to help condition the sheep so they will accept whatever the shearing event happens to be. I noticed a somewhat subtle change to the narrative leading up to the mid-terms. In the months leading up to any election we always get the usual propaganda campaign about how important it is to vote, your vote is “your voice”, etc. This is the normal propaganda designed to keep the illusion going that allows people to believe that somehow under a democratic system they actually have a say in how their life is to be ruled. During the last mid-term however, I notice they added a campaign where the additional message they drove home was “every vote should count”. The “every vote should count” pre-election campaign was followed by candidates refusing to concede and having truck-loads of ballets show up for several days or even weeks after the election should have been closed. After all, isn’t making “every vote count” far more important than any law regulating the voting process? In many cases this flipped the apparent election night winners and helped lead to the Democratic flip of the House. It makes the conspiracy nut in me wonder if they used a less scrutinized mid-term election as a test run for the “big one”.


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